Crystals you should definitely have according to your Zodiac Sign

Crystals To Better Understand Your Zodiac Sign

Table of Contents:

  1. Aries
  2. Taurus
  3. Gemini
  4. Cancer
  5. Leo
  6. Virgo
  7. Libra
  8. Scorpio
  9. Sagittarius
  10. Capricorn
  11. Aquarius
  12. Pisces

What are crystals used for and what they mean in Astrology

Crystals are used by many for forms of healing and understanding in turbulent times. The practice of using crystals to find a guide, to reduce anxiety or to find out about yourself, have been around for centuries. In Astrology we look at the Universe to reveal parts of our self, by looking at positions of planets on our day of birth, constellations and much more. We can find out about our personality and find a guide to our next destination. 

Astrology tells us about our life path and Crystals help us walk down that path

Many regard crystals to have healing properties, which can be use to heal anxietyfor protection, for heartbreak and many more purposes. In most situations if used properly one crystal can be used for multiple purposes. As we stated before, crystals help us walk down our life path because, they offer remedies to some of the troubles we may encounter. Life will not always be roses and petals, so in order to keep moving forward and revamp ourself we need to be able to find closure with our troubles. The healing properties of crystals provide a good instrument for dealing with said troubles. Crystal healing is a different field however, there is an overlap with Astrology. 

What’s the overlap between Astrology and Crystal Healing: Crystal Zodiac?

Crystals are used for wellness purposes as a more tangible instrument, different crystals provide certain mindfulness and wellness benefits. Start by interpreting your Birth Chart, get familiar with the position of the ascendant, the descendant and the planets and find out their meanings. The interpretation of your Birth Chart gives you indications about the type of personality you have, your family, the life you’ll go on to live and the way you interact with others. All of this is revealed by looking at the placements of your rising sign, Moon sign and Sun sign. Your rising sign or Ascendant represent your drives and ego. Your Sun Sign represents your emotional state, and your Ascendant represents the energy you give the world. Together they paint a picture about the type of person you are and the type of person you want to become. If you throw crystals in the mix, it becomes a powerful tool that helps keep together. The healing properties of the crystals that help specific issues may bear great use, for those who come across difficulties. 

How to know which crystal dominates a majority of your personality?

There is a rather simple answer to this question. Based on your the position of your Sun Sign in your Birth Chart, some personality traits and how you express yourself . These have a significant effect on you, in comparison to other people with a different Sun Sign. Your Sun Sign is based of the placement of the sun, in a Zodiac on the day of your birth. For example someone with the Sun Sign: Leo, is known to be passionate and loyal. This could bring issues with it, as some might abuse his passion or loyalty. To deal with these difficulties which might be very common, a specific crystal would yield the best healing effects. Based on the factors, we’ve compiled a list of Crystals you should have based off of your Sun Sign.

The Crystal an Aries should definitely have

A person with their Sun Sign in Aries should definitely have a Citrine crystal. As an Aries you are bold, ambitious and constantly striving to get to the top. Because of their ambitions an Aries is very eager to take risky and huge bets, some of which may fail. For this reason Citrine which is widely known for healing properties such as: increasing optimism and manifestation is most useful.

Citrine for: optimism, strength, courage and risk-taking
citrine, crystal, gemstone-3201605.jpg

The Crystal a Taurus should definitely have

A person with their Sun Sign in Taurus is known for their relaxed and extravagant approach to life. They are perceived as spenders, and consider it a guilty pleasure. Their main priority is always to maximize their energy and to hold relaxation in high regard. This is why Jade with the healing property that provides relaxation, is suited for a Taurus.

Jade for: relaxation, calmness and serenity
jade, pendant, diamond-1817312.jpg

The Crystal a Gemini should definitely have

A person with their Sun Sign in Gemini has a playful, spontaneous and curious outer presence. They like to approach people and like to find new borders, even if it means falling into the unknown. They find meeting new people the center of their universe. For this reason the Crystal Blue Lace Agate perfectly suits them. Blue Lace Agate is known for healing properties such as healing and building strong emotional health, it also opens up our heart.

Blue Lace Agate for: healing and building strong emotions

The Crystal every Cancer should definitely have

People with their Sun Sign in Cancer are known for their existence in the emotional and materialistic world. Their also recognized by their great intuition and being protectors of their emotions. For this reason the crystal Moonstone, perfectly fits the type of person a Cancer is. The healing properties of Moonstone are protecting your emotions and acting as stability in your life. It also promotes success, inspiration and new beginnings.

