What are Inner, Social and Outer Planets in Astrology?

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Meaning of the Inner Planets

Which Planets are the Inner Planets?

The Inner Planets are Mercury, Venus and Mars and are also called the personal planets. These 3 Planets are closest to earth and represent a deeper dimension of our personality. Like the Sun explains our personality traits, these personal planets dive deeper into other characteristics that separate us from others. Throughout this article we’ll be talking about all the planetary signs, to know your planetary signs, you’ll need to fetch your birth chart.

The Inner Planets are give  us a deeper dive into our personality.

What does Mercury say about our personality?

Mercury dives into our longing for knowledge and the way we go about getting new information.
 Mercury also governs our intelligence and craftsmanship which we use to understand the world around us. It also governs our sense of education, are we quick learners or do we take the time to process information? Mercury also plays an important part in understanding ourselves. What makes us tick and how do we engage with others are usual questions we should ask ourselves. Based on your date of birth and time of birth, Mercury was present in one of the 12 Zodiac Signs. This sign is known as your Mercury Sign and gives you insight into your longing for knowledge. Fetch your birth chart and read our planet-breakdown, for the meaning of your Mercury Sign.

What does Venus say about our personality?

Venus tells us about the way we express love and feel pleasure. It dives into the most intimate parts of our true self. 

Not only does it tell us about how we express love, but it also gives insight into how we feel love and what we expect from our partners. It provides us with a map of how we make our self-attractive to find a suitable partner. Here you can think about the part of your personality you’re most likely to show on a first date. 

How do we want future and current partners to see us, how do we want them to love us and make love to us? These are the most common questions we should ask when we try to explore this part of our personality. Like your Sun Sign talks about your general personality traits, your Venus Sign tells you about your personality when it comes to love and pleasure. Fetch your birth chart and read about your Venus Sign here.

What does Mars tell about your personality?

Mars is the ruler of our physical energy, aggression, and sexual drive. Unlike Mercury, Mars is more action driven it’s the way we exert our self towards the world. 

Mars gives us insight into how we go about our daily life, more specifically our need for achievement. We’re in a constant chase, whether it’s people or experiences we chase, it never seems to stop. For all this we need to get our feet on the ground through perseverance and dedication. We go about these chases by getting our straight face on and racing toward our goals. Some of us decide to go a bit more aggressively about this chase, like athletes do. Based on your day of birth you have Mars Sign, which can tell you more about how you exert your physical energy.



Meaning of the Social Planets

Which planets are the Social Planets in Astrology?

Unlike the Inner Planets, the Social Planets dive into a shallower dimension of our personality. 
The Social Planets tell us about how we interact with the world and people around us. We gain insight into the skills, traits, and experiences we need to affiliate ourselves with partners, friends and strangers. The Social Planets are Saturn and Jupiter. Because of the slow rotations, they have less influence on our personality in comparison to the Inner Planets or your Ascendant.

The Social Planets tells us about how we relate to people and the world.

What does Jupiter tell us about our personality?

Jupiter is the planet of new horizons, as it represents new opportunities and good fortune. It brings new beginnings and starts, that are long waited for. Jupiter plays a big role when it comes to being adventurous as we accept new challenges, to better ourselves. These dimensions of our personality that we didn’t know about, are now coming to the surface. We open ourselves and get a greater sense of purpose in life. Based on the day of birth and time of your birth, Jupiter is placed in 1 of the 12 Zodiac Signs. Fetch your birth chart and read about your Jupiter Sign here.

What does Saturn tell us about our personality?

Saturn rules the instruments we use to reach achievements and satisfy our longing for success. 
Saturn governs our structured approach to life and our discipline. How we position ourselves to seize the day and be the most productive we can be. It also rules over our longing for responsibility, we want to be responsible for different things so we can mend them to our desire. Think of the time you were responsible for organizing your own birthday party. You had a lot of freedom, to incorporate elements that we most suiting for you and could freedom with the best party ever. Based on the suited time of your birth, Saturn is positioned in 1 of the 12 Zodiac Signs, this is called your Saturn Sign. Fetch your birth chart and read about the meaning of your Saturn Sign.

Meaning of the Outer Planets

Which planets are the Outer Planets in Astrology?

The Outer Planets are Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Beyond the Social Planets, we can locate the Outer Planets, these planets are the furthest away from earth. Because of their isolated location, seeing them without the use of a telescope or other instrument is hardly doable. In Astrology the Outer Planets represent a dimension of our self that is not visible to the naked eye of others. It also proves to be quite a struggle upon self-reflection, to find out what exactly our Social Planets mean for ourselves. If someone we’re to talk about your Mercury Sign (Inner Planet, Mercury) you’d be able to point out your academic results quickly to interpret your Mercury Sign. This almost feels tangible when it comes to understanding and is also very visible to your own eyes as well as the eyes of others.

The Outer Planets represent the invisible parts of our self.

What does Uranus say about our personality?

Uranus governs our sense of change and the innovation we come up with, to drive that change. 
It provides us the creativity, insight and intelligence to come up with unique solutions, geared towards bettering the world around us and ultimately our own life. Beyond this creative mindset, it also influences our ability to change the status quo and drive for better social/ social economic standings. We like to not only use our intelligence for our own benefit but, also for the benefit of others. We uphold high values and strive toward a brighter tomorrow. Based on the day you were born and the time of your birth, Uranus had a certain position, this determines your Uranus sign. This is the location of Uranus (planet) in a Zodiac Sign. Fetch your birth chart and read about your Uranus Sign.

What does Neptune tell us about our personality?

Neptune is regarded as the planet that rules over our imagination, illusions, and escape from reality. Not every time we come across a difficult patch or a moment of downturn, do we turn towards rationally explainable solutions. Sometimes we like to put the dots together in a alternative universe, where we can imagine a world that we envision to be the one we would like to live in. These imaginations are ultimately our most prized possessions, because we use them to understand and deal with the world. We can split our personality into rational and imaginative sides. Based on the day of your birth and time of your birth, Neptune was positioned in 1 of the 12 Zodiac Signs, this is known as your Neptune Sign. Fetch your birth chart and read about your Neptune Signs here.

What does your Pluto tell about our personality?

Pluto aka the destroyer rules over death, rebirth and transformation, and is the most powerful planet. 
Pluto brings new beginnings in our life, and we have go through transformations to enjoy this new phase in our life. But preceding this new part of life, we firstly have to let go of that what made us who we were in the past. In life moving forward is of great essence because, the contexts we find ourselves in change continuously. 

For this reason, the transformative characteristics of Pluto as essential. Based on your day of birth and time of birth, Pluto was positioned in 1 of the 12 Zodiac Signs, this is known as your Pluto Sign.

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