The Meaning of The Planets in Each Sign on your Birth Chart

                                                 Table of Contents

  • What do the Planets in your Birth Chart Mean?
  • The goal of this article
  1. The Sun
  2. The Moon
  3.  Mercury
  4. Venus
  5. Jupiter
  6. Saturn
  7. Neptune
  8. Uranus
  9. Pluto

What do the Planets in your Birth Chart mean?

If you’ve ever taken a look at your Birth Chart, you’ve probably seen the symbols (or names) of Planets divided into Signs and Houses. Each of these Planets have general meanings, this indicates what part of you a Planet rules. You can find the general meanings of all the Planets here.  For example Venus is the Planet of Love and Pleasure, this is the general meaning: the first thing that comes to mind when Venus is mentioned. Which is why Venus will rule over your love life, relationships and friendships. If you were to take a closer look at Venus, depending in which Sign and House it falls, the meaning becomes more specific. For example Venus in Pisces means: romance flows through you, as you are in constant need for the magic of a relationship. Another specific example, Venus in Aquarius: you value your distance from others, and prefer your relationships with other most of times in the form of friendship. As you can see both of these specific meanings have something to do with love but, they are not the same. The general theme of love and pleasure is apparent but, the specific meanings do not mean the same for Pisces and Aquarius. In the image below you can see that on My 22nd, the planets were positioned in different Signs. For example on that day Jupiter was positioned in Aquarius. The person could therefore say on my day of birth my Jupiter was in Aquarius, in this article we’ll take a close look, at what this actually means for this person. Get your own birth chart here.

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The goal of this article

As we’ve mentioned before the Planets in your Birth Chart have general and specific meanings. In this article we’ll take an in depth look at the specific meaning of all the Planets. What are the Planets again? In Astrology we use The Sun, The Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Uranus and Mercury. Scientifically speaking The Sun and The Moon are not planets but, luminaries. And Chiron is a comet. However Astrologers believe that they still have a significant impact on us, which is why the are considered Planets. It is believed that the Sun affects your identity and life and the Moon affects your instinct. As for Chiron, is allows us to heal our self and others. After reading this article you will know what it means when a Planet is positioned in  a Sign, on your Birth Chart.

The Sun

When people ask you which Sign you are, they mostly want to know your Sun Sign. Even those who are not into Astrology (probably) know their Sun Sign. Based on the day of your Birth, the Sun’s position falls into one the 12 Zodiac Signs. If you were born in March your Sun Sign would we Pisces or in May your Sun Sign would be Gemini. Read the general meaning of the Sun here. Depending on where the Sun was at your birth, it also as a specific meaning, so let’s take a closer look. 

Your Sun in Aries

When your Sun is in Aries, the people around see you as an innovative leader. Your are someone with a lot of perseverance and who is not afraid to go through tough moments. This warrior spirit is how you are perceived as. 

Your Sun is in Gemini

When your Sun is in Gemini you are someone who is keen on learning more about how things around you work. Some might see you as someone who is constantly busy trying to better your skills and improve your knowledge. 

Your Sun is in Taurus

When your Sun is in Taurus you are superb at understanding your spiritual journey. You know more than the average person about all things spirituality. You understand the connection between the stars and people. Some might characterize you as a real connoisseur of Astrology.

Your Sun is in Pisces

When your Sun is in Pisces you have a heart for others. You pity others a lot, and try to serve your community. These selfless acts, characterize you as someone whose door is always open  for others. Your friends and family appreciate this about you, and don’t hesitate to tell others of how happy they are to know you.

Your Sun is in Capricorn

When your Sun is in Capricorn you have a strong sense for responsibility. When called upon to oversee activities, you are a reliable person, who will point out when things aren’t how they need to be. Others have taken notice of your skills and form a dependence on you, because you will not disappoint. 

Your Sun is in Scorpio

When your Sun is in Scorpio you are aware that after rain comes sunshine. This mindset is you strength through tough times. You can find the courage within you or from those around you, to keep moving forward. You try to overcome obstacles by finding and trying different solutions, this makes you successful. 

