4 Things a Gemini Man Looks for In a Woman

How to make a Gemini man fall in Love

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Be a woman with a strong character and her own opinions

Gemini men are attracted to women, with whom they can engage with whether it’s controversial topics or just pop culture. They want someone whom they can talk to and be genuinely intrigued by the way they think and the way their mind works. When you talk to a Gemini man, show interest in his arguments but, don’t be too quick to change your views just to impress him. This type of behavior is easily picked up by a Gemini man, and it may make you look like your disingenuous. Having a conversation with a Gemini makes your strong opinion, the reason the conversation can keep going. You and your Gemini man can playfully argue and may even go explore each others experiences’ on a fun date. This debating gets a Gemini man to see multiple dimensions of your personality, all of which he needs to fall in love with.

If you both have different opinions on the best Taco restaurant, in your city. A perfect first date idea may be to explore, your option for the best Tacos and for the second date, you and your Gemini man can explore his option for the best Tacos.

Don't be too obsessive

A Gemini man is scared off by women, who are too emotionally attached and cannot let him live as free as he wants to be. Gemini men are known to be spontaneous, and are always looking for new things to do. A woman that prevents him from doing whatever he feels like in the moment, to him feels like being controlled. Gemini men are also not very keen on making plans way in advance, they take things on as the come. So if you come into his life, trying to control everything for him and to plan meticulously, he will not be very drawn to you. 

Instead you should open yourself up, to explore his free and unplanned way of living. This gives you the ability to explore the more adventurous side of him, which then leads to the both of you making memories. If you try to control a Gemini man, you tell him to do what you want and what you like: you’re being obsessive. This doesn’t give him the ability to show you what he’s comprised of, and makes it difficult for him to connect with you. 

You shouldn’t be obsessive because, you’d be constraining his spontaneous approach to life. Be open to experience his hobbies or interests because, he’s keen to show what he’s comprised of.

Appreciate the little things

Gemini men aren’t known to be the most extravagant and luxurious, they take a liking to the smallest things in life especially memories. Instead of trying to serenade a Gemini man with expensive and over the top gifts, they appreciate gifts you’ve made yourself. Like I said before, the want to explore your dimensions; they want to find out what makes you and how you think. If you make them a bracelet or a cake, they can see the spontaneous and creative side of you, a bit like them. They find this passion of yours attractive and can feel an emotional bond forming. 

These lasting gifts whether they are material (like a self-made bracelet) or immaterial (like a memory), will stay with them forever. They’ll constantly be reminded of the type of love that can’t be bought but, has to be earned.

Don't play with their feelings

Gemini’s are sensitive and don’t like being messed with, they don’t like when others give them wrong indicators or lead them on for too long. And something you should definitely not do is break their trust. When a Gemini tells you a secret they expect you to keep it to yourself, and not to use their secrets against them. Losing the trust of a Gemini, will be a tragedy because, to gain it again you’ll have to prove yourself trustworthy again. This is saying that they’ll give you the chance to prove yourself to them, which is quite rare. Having conversations about secrets, is a form of bonding and this strong bond, which explores another dimension of both of your personalities should not be broken or disregarded. 

When you break the trust of a Gemini, it’s hard to win their trust and approval back.

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