About us

Our team consists of seasoned writers, that have been exposed to Astrology for quite some time. Even with all this current knowledge and experience, we aim to keep our self as updated as possible. We continuously keep our knowledge up-to-date by reading books and having peer-to-peer conversations. This way everything on our website is actual and the result of a rigorous process. Astrology is about observing and feeling the touch of the universe. The feeling we get from Astrology, we want to carry to our readers.

Our Aim

To give you Astrological Ways to find yourself

To give you Astrological Ways to rediscover yourself

To give you Astrological Ways to understand your past, present & future

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Disclaimer  & Integrity

All of our content is carefully written and goes through an editorial process. This process consists of proof reading and making changes where needed. Astrology is an art, this means that it’s very subjective and it varies from person to person. This is why we refrain from giving advice about major life choices. We only give indications about what the teachings of Astrology show, it is completely up to you, to use this information or not. We love Astrology and it means so much to us, just like you mean so much to us. With all this being said, we would also like to point out, that everything on our website is free. We will never send you a bill or credit card charge!

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