Your Sun is in Sagittarius

When your Sun is in Sagittarius you are keen to growing your knowledge of the culture of others. You like traveling and exploring, to gain new experiences and open broaden your understanding of the world. With all these new experiences gained, you find a way to bring them into your day-to-day life

Your Sun is in Leo

When your Sun is in Leo you want to be the positive influence in the life of others. You understand that sometime the people around you need a shoulder to cry on. You try to find ways, to brighten up their day and convincingly explain to them that things may get better after hard times. People associate you with a strong mentality towards others, and a coaching demeanor. 

Your Sun is in Libra

When your Sun is in Libra you are keen in finding the balance in everything you do. You work hard and party just as hard. You are not afraid to hold yourself accountable when you play harder than working. Taking responsibility is your game, and you can carry this over to others.

Your Sun is in Cancer

When your Sun is in Cancer you are a good caregiver to those around you. After a night out, your friends can rely on you to hold their hair back when they barf. You look after others, and can quickly notice when something isn’t right. As a result of this, your personality almost always carries you to take action and assist.

Your Sun is in Virgo

When your Sun is in Virgo you are a real charmer. When telling a story people are engaged and closely follow the movements of your body. You are a good convincer and very aware of this extraordinary skill set. You know when to use your skills, these are your super powers. So like a real super hero people may ask you to help them out, every now and then.

Your Sun is in Aquarius

When your Sun is in Aquarius you are tasked with leading the pack, even if it may take some rule-bending. You know when to listen and when to speak, this makes it comfortable for people to engage in conversations with you. With all this sensitive information, you gain an edge on others. 

The Moon

Your Moon in Aries

When your Moon is in Aries, you are someone who likes to move forward in life. You always seek activities that challenge your intelligence. You like the sense of achievement when overcoming barriers, and like learning while you take the challenge head on.

Your Moon in Gemini

When your Moon is in Gemini you are someone that likes to connect with others through face-to-face conversation, with physical contact. You get energy from socializing and listening to the stories of others. Even though you like these forms of communication, you also value your alone time. A good balance of socializing and alone time, is the perfect combination according to you.

Your Moon in Taurus

When your Moon is in Taurus, you are someone who prioritizes your own well-being. You make time for others but, only after you’ve had enough time to focus on your own life journey. This is your best strength, you can keep a cool head when things get stormy and know how to handle and take care of yourself during trying times.

Your Moon in Sagittarius

When your Moon is in  Sagittarius you like to discover new places and experiences. You are open and even work towards broadening your knowledge of the world. You also like discovering new things about yourself, this is why you work hard to reach goals even though they test you beyond your current limit. You know what you want and can find inner or external strength to reach it.

Your Moon in Scorpio

When your Moon is in Scorpio you tend to be quite emotional. When people say negative things about you or those you love, you spring into action to defend. Even though emotions may run high, this is your best strength. You are able to show people where you draw the line and jump into action when others cross that line. People around you know you as someone who stands up for yourself and others, even when others shy away from doing so.

Your Moon in Libra

When your Moon is in Libra you like being around others more than being alone. You are very outgoing and social and like meeting new people. You are very good at starting and maintaining relationships. You get energy from having engaging conversations with others, and can remember little details about others. This may be a bad thing sometimes, when you care more about others than about yourself.

Your Moon in Aquarius

When your Moon is in Aquarius you are someone that likes to stand out. You try hard to find out what makes you unique and you can channel that to stand out from others. Whether that is a different music taste or a tattoo, you are not someone who likes to be unseen. This is your best strength because, people remember you for your uniqueness. 

Your Moon in Pisces

When your Moon is in Pisces you find it hard to get to know your emotional state. Sometimes you may feel down but, can’t really point the finger on what it really is that drags you down. This may be hard for you because, you can’t work on improving it. Gradually moving towards doing what you love most and focusing more on what you love may help to better your emotions.

Your Moon in Capricorn

When your Moon is in Capricorn you are someone who is strategic. When you plan something you immediately write it down in your calendar. You don’t like when things are not in their designated spots, which is why you don’t appreciate it when others touch you stuff. This may be your best strength, it is a sign that you prioritize yourself and don’t appreciate when others mess up your structure.

Your Moon in Cancer

When your Moon is in Cancer you are someone who likes foreseen circumstances. You like to feel in control of where you are and what might happen. You prioritize your safety and well-being and don’t accept activities that might endanger you.

