3 Easy Tarot Spreads To Understand Your Love Life

Love Tarot Readings with Pictures

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Table of contents

  1. What is a Tarot reading?
  2. What is Love Tarot Card reading, how it’s done and why you should do it
  3. Spread 1: Lover Tarot card spread to find out about the future of you relationship
  4. Spread 2: Tarot card spread to reveal if your future will be full of Love
  5. Spread 3: Love Tarot card spread to fix disputes and to return the love in your relationship

What is a Tarot Reading?

A Tarot Reading is usually done by a professional Tarot reader, this person can help someone gain more insight into their past, present or future. This can be done by arranging a Tarot card deck in a certain order and asking a question. The order in which the Tarot cards are laid, are very specific to the situations someone is trying to gain insight into, this order is called a Tarot Spread. A simple example of a Tarot reading, which is done daily by those who are into Tarot readings, is the 3 card spread. Here 3 cards are randomly selected out of a Tarot deck and laid evenly on a flat surface. The reader then assigns each of the cards a question. Common questions include: What does my yesterday reveal about me? (Card 1), What does today have in store for me? (Card 2) and Will I have a successful day? (Card 3). This is a relatively simple format for a Daily Tarot Reading. After the questions have been assigned, the reader can start to turn the cards, to find out about the meanings. Tarot Cards have specific meanings, so if Card 1 reveals Justice (Major Arcana, 11), it may signify that you’ve always been an honest person and seek to find justice for yourself and others. If Card 2 reveals The Sun (Major Arcana, 19) it may signify that today is going to be full of contentment. And lastly if Card 3 reveals the 3 of Wands, it may signify that you will be someone full of determination. This is quite a simple Tarot Reading, it can be done by anyone who wants to gain more insight into their past, present and future on a frequent basis. On the other end of the scale, there are more complex Tarot readings. These more complex  readings include readings for career decisions or friendships. 

What you’ll need to do your own Tarot readings: 

  • A deck of Tarot Cards
  • A handful of questions you want to gain insight into


What is a Tarot Love Reading?

A tarot card reading can also help you gain insight into your love life and current relationship. Depending on which cards you use, the spread of the cards and the questions, you can reveal more about you. Some Lover tarot spreads only require you to use the 22 Major Arcana, only the 56 Minor Arcana or to use the entire deck. This depends on the type of questions you seek answer to and whether you just want answers or perhaps advice.

 A widely used Love Tarot spread is the relationship timelapse  spread. The reader places places four cards from the entire deck, at the 3 ‘o clock, 6 ‘o clock, 9 ‘o clock and 12 ‘o clock positions. Starting with the 3 ‘o clock cards, a question about why it is that you and your significant other met is commonly used. At the 6’o clock you can try to ask why it is that you and your partner are still together. At the 9 ‘o clock you can try to gain insight into what will keep you and your partner together, as to not grow apart from each other. At the 12 ‘o clock you can ask about how you can work towards this shared future, this would be advice. This is also a relatively simple Tarot spread up until interpreting what the cards actually mean. Luckily this challenge is greatly reduced by only using the 22 Major Arcana cards. These cards have keywords attached to them, it’s a good idea to read the keywords first and try to find out why and how it fits in your situation. For example if the first card you pull is The Sun, at the 3 ‘o clock question (why did you meet your significant other). This may be because you both were doing something individually that brought you happiness. This common activity became the reason you got closer, and as time passed you did this together, which lead to you falling in love. The keywords attached to the Sun are happiness, fortunate marriage and wellness. The art of Tarot reading lies in the interpretation, so whatever comes to your mind first is a thought you should work out, instead of passing on it. 

Love Spread to Predict You and Your Lover's future

The 3 cards can be arranged as depicted below, the reason of this spread is to find out more about the future you and your potential lover may have. It gives insight into what the future might behold for you and your partner; how quickly will you guys take it to the net steps. How quickly will you move in, how quickly will you get engaged or even married. The spread of the cards is the simplest out of all of the Tarot Card Spreads we’ll be covering. Just like in the intro, you can place the cards next to each other. Each of them will represent a different time period for you and your lover. The 1st card is the past, the 2nd card is the present and the 3rd card is the future. The 22 Major Arcana are most applicable in this situation because they cover topics such as deception, new beginnings and happiness, among others.

  • When: Whenever you feel like you need clarity within your relationship
  • Cards to use: The 22 Major Arcana
  • Question for Card 1 (the past): what common ground has brought me and my partner together?
  • Question for Card 2 (the present): do we still hold true to the biggest reason me and partner have chosen to be lovers?
  • Question for Card 3 (the future): what can we do grow together and have a long lasting relationship full of love?

Will we have a Loving Relationship together?

In this spread you’ll gain insight into whether you and partner will be happy together as the relationship progresses. In the top row, the cards that identify common grounds such as mutual interests or activities; what brings you together. The middle row gives insight into what influence from other people or the world as a whole is on your relationship. This concerns the way people try to mediate between the two of you after a fight, to bring you guys closer like real lovers are. Or those who are dissatisfied with your relationship and try to find meaningful ways, to sabotage your relationship. This can have a serious impact on how the future with your lover might be, or lack there of. The last row concerns the steps you should take to strengthen your relationship and to carve out the future you both want with each other. 

  • When: Whenever a fight has occurred or feelings of dissatisfaction
  • Cards to use: The entire deck (all 78 cards)
  • Question 1: What brings you and your lover together, what do you both enjoy doing with each other?
  • Question 2: Do you both think that your individual dreams can be realized in your shared futures?
  • Question 3: Are people close to you going to support you to keep your relationship intact? 
  • Question 4: What influences in your surroundings brings you and your partner closer (e.g. you work closer to each other, so shared lunches are now possible)?
  • Question 5: What future plans do you both have together?
  • Question 6: Long-term prediction for relationship

Tarot Card spread to fix your disputes and return the Love in your relationship

As with many relationships quarrels can occur, you and your partner may not always be on the same page about certain things. Very often these disputes may not last that long and afterwards the realization may come, that one or both of you have overreacted. Whenever this is not the case you may feel lost and don’t know what exactly to do about this dispute. This Tarot card spread can help you gain more insight into what may have caused the dispute and why you’re angry at your partner. The Tarot card spread consists of four cards laid in the position as the image below shows. The 1st card is in the middle because this is the source of the relationship, this means the reason the relationship was started and why it’s carried on for so long. The other 3 cards are evenly spread out around the 1st card because, they keep the 1st card balanced.

  • When: this Tarot card spread should be used, whenever you and partner in a dispute. You can take this reading alone but, considering that you’re not in a relationship with yourself (let us know if you are…), it may be ideal to do it together.
  • Cards to use: the 40 Minor cards, Aces to Tens and the 16 Court cards.
  • Question 1: why is it that you and your partner disagree on something, making the both of you angry at each other?
  • Question 2: can you find the courage within you to show your partner why they are wrong?
  • Question 3: should you be confrontational or more understanding when discussing the current state of your relationship with your partner?
  • Question 4: how will your partner feel when you tell them that they’ve hurt you and that you’re unhappy with the way things are going?

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