How your Rising Sign Influences your Personality

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What's a Rising Sign?

Your Rising Sign or also known as your Ascendant, represent the Zodiac Sign that was Rising on the day you were born. Your Rising Sign, is based on the Zodiac Sign, that was Rising on the Eastern Horizon, or the maximum left in your Birth Chart. If you’ve ever looked at your Birth Chart, you may have noticed “AC” or “ASC“, at a Western position on your Birth Chart, this is where your Rising Sign a.k.a your Ascendant is located.  

Your Rising Sign and your Sun Sign can or cannot be the same Zodiac Sign, it differs from person to person. Your Sun Sign is based off of the position of the Sun in sky, and depend your birthplace and time of birth. Your Rising Sign is the same as your Sun Sign is you were born after dawn. And your Sun Sign and Rising Sign, are different if you were born before the Sun set. This is so because, the position of the Sun and the light it shines, on your birthplace, changes as the day goes by. However, at night the Sun doesn’t shine on your birthplace (basically stays in the same position), which is why your Sun Sign and Rising Signs are the same.  

Sun Sign vs Rising Sign. 
Your Sun Sign gives insight into your personality traits. And your Rising Sign gives insight into the way, the world around you perceives you.

How you can find your Rising Sign

Finding your Rising Sign, will require you to have rather deep understanding of Astronomy. This will allow you to calculate the degrees of between planets, and knowledge of the Sun’s position at your birthdate, and birthplace. You’d obviously have to start by knowing what your birthdate and birthplace is. If you were born during the day, your Sun Sign and Rising Sign are the same Zodiac Signs (e.g., Scorpio & Scorpio, for someone born on October 20th, at 8.00 am in New York). That’s relatively simple and doable, it becomes a bit more complicated and mathematical if you were born at night. 

That requires mathematical and astronomical knowledge. But that shouldn’t deter you from finding your Rising Sign because, there are a lot of computer programs and software, that easily does this for you. One of these programs is Cafeastrology’s birth chart calculator, which tells you’re your Rising Sign after entering your birthdate, birthtime and birthplace. Thereafter you get a summary of all your traits, scroll down to the table and look for the letters “ASC I”, this is your Rising Sign. 

What does your Rising Sign say about you?

The relationship between the 1st House in your Birth Chart & Rising Sign

Your Rising Sign, lies in the 1st House of your Birth Chart, this isn’t a coincidence but, proof of how the Universe interacts with you. Your 1st House governs who you are, what you’re made of and how the world sees you. The 1st House, influences you from the day you’re born, it shapes your personality, your engagements with the world, your perspectives and your lifestyle. The 1st House is ruled by your Rising Sign, which is why your Rising Sign has such a big influence on who you are a person and how you want the world to see you. 

Other than dictating who you want to be, your Rising Sign also contributes to how the world sees you. Just because, you have this image of who you are, doesn’t mean that the world sees you like this. For example, some people, are very reserved about who they talk to. To them is just a matter of priority, they don’t have time for small talk, while others consider them to be distant because, they don’t engage in small talk. As you can see, there is a huge difference in who someone is, and how the world perceives them.  

Your Rising Sign governs your personal & professional personalities

Like we mentioned in the paragraph here above, we aren’t always our true self all the time. We continuously alternate personalities, depending on the situations we find ourself in. Think about a phone call you have with your BFF, and your professor. Your tone and the way you form sentences are going to be completely different. Based on the situation and the person you’re with, you alternate personalities. This continuous change of personalities, and the exchange of personalities is also governed by your Rising Sign. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you fake personalities because, you’re not hiding your personality, you’re just engaging differently. You can therefore divide your entire personality into different categories, a simple example is a personal and professional personality. You switch between these personalities, and you need both of them on a daily basis. These two personalities are formed from the day you were born, and governed by your Rising Sign. 

Your Rising Sign governs the mask you put on

Like afore mentioned we can switch between our personal and professional personalities, these are our real personalities. On the other hand, we can also fake personalities based on the people we’re with. Think of the talking stages between you and your crush, you may try to fake some of your traits to seem more appealing or mysterious. Whatever it is, humans subconsciously fake aspects of their personality because, they think they’ll be liked even more. This happens, without someone ever telling you that they don’t like your real personality, chances are your crush has never told you they don’t like the real you, yet you still make up a different personality. We as humans always try to appeal to others, to gain their interest, love or approval. We come up with new personalities, traits, emotions and feelings just to fit in with others.  

Your Rising Sign also governs your love life, for this very reason. When you’re in a talking stage with someone you try to find ways to keep them interested in you. You might agree to everything they say, or try very hard to adhere to their ideal lover’s image. Think about your last talking stage, have you asked your crush what their ideal partner was? Andddd after they told you, did you try to fit this image? If you did you almost added a completely different layer to your personality. This new layer is also governed by your Rising Sign.

Your Rising Signs governs your introverted & extroverted personalities

Whenever you meet new people, it always takes up some time for you to warm up to them. But as time passes, you get a long much better with them, and can engage in a much better way. This is also referred to as our frozen personality, when we meet someone, we don’t immediately treat them like our BFF. Our Rising Sign influences us, by displaying a rather introverted personality, that’s very reserved and nervous. We don’t know how to engage with them, and what to talk about. At this point in time, you’re a bit introverted. 

As times moves on, you find out that you share a lot of commonalities with them, so you start to engage more with them. You basically warm up to them, and find it much easier to have conversations with them. Your conversation with them is engaging, and the both of are continuously going back and forth. Your Rising Sign, influences your outward personality, therefore making you extroverted.  

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