Your Moon in Leo

When your Moon is in Leo you are someone who is engaged in your community. Whether it’s your sport club or friend group, you like making connections with people. You’re fuelled by what you can do for others and you’re not afraid to show others how much you care about them.

Your Moon in Virgo

When your Moon is Virgo you are someone that like to live life on step at a time. You have no rush to go anywhere, and wants to enjoy the current moment to the fullest. Your self care and doing what you love most are your top priorities.


Mercury in Aries

When your Mercury is in Aries you are a clear thinker, that uses logic and rationale to communicate standpoints. You are not afraid of having a debate and can channel your energy to come up, with the facts that support your statements. Your love for logic and facts is your best strength because, you are not afraid to admit when wrong. This is why people like debating with you because, you are willing to learn form others.

Mercury in Gemini

When your Mercury is in Gemini you are quite a smart person. You have a brain that is in constant need to gain new knowledge. You have a strong personality because of this and quite the expert in your circle on topics you love. People like turning to you for high value opinions and even advice. This is your best strength because, knowledge is the foundation of everything.

Mercury in Cancer

When your Mercury is in Cancer you can easily recognize patterns in vast amounts of data. You know what to look for and how to look for it. Like a sponge you can absorb knowledge and can clearly transfer it to others. You have a passion for some subjects and you’re keep to dive deeper.

Mercury in Capricorn

When your Mercury is in Capricorn you’re practical in your day-to-day activities. You’re straight to the point and hate doing things that you consider low rewarding. Before you do something you like to start by making a clear plan in your head of how you were to go about it. This is your best strength, this way you can prevent mistakes form occurring while your at it.

Mercury in Scorpio

When your Mercury is in you are someone with an eye for details. You can spot minor difference and changes in personality. This eye for detail is used to great extent in your day-to-day life because, you can easily spot when something might be wrong. This may also be negative when you think you spot something that isn’t there.

Mercury in Sagittarius

When your Mercury is in Sagittarius you are someone that approaches new experiences with open arms. You’re not afraid to throw yourself into the deep end to see new things of make new discoveries. After finding one clue your keen on finding the next clue, and you get rid of all the boundaries between you and your next clue.

Mercury in Leo

When your Mercury is in Leo your a great convincer, you know which keys to tap to get people across the line. When presenting you speak confidently and convincing, even if the content may not be entirely correct. People can rely on you to bring messages in the direct tone, posture and at the right speed. You know what people want to hear and you have vast knowledge of how to go about it.

Mercury in Libra

When your Mercury is in Libra you are someone that can be the shackle that holds two opposing parties together. You know how to mediate and take great pride in preventing escalation of disagreements. You can think clear under pressure and can come up with solutions, that can work out for the better. Your objectivity is your best strength, which gives you the ability to form a strong opinion. 

Mercury in Pisces

When your Mercury is in Pisces you are someone that knows how to make information engaging. Whether you have to explain boring topics to toddlers or the elderly, you can find a great way to keep them engaged. This is also your best strength, you can speak convincingly of untrue or made up stories.

Mercury in Virgo

When your Mercury is in Virgo you are someone that you can connect the dots is overwhelming amounts of data. You have a strong analytical mindset, that knows how to separate important from unimportant information. This skillset in unique and makes you an expert of topics you’re really interested in. This mindset of yours is used in your daily life even when you don’t realize, and people can admire the way you go about informing yourself.

Mercury in Taurus

When your Mercury is in Taurus you like to find you own style of learning information. You like to come up with your own mnemonics to remember a lot of information. This may be your best strength because, the people around you cannot wait to see what you’ve come up with this time.

Mercury in Aquarius

When your Mercury is in Aquarius you are someone that likes to face the facts. Even if the facts stray away from your initial assumptions, you are willing to reconsider you view on the topic. This is your best strength because, you keep your information up to date and factual.


Mars in Aries

When your Mars is in Aries you are someone that can prioritize self fulfillment. You focus on the things in life that make you happy and only hang with people who influence you positively. You can make time for yourself and during tough times, you know you’re your best bet.

Mars in Aquarius

When your Mars is in Aquarius you are a sentimental person, you attach value to experiences. You get energy from making memories you’ll never forget with those you care about most. You like helping because, it plays in on your sentimental personality.

