The meaning of all 11 Planets in your Birth Chart

An overview of each of the 11 Planets their characteristics and what they mean in your Birth Chart

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The Planets in your Birth Chart

If you’ve ever looked up your Birth Chart, you have probably seen the names of Planets in Zodiac Signs & Houses. In this article we will provide you with an overview of what each of the planets represents and how you can find out what it means for you. For example, if (the planet) Mercury is in Aries, this might signify that you are a clear-thinker and very good communicator. Another example might be (the planet) Venus in  Sagittarius, this means that you are a curious explorer, and therefore open to travel. The position of these Planets within your Birth Chart is determined by your day, place and time of birth.  The exact arrangement of the planets at your day of birth will not be repeated for another 4.000.000 years. This also explains why twins don’t have the same Birth Chart. The planets explain an important aspect of our personality; they explain our emotions. A single planet has certain key aspects to it, and depending on which sign it falls into, it has a specific meaning. For example The Sun represents our identity, who we are and who we want to be. If The Sun falls into Aries it means: that you are brave and if if were to fall into Pisces: a will to serve and help others. As you can see they roughly have the same theme, yet their specific meanings are totally different. In this article we’ll take a look at the key characteristics of each planet.

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The Sun

Ruler of Leo, Symbol: 

The Sun tells us who we are, it guides us through it’s central position, like a lantern in a dark alley, it gives us a guide. The Sun tells about our purpose and what it might be leading us towards. The Sun is also a way we can look back at all we’ve left behind us, our achievements and attempts at bettering ourselves. This way we can see who we currently are to find out if we are on the desired path that will lead us to who we are. 

The Moon

Ruler of Cancer, Symbol: 

The Moon tells us about who we are in the deepest part of our true-self. It gives us insight into our intuition and instinct. These parts of personality have developed subconsciously, so we could live in today’s world. The Moon also gives us insight into our nurturing side and what it means to us, this can be traced to an early motherly bond or nurturing-relationship with someone. This is why The Moon brings out our will to care for our self and those around us. It also gives us the meaning about the relationships with those around us, it draws us to places we feel most loved and cherished.


Ruler of Taurus & Libra, Symbol: 

Venus tells us about love and pleasure, more specifically our desire to make our self attractive. It governs over our relationship with others, and how we go about romantic relationship. It gives us understanding about the beauty of romance and our desire to share a loving bond with someone. In its truest form Venus is what makes life beautiful, because of the love we give and receive from those around us. Venus also plays an important role in our taste for beauty, art and aesthetic. It gives us a direction towards the things we are most attracted to.


Ruler of Gemini & Virgo, Symbol: ☿

Mercury symbolizes our intelligence, our longing for education that will transform us into people full of intelligence, ingenuity and craftsmanship. When Mercury shows up in our Birth Chart, we are likely to be good communicators, debaters and bargainers. Mercury gives us from as early as childhood indicators about our reading, writing and comprehension skills, this is why Mercury plays an important role in understanding ourselves. The downside of Mercury is that our intelligence places us in a good place to outsmart others in bad ways, e.g. fraud. It also turns us into critical viewers of the world, and we will not spare others our harsh criticism. 


Ruler of Aries & Scorpio, Symbol: ♂

Mars is the planet of our physical energy, it governs our competiveness, our sexual drive and our need for achievement. Mars also indicates in what form we express our physical energy, either through sport, sex or action. It governs our competiveness, our will win and our need to rise to the top. This need to put our self brings out our need to defend our self and jump into action when we feel under threat.  


Ruler of Sagittarius, Co-ruler Pisces, Symbol: ♃

Jupiter rules our optimism, our new opportunities, good fortune and luck. Jupiter gives us insight in what might come to us, that being financially or good relationships. It brings out our confidence and sense of adventure, to discover our self, this way whatever is suppose to come to us, we will try to reach. Because of this good fortune we might become overconfident and live in extravagance and luxury. This planet governs our will to reinvent our self; better our self; and find our purpose. Jupiter also connects to the ethical and moral side of us.


Ruler of Capricorn, Co-ruler Aquarius, Symbol: ♄

Saturn governs  our discipline, structure, methods and responsibility. From an early age on, Saturn governs authority over us, later in life this sense of authority, becomes ours. We discipline our self, create structure in our life and hold our self responsible for our actions. This is why Saturn is frequently mentioned alongside maturity. This sense of maturity is necessary to function, in our day-to-day life


Co-rules Aquarius, Symbol: ⛢

Uranus governs our sense of change, innovation and progress. As intellectual individuals we always try to find new solutions, we seek new challenges and like the sense of achievement when these challenges are overcome. This is why we innovate and want to make changes to the things around us, this might be through our job, or the clubs we are members of. Uranus also governs our sense of separating our self from others, by being a rule-breaker. All of this is brought together by our desire for change and creating a better world, in which old obstacles have to be broken down.


Co-rules Pisces, Symbol: ♆

Neptune governs our imagination, illusion and escape from reality. With Neptune in mind, we try to escape reality and turn our self over to our imagination. This might lead us down a path of re-discovering parts of our self we never knew before. We dream of certain circumstances and are let down, when reality is quite the opposite. It also refers to how spiritual we are and how we express this.


Co- rules Scorpio, Symbol: ⯔

Pluto governs ends and new beginnings in our lives, times in which we undergo a transformation. We most likely face situations in our lifetime, which require us, to undergo transformations. We harness our power to get closer to our new beginning. We are stripped of our current-self and transform into our ideal self. This may go with a lot of hardship, in these times we may find our self to be powerless, disempowered and invisible.


Symbol: ⚷

Chiron is not a planet but, an asteroid, it also has no ruling sign however, astrologers still believe it to have meaning. Chiron governs a time in our life where we undergo a healing process. After a rough time, we may feel like an outsider and quite wounded. Chiron gives us the idea to take action and to keep moving (even if we change our path). Even though this might be a very lonely time, it still has a positive outcome. During this time we get to focus on our self, without the pressure of others to conform, we then become our true-self.

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