What is your Sign's Zodiac Color?

Zodiac Colors: Meanings & Powers

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What are Zodiac Colors?

Zodiac Colors help determine the personality of a person. These colors all have individual meanings, which are assigned to the Signs that have the most affinity with their meaning. Some of the Zodiac Colors are assigned to the planets, which are comprised of this particular color. For example Cancer’s have the Zodiac Color: Silver. Because Silver is the color of the Moon and the Moon, is Cancer’s ruling planet. As we’ll discuss in this blog, the colors are also for the most part in line with the personality traits of the Signs.

Zodiac Color of Aries is Red

The Zodiac Color of Aries is the color Red because, Red is the color of passion. Aries’ are known for their absolute drive and eagerness to come out on top. This is achieved by being passionate about what the do, so the can be the best at the things/activities that they love. An Aries loves a sport but, also wants to be the best at it.

Zodiac Color of Taurus is Green

Taurus’ their Zodiac Color is the color green, because green is the color of the earth. The element of a Taurus is Earth, which is the underlying reason for this. Taurus are also considered to be the most relaxed out of the Signs. So if relaxing means being down to walk through the park, have facial with cucumber eye-covers or planting, the color green is always dominant in their life. 

Zodiac Color of Gemini is Yellow

Yellow is the color of sunlight or illumination, because Gemini’s can quickly rise to situational solutions. This is to thought of a the cartoon depiction of characters coming up with ideas. A light bulb appears above their head, to indicate that they’ve come up with an idea. This ties in with Gemini’s for two reasons: their spontaneous and curious personality. They’re always keen on finding out how things work and can randomly come up with ideas, answers or theories.

Zodiac Color of Cancer is Silver

The Zodiac Color for Cancer’s is the color silver, because silver is the color of their ruling planet which is the Moon. The Moon gives indications about one’s inner-self and how that ties into with the real world. This is especially relatable for Cancer’s as they are regarded to be living, in both the emotional and materialistic world. They use their emotions as a barrier and where they see fit, they translate these emotions into materialistic possessions. They embrace these emotions with their jewelry, clothing or decor.

Zodiac Color for Leo is Gold

The Zodiac Color, for Leo is also the color of the Sun and for good reason. The Sun is the ruling planet for Leo’s, and the Sun governs our life path and what’s next. For Leo’s this goes a little deeper, for them the Sun rules their ego and the way the express themself. Leo’s are known for being dramatic, that’s how they express their emotions and feelings about the things that influence them. They’re also are regarded as lovers of the spotlight, and luckily for them spotlights mostly have a gold color.

Zodiac Color for Virgo is Blue

The Zodiac Color for Virgo’s is the color blue, and blue is the color of calmness. Here’s a thought: Virgo’s their element is earth, which is also blue. Furthermore Virgo’s are considered to perfectionists and systematic. They do this to keep their daily life organized and untangled, making them….calm. They dislike being disorganized or not having a system which is supposed to act like a planner.

Zodiac Color of Libra is Pink

The Zodiac Color for Libra’s is the color pink, pink is the color of romance and love. This is line with the Ruling Planet of Libra’s which is Venus, Venus is the Planet that gives indications about our love life and pleasures. Libra’s are quite inwards about their love life, they’re not obsessed with telling others about their love interests or people they pursue. For this reason particularly they’re regarded as the Sign, with the ability to keep balance in their life. Not too much of everything, because that causes issues: the tale of their life.

Zodiac Color of Scorpio is Black

The Zodiac Colors for Scorpio’s is the color black, black is the color of mystery and questions. Scorpio’s are the most mysterious and elusive sign out of all of the signs. They’re not too keen to give others insights into their life, which makes them misunderstood. People may see this closed off personality as a form of dislike, making them think that a Scorpio doesn’t like them. This doesn’t have to be true, thus making Scorpio’s misunderstood.

Zodiac Color of Sagittarius is Orange

The Zodiac Color for Sagittarius’s is the color orange, orange is the color of inspirations. This fits Sagittarius’ perfectly because, they move like blazing arrows. They’re always drawn by their quest for knowledge or their personal purposes, that the inspiration burns bright within them. It’s also fitting for their ruling planet Jupiter because Jupiter is the Planet of exploring new opportunities. For this to happen one needs to have a good sense of inspiration, which Sagittarius’ don’t have a shortage of.

Zodiac Color for Capricorn is Brown

The Zodiac Color for Capricorn’s is the color brown, brown is the color of nature and traditions. Capricorn’s persevere as time move’s on, like a tree grows through rough storms. Capricorn’s are considered to be the most patient out of all the Signs, with unhinged traits. They can put up with a lot but, will definitely have their limitations set out.

Zodiac Color of Aquarius is Violet

The Zodiac Color for Aquarius’ is the color violet, violet is the color of insight and future prospective. Aquarius’ are known to be innovative and progressive people, they’re always interested in what the future could look like. They build upon this by helping to contribute to  better living standards, sociological change or communal improvements. They have a humanitarian side, that makes them empathetic for the suffering of others, which is the driver of their revolutionary persona.

Zodiac Color for Pisces is Turquoise

The Zodiac Color for Pisces is the color turquoise, turquoise is the color that represents the ocean. Pisces’ are known to be the most sensitive out of all the signs, the may be calming like the ocean but, this should not be taken for granted. As oceans are appealing as a summer holiday, their depth and unknown demeanor could be a huge threat to those, who are not careful. Like the ocean’s depth has it made room for a great amount of speculation as to what lies at the bottom of the ocean, the same counts for a Pisces’ persona. One remarkable fact is that the symbol for a Pisces is also a fish.

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