Mars in Virgo

When your Mars is in Virgo you like to find solutions to problems. You’re very assertive in defending your findings and creative to find implications. You like learning things with a purpose, if it serves you no purpose you don’t hesitate to lay it beside you and move on to the more important tasks.

Mars in Leo

When your Mars is in Leo you are better in comparison to your peers at activities that require athleticism. In a race you can always be spotted at the front of the herd. This is your best strength, it makes you confident and comfortable in your own skin. It also creates a sense of achievement, which you most definitely deserve.

Mars in Libra

When your Mars is in Libra you can be dominant over others when necessary. You don’t like when people lie to you or try to fool you, and you don’t shy away from confronting them about this. You can stand up for yourself in a good way, by communicating how someone may have hurt or betrayed you. This is your best strength because, you can tell others of their wrong doing while not making them hostile.

Mars in Scorpio

When your Mars is in Scorpio you are someone with a lot of perseverance and courage. When a storm comes, you can keep a cool head and create a good plan to gain an upper hand on the situation. You are also aware that after rain comes sun, this is what gives you the courage to keep pushing.

Mars in Sagittarius

When your Mars is in Sagittarius you are someone that likes the summer breeze across your face. You love nature and care a lot about maintaining it. When there’s an opportunity to go for a walk and connect with nature, you are someone who’ll not doubt one more second. This is your best strength, you feel happiness from objects that don’t talk back (they might, so watch out 🙂 .

Mars in Taurus

When your Mars is in Taurus you are someone that can keep your kind personality in even the most daring circumstances. Your anger doesn’t frequently rise to the surface but, when it does someone must’ve really pushed you beyond your limits. This is your best strength, you can ignore the bad energy others give but, when they go too far, you can immediately put them right in their place.

Mars in Cancer

When your Mars is in Cancer you are someone that jumps to the protection of others. You know what people mean to you and will not tolerate it when someone does them a  disservice. You’re smart and strong so you might feel the need even more to protect and look after those around you. This is your best strength because, you’re engaged into helping others.

Mars in Capricorn

When your Mars is in Capricorn you are someone who has next week’s dinner already planned. You like working through a list of activities and does not feel a sense of productivity at the end of the day, if not everything off of the list is done. This makes you a spear, moving straight forward, with a clear destination. 

Mars in Gemini

When your Mars is in Gemini you are intelligent in terms of the way you can talk to others. You can find the trade-off between being assertive and charming when discussing topics. You’re creative with your visualizations, which makes it easy for you to lay your message on others. People admire your knowledge of topics, words and phrases.

Mars in Pisces

When your Mars is in Pisces you are someone you are like an octopus with your tentacles all over the board. Even though you might be invested in a lot of activities, you never lose your sight of what is most important. You’re a good multitasker that can still be very effective and efficient.


Venus in Pisces

When your Venus is in Pisces you are someone that cherishes the relationships you have with others. When you fall in love with someone, you love hard. You become devoted and loyal to that person. You may be perceived as a loyal romantic.

Venus in Taurus

When you Venus is in Taurus you are someone that experiences love in a spiritual dimension. You can fall in love with someone after feeling a spiritual connection. You care deeply about what makes your lover the person they are, and will cherish everything that makes them, the way they are.

Venus in Virgo

When your Venus is Virgo you are not afraid of showing your lover how much you love them. You shower them with affection and small gifts, you can never get enough out of seeing your lover. You’re a proud lover and you’re not afraid of telling others how amazing your soulmate is.

Venus in Aries

When your Venus is in Aries you like to take initiative when it comes to your relationships. You can always find a way to come up with new ideas for dates or romantic activities. You want to surprise your lover with exciting sparks in your relationships. You lover can appreciate this, as it a sign of you caring about them.

Venus in Aquarius

When your Venus is in Aquarius you someone that takes it easy when it comes to love. You don’t like to show your core immediately on the first date. It takes time for you to warm up to others. People might confuse this for being uninterested but, that’s not true. You really care about them but, you may be unique in proving this love.

Venus in Capricorn

When your Venus is in Capricorn you are someone that can appreciate the smallest tokens of love. It doesn’t matter what you and your lover do, as long as you can be with them, you are the happiest person earth. 

Venus in Scorpio

When your Venus is in Scorpio you consider your love your most treasured secret. You don’t easily fall in love with people and you’re hard to impress. This may be your best strength because, those who truly love you will make a lot of effort to swindle you.