Moonstone for: new beginning, stability and protector of emotions

The Crystal every Leo should definitely have

A person with their Sun Sign in Leo is known for their dramatic personality. They are theater lovers which also explains their love for the spotlight. Because of their fiery personality, Leo’s can be quite all over the place. For this reason the Crystal Tiger’s-Eye is perfectly suited for them. Tiger’s-Eye has healing properties such as helping with focus and upholding mental clarity that enables good thinking.

Tiger’s Eye for: mental clarity and focus

The Crystal every Virgo should definitely have

People with their Sun Sign in Virgo are known for their logical, practical and systematic approach to life. They consider themselves to be perfectionists and don’t hesitate to carry this over to other people. They may get agitated when things aren’t they way they want it to be or when their aura is messed with. For this reason the Crystal Amazonite perfectly suits a Virgo. Amazonite promotes healing properties such as keeping calm and collected as well as balancing ones energies.

Amazonite for: finding calmness and remaining in control of emotions

The Crystal a Libra should definitely have

 People with their Sun Sign in Libra are widely known for their harmony and feel for justice. They don’t appreciate situations in which equilibriums are far fetched stories. Their main focus lies within bringing, finding and maintaining balance. For these reasons the most useful Crystal for a Libra is Ametrine. Ametrine is great for Libras because it has healing properties such as: the ability to clear stress and bring balance. It’s also widely considered to balance masculine and feminine forces, for harmony.

Ametrine for: clearing stress and bringing balance

The Crystal every Scorpio should definitely have

People with their Sun Sign in Scorpio are easily recognized by their rather mysterious  and elusive demeanor. Because of this they are frequently misunderstood, they’re not big on giving a lot of information about themself. For this reason this attitude may be received by some as rudeness or disgust, even though a Libra didn’t intend this. They do however possess a great deal of courage and don’t move aside for challenges. For these reasons the Crystal a Scorpio should definitely have is Rhodochrosite. Rhodochrosite has healing properties such as: bringing relationships back, helping with love and guiding the past.

Rhodochrosite for: dealing with heartbreak and a need for guidance through the past.

The Crystal every Sagittarius should definitely have

People with their Sun Sign in Sagittarius are known for their strenuous quest for knowledge. They aim to better themself, through constantly enriching themselves with vast amounts of knowledge. They are ambitious and try to get to the top, by outperforming others where needed. For this reason the Crystal Lapis Lazuli is a Crystal every Sagittarius should own. Lapis Lazuli provides healing properties such as: increasing knowledge and expanding self thought. Lapis Lazuli is also referred to as the stone geared towards wisdom.

Lapis Lazuli for: knowledge and wisdom

The Crystal every Capricorn should definitely have

Capricorns are known for being conservative of their time, while still having a lot patience. They may not appreciate it when others are late but, they can most definitely cut some slack every now and then. Because of their patience they can also endure and tolerate a lot and when it comes to major challenges they face to reach success, they can find it within them to persevere. They have dedication and are very clear cut. For this reason the Crystal Onyx is most suitable for a Capricorn. Onyx provides healing properties such as: improving self-confidence, decisiveness and strength.

Onyx for: improving self-confidence, decisiveness and strength

The Crystal every Aquarius should definitely have

People with their Sun Sign in Aquarius are known for their innovative and progressive nature. They always strive to push boundaries and try new ways of doing old activities. They’re also keen on keeping themself relevant with the times, which explains their desire to be ahead of times. A key trait Aquarius’ also possess is their emotional connection with others, they have a heightened sense of humanitarianism. For these reasons the Crystal Amethyst is most fitting for Aquarius’. The healing properties of Amethyst are: the promotion of divine love, by encouraging selflessness. Other healing properties include: cleansing of your energy and providing protection.

Amethyst for: promotion of selflessness, cleansing of energy and protection

The Crystal every Pisces should definitely have

People with their Sun Sign in Pisces are known for their intuitive reasoning and approach to life. They don’t initially jump toward analyzing the world rationally. They are guided with their heart, this makes them great communicators and people-people. Additionally this trait is why they are considered to be very empathetic and sensitive. When told about someone’s problems, they can immediately transport themselves into their shoes. For this reason the most fitting Crystal for a Pisces, is Aquamarine. Aquamarine has healing properties such as: helping to be overcoming being judgemental, growing more tolerant and bringing relaxation.

Aquamarine for:  being less judgemental, more tolerant and relaxation
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