Venus in Libra

When your Venus is in Libra you are someone that’s easy going and likable. People talking and hanging out with you, you can bring out the best in people. You know how to show love to others and can make people feel at ease. No one has to be on the look out when they hangout with you because, you’re very charming and respectful. 

Venus in Sagittarius

When your Venus is in Sagittarius you are someone who values emotional experiences more that materialistic goods. You’re not easily impressed with expensive gifts from your lover. Instead you want to go on dates and travel with each other, to broaden your horizons together. This may be your best strength since memories, are what you value most.

Venus in Leo

When your Venus is in Leo you are someone that likes to make a good impression on people you meet for the first time, especially potential lovers. You take good care of yourself and seek this in someone else. You like it when others put in the same effort you put in. This may be good for those around you, as you can help them understand how important it is when they take care of themself.

Venus in Cancer

When your Venus is in Cancer you like forming strong relationships. You are quick to replace those who want to play with your feelings. You want others to give you the same energy you give them, otherwise you may replace them. This might not always be necessary, certainly not when your partner is not so good at showing affection. 

Venus in Gemini

When you Venus is in Gemini you can communicate an extraordinary love letter to your lover. You like to take things somewhat old school, by writing hand written letters to your lover. This makes you unique in the eyes of your lover, and gives a personal touch.


Jupiter in Aries

When your Jupiter is in you are not someone who is afraid of new beginnings. You can take the lead and push others to reach these new beginnings. You constantly try to find new ways to reinvent your self because, tomorrow you want to be more than you are today. This is you best strength, people take notice and get motivated by your drive.

Jupiter in Aquarius

When your Jupiter is in Aquarius you are someone who likes to think in terms of opportunities. You don’t see problems that may affect you but, problems you should deal with. And when it might be above you skillset, you know just the right people who can help you out. This is your best strength, you find solutions because, you’re optimistic that somewhere a solution must lie.

Jupiter in Libra

When your Jupiter is in Libra you are someone that likes to grow along side others. You are not keen on going about your growth alone, you like to be around others so all of you can support each other. You feel a sense of achievement when the entire group reaches their goals and can’t wait for the next milestone.

Jupiter in Leo

When your Jupiter is in Leo you are someone that likes when the spotlight is shined on you. You want others to see you do good and what makes you yourself. You are not afraid of the attention and feel more motivated when others have high expectations for you. Your strong personality appears when showing others, that you only work towards your own goals and not the goals others set for you.

Jupiter in Scorpio

When your Jupiter is in Scorpio you are someone who is deeply engaged in the things you love. Your passionate about you hobbies and love explaining to others what you do and how. You main purpose is to get them to love your hobby just the way you do. This passion is your best strength and others can admire your strong character.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

When your Jupiter is in Sagittarius you are someone that can find new ways to increase the knowledge you have. You approach new beginnings with an open mind because, you know that you may like it. This makes you very interested in the hobbies, jobs or activities of others. This will to gain more in life is your best strength because, you have a vast amount of knowledge after all the listening and exploring that you’ve done.

Jupiter in Virgo

When your Jupiter is in Virgo you are someone that keeps coming back for more even after multiple losses. You want to get better at the activities that makes you yourself, this is why you consistently keep putting in the work. You know that somewhere deep inside you, there is a champion waiting to come out, this is why stay consistent and optimistic.

Jupiter in Cancer

When your Jupiter is in Cancer you are someone likes to be around other influential and motivating people. You like to learn from other people what they did to achieve their goals. You’re not afraid to approach them and ask for advice, this brings you closer to your goals. This is your best strength because, you only hang with people you can be impacted by.

Jupiter in Pisces

When your Jupiter is in Pisces you are someone whose keen on being a little different from the crowd. You like taking walks alone, without the influence of others so you can grow into the best version of yourself. You want to prioritize things that make you happy, and as you grow you want to become better at those activities. This s your best strength because, self growth is at the top of your list.

Jupiter in Taurus

When your Jupiter is in Taurus you are someone that likes to reminded of your achievements through physical objects. This is why after a major achievement you buy yourself a gift, so everytime you look at the gift, you reminded of your achievement. 

Jupiter in Capricorn

When your Jupiter is in Capricorn you are someone that is calculated and rational. You like to sift through multiple options before you settle on a plan. This is why people around you ask for your opinions and solutions. This also makes you a good decision maker because, you can have your mind explore different options and the associated effects.

Jupiter in Gemini

When your Jupiter is in Gemini you are someone that likes a vast array of subjects. Your interests go from one end of the spectrum to the other. You want to know how the world works and how different fields of study might define this. This need for new knowledge is your best strength because, it makes you a human encyclopedia. 


Saturn in Aquarius

When your Saturn is in Aquarius you have an assertive attitude. People around you consider someone who doesn’t crack under pressure and can sustain long periods of strenuous exercise. Your demeanor comes in handy when you have to give presentations or confront others.

Saturn in Aries

When your Saturn is in Aries you are someone that likes structure and discipline. You go through life with a plan and ways to execute your plans. This makes you goal driven and strategic. People around you stand in awe of the way you move forward in life. You stand out in terms of your achievements and have no intention of slowing.

Saturn in Leo

When your Saturn is in Leo you are someone that feels the impact of high pressure situations. Initially this might make you panic and stray away from reaching goals. After this short moment of panic, your talent to recoup you composure comes in handy. This is your best strength because, you give yourself the time to reevaluate your plan and make changes where necessary.

Saturn in Libra

When your Saturn is in Libra you are someone that upholds a high level of integrity. You want to reach your goals in a fair way and don’t find pleasure in cheating the system. The people around know you as a fair player, who lives by the rules. This is your best strength because, after an achievement those around you admire the fact that you overcame obstacles in an honest manner.

Saturn in Virgo

When your Saturn is in Virgo you are someone who really cares about your craft and wants to become the best person at it. You keep putting in the long hours of stress and practice because, you have set a high bar for yourself. Your mindset constantly forces you to find new ways to get better.

Saturn in Scorpio

When your Saturn is in Scorpio you have a mindset that can quickly deal with unforeseen circumstances. You carefully craft plans, with emergent aspects, this way all possibilities are accounted for. The people around you may give you the lead when it comes to planning trips, because which ever way the plan goes, you’re bound to find alternatives.

Saturn in Pisces

When your Saturn is in Pisces you are someone that likes to color outside of the lines. You do this because you are keen on standing out, with your interests and goals. You are interested in subjects that others may not love 

Saturn in Cancer

When your Saturn is in Cancer you are someone that can deal very well with all your responsibilities. When a task is assigned to you, you can go to both ends of the world to carry it out successfully. People around you see you as someone who is serious about taking care of tasks or people put in your care.

Saturn in Sagittarius

When your Saturn is in Sagittarius you are someone that is keen on broadening your horizons about important topics. You like to expand you knowledge and create mnemonics to be able to remember this knowledge. Others can therefore rely on for valued input or opinion.

Saturn in Capricorn

When your Saturn is in Capricorn you are someone that is a player that abides by the rules. Your intelligence comes from your ability to succeed without having to bend the rules, in situations where others may cheat. This is your best strength because, you have a vast amount of knowledge; more than others may have.

Saturn in Gemini

When your Saturn is in you are someone that has keen interests in languages. You like to learn words in different languages or even get fluent in multiple languages. Your mastery in more than 1 language, is admired by others a like.

Saturn in Taurus

When your Saturn is in Taurus you are someone that like to take things easy. You’re easy going and take on activities as the rise. You don’t see the need to rush to any particular destination, you’re main goal is enjoying the ride. This makes you cool headed and relaxed, while also reaching the goals you’ve set for yourself.


Neptune does not give indications of your personality, it gives transpersonal meanings. This means that it gives meaning to the events that were most prominent at a certain time, and how it affects different people (:transpersonal). Because of it’s slow rotations Neptune impacts generations.

Neptune in Aries

(1861/2-1874/4) Aries brought new energy to when Neptune was in Aries. This period gave rise to new methods of going about our daily lives. Improvements in politics, science and medicine helped us create higher standards for ourselves. Advances were also made in equality between people of different races, this period could be categorized by it’s improvements for humanity.

Neptune in Taurus

(1874/5-1887/89) When Neptune was in Taurus we became more aware of what we consider valuable. It gave rise to financial improvements, as wealth became more dispersed within all the classes. We became richer as industrialism took off and paved the way for new sources of income.

Neptune in Gemini

(1887/89-1901/02) When Neptune was in Gemini we gained more mental capacity, imagination and creativity. Because of the improvements in our industries and science we had moments of rapid innovation and we came up with inventions we never considered to be feasible. During this period the rise of airplanes and automobiles provided us new ways of transportation. 

Neptune in Cancer

(1901/02-1914/16) When Neptune was in Cancer we were influenced on spiritual level. We became more interested in how nature functioned and impacted us. Nature was more involved in our daily lives and portrayed in motion pictures and art.

Neptune in Leo

(1914/15-1928/29) When Neptune was in Leo we saw the uprising of motion pictures, we had new ways to showcase our imaginations. We lived more lavish (before the Great Depression) and had new ways to enjoy ourselves. This way a time of high ambitions and people showed very little time of slowing down, when it came to realizing their imagination.

Neptune in Virgo

(1928/29-1942/43) When Neptune was in Virgo people gathered a strong sense for mankind’s ability. This period is known for the Great Depression and turbulent times for global relations. Through out all of this turbulence improvements were made in both medicine and industry.

Neptune in Libra

(1942/43-1955/57) When Neptune was in Libra we became more entrenched in the idea of a peaceful world. After the onslaught of WWII, live equally was a new goal for societies. Libra presents this by being a sign of love, and a sense of community.

Neptune in Scorpio

(1955/57-1970) When Neptune was in Scorpio people were more interested into finding pleasure and enjoying life. This saw the rise of new music and ways of enjoying life. During this period the most prominent changes came in people their sexual habits. It was a period of sexual discovery, as taboos were left behind.

Neptune in Sagittarius

(1970-1984) When Neptune reached Sagittarius people delved deeper into spirituality. What made us and what was the Universe influence became topics people were more interested in, than before. This saw the rise of our ideas about having a certain purpose in life and interacting with the Universe and world around us.

Neptune in Capricorn

(1984/85-1998) When Neptune was in Capricorn we became more practical and strategic. Our innovations we carried in efficient ways, as we saw the rise of telecommunication and the internet. We were more concerned about how we could live more functional, to reach a better world. 

Neptune in Aquarius

(1998-2012) When Neptune was in Aquarius we became more social and had higher morals. We pitied the less fortunate and as a result of this our welfare systems we better implemented. As the world moved closer, we also became more aware of the culture of others, and explored different cultural elements. This period gave rise to more ethical concerns, regarding nature and societies.

Neptune in Pisces

(2012-2026) When Neptune was in Pisces saw an even bigger rise into how human affect the environment. Our focus shifted from fulfilling our needs in whichever way possible, to the most environment-friendly manner. 


Uranus in Aries

When Uranus was in Aries, it paved the way for the inventive manner of humans. Due to our innovation, we created much more freedom and development for ourselves. This stems from our nature of finding out how the world around us functions, and how we can improve the world we live in.

Uranus in Taurus

When Uranus was in Taurus it brought out the perseverance and willpower we have today. Our willpower to figure out, better and actually go on to better the world we live in, is a direct result. We constantly find new ways and applications for old methods, to achieve our dreams.

Uranus in Gemini

When Uranus was in Gemini it gave us the capacity to have a broad mind, that could come up with the most magnifying feats of human nature. It gave us not only the ability to imagine how the world could be, but also the intellect to actually make it happen.

Uranus in Cancer

When Uranus was in Cancer it gave way for our intellectual abilities to spot the comings and goings of people. This gave us the ability to read people based off of their demeanor. When interrogating we can look at the movements of the eyes or the fidgetting, to get indications about how the feel about certain topics.

Uranus in Leo

When Uranus was in Leo our ability to take the lead in situations we considered most in need of a strong sense of direction. We can spot we things don’t go as planned and are willing to takeover the wheel to steer the group in the right direction. This ability is also supported by our intelligence. 

Uranus in Virgo

When Uranus was in Virgo it gave us the instruments needed to form logical and rational arguments. Science was needed to innovate and generally accepted principles of what made something scientific were very needed. This is where our ability to gather data and interpret it came in handy, this way of understanding gave us the way, to improve our world.

Uranus in Libra

When Uranus was in Libra the basis for the relationships was laid. We form relationships with people we either have strong connection with or where we feel a strong sense of compatibility. The relationships and partnerships give us a sense harmony, we like a combination of socializing and alone time.

Uranus in Scorpio

When Uranus was in Scorpio it made us willing to take more risks, if it meant improving our lives. Whether these are risks as approaching someone we like or a career switch. This is caused by our need to be in control of our lives, we don’t like to sleep at the wheel of our own life. If we can imagine how our life can be, to some extent we feel the need to direct it that way.

Uranus in Sagittarius

When Uranus was in Sagittarius it created our sense of exploring and travelling. We constantly seek new experiences, that be unconventional. Our drive to explore more, is also caused by the fact, that we want to create ideal versions of ourselves. Everything that might make us ideal in our own eyes, is something we take on.

Uranus in Capricorn

When Uranus was in Capricorn is gave way for structure and discipline. We know that without a plan it is hard to reach a goal. Our intelligence has also pointed, that even with a plan failure may be on the horizon. That is why we figured a consistent plan, that could be emergent, to make adjustments where needed. As a result of this persistent and structured ways of working came to be.

Uranus in Aquarius

When Uranus was in Aquarius it created the ability to create impactful changes in others. Our words carry strong meaning, which we can positively enforce to show others a version of themselves they may not notice. This betters our sense of community and unity.

Uranus in Pisces

When Uranus was in Pisces our emotional sides were influenced, we got a way of understanding human emotion. With this, we had the ability to see how emotions of others are expressed. This could be through art, music or film, we see or hear the emotions and sometimes are even impacted by it.


Pluto in Aries

(1822/3-1851/3) During this period humanity grew curious about new modes of transporting people and goods, this saw the rise of the railroads. With the introduction of railroads, supplies and inventory could be moved quicker and cheaper. For humans this created self-dependence and individuality, something which was difficult before.

Pluto in Taurus

(1851/3-1882/4) This period saw some of humanities biggest grievances such as wars, slavery and inequality. The rise of alternative approaches that countered the current events, paved ways for more equality and wealthier future generations.

Pluto in Gemini

(1882/4-1913/4) This period saw the rise of new methods of communication with the masses. Newspapers and photography saw a rise in popularity as people became more interested in what happened elsewhere around the world. This sense of global connectivity was also advanced by the modes of transport.

Pluto in Cancer

(1913/4-1937/8) Cancer a the sign that represents home, gave rise to people becoming more closely together in major cities. For jobs and education these hubs which later became international cities, gave people better access to resources compared to the countryside.

Pluto in Leo

(1937/8-1956/8) During this period the world was engaged in engulfing wars, this period brought with it a lot of suffering for innocent people. Eventually the USA & it’s allies won the war.

Pluto in Virgo

(1956/9-1971/2) When Pluto reached Virgo it gave us even more sense of community and pity for those who were seen as less strong amongst us. We became more engaged in finding new methods of supporting and helping them. This saw the rise of social programs and the equality between genders and races.

Pluto in Libra

(1971/2-1983/4) Libra is the sign of peace, during this period there more or less period of peace after yet another major war came to an end. This came because for a better world a connected world, would be a viable solution. Countries around the world became dependent on one another for the resources they needed to grow their economies.

Pluto in Scorpio

(1983/4-1995) Scorpio is the sign of new beginnings, periods of unease are followed by beginnings of better times. During this time there was a lot of unrest, as a result of this intercontinental volatility also rose. This prompted new connections, relationships and changes in the way we lived.

Pluto in Sagittarius

(1995-2008) This period is generally called the Information age, there were new inventions that placed connections with the world in the palm of our hands. This period is also know for the vast increases of wealth, due to the housing boom. This period created a lot of optimism and spurted a lot of growth. This could all be led, to Sagittarius’ meaning of exploration, we explored new ways of living better lives.

Pluto in Capricorn

(2008-2023/4) Capricorn gives us our ability to be disciplined and structured. Innovations and science into better work processes, see an uprise. Also finding was to be make use and treat our environment responsibly are some of the biggest trends.

Pluto in Aquarius

(2023/4-2044) Aquarius carries our emotions, during this time our emotions may grow as we love nature more and want to cherish it, for future generations.

Pluto in Pisces


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