7 Things you Should Never Do or Say to a Pisces


Pisces’ have the most amount of sympathy for others, out of all the 12 Zodiac Signs. They’re very caring and loving people, and always try to take care of the people around them. This is coupled with their ability to form strong emotional bonds with others. These strong emotional bonds allow them to see the struggles of others, by feeling the energies coming from others. Based on the energy a Pisces receives, they take action to try to help others. Pisces’ are easily drawn in to help others, and most of times they don’t think twice about who to help. Pisces’ are very sensitive people, that’s why they get so emotional when they see someone else in trouble. Pisces’ Ruling Planet is Neptune, and the source of their emotional and intuitive powers. Furthermore Neptune is in Pisces which means that a Pisces, is more concerned with filling others their needs instead of their own.

Pisces are sensitive, intuitive, emotional & empathetic.

But as reality has it, good people also have a side that no one wants to be on. It’s a side that doesn’t particularly have to be bad, it’s just a complete opposite of someone’s good traits. Pisces also have this bad side, no one should try to be on. In this blog we’ll let you in on a couple of things that Pisces’ hate the most, so you can avoid them. 

1. Pisces hate it when their opinions & feelings are disregarded

Pisces have a strong personality, and at the basis of that there is fountain of wisdom and knowledge. They like to use their wisdom and knowledge, to engage with others and to have debates. A good debate can be very satisfying to a Pisces, as long as others respect their opinions the same way they do. If they no longer feel a sense of mutual respect, they will not hesitate to bring this up. This also goes for their feelings, if you’ve done a Pisces wrong, they will not hesitate to tell you. The only reason they tell you, is because they want you take a step back (and even apologize). 

2. Pisces don't like it when other invalidate their sensitivity

Pisces’ are very emotional people, and have a ton of soft spots. They can easily feel emotional if others raise their voice at them, or make (soft) jokes about them. A Pisces is a bit hard to figure out because, sometimes they can laugh about a joke and sometimes not. However, if you’re around a Pisces long enough, it becomes easier to notice what do or do not like. The jokes that they don’t like you shouldn’t repeat because, that might cause them to dislike you. It doesn’t really have to be a complex story, just don’t make the same mistake twice. After a Pisces has told you that they don’t like something you did, don’t do it again. 

3. Pisces hate when they sense the energies of someone, while others don't

Like we mentioned before, Pisces have the ability to sense energies and emotions from others. They feel connections in a different dimension, in comparison to the other 11 Zodiac Signs. Because they feel energies and emotions of others, they can also feel when someone is sad or in distress. Thereafter a Pisces jumps into action, to try and help the person, and to make them feel better. If you ever see a Pisces interacting with someone in a supportive or compassionate way, it’s very likely that they can sense the person’s emotional stress. If you see this try to jump in and give support as well. Under no circumstances should you tell the Pisces that their wasting their time or should invalidate someone’s emotions. This just comes off as rude, and selfish. 

4. Pisces don't like it when others aren't grateful for what they have

As with anything in life, everyone wants something better and want to get further in life. There may also be may a case of “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence”. Whatever it may be a Pisces also strives to have a better life and to buy the things that they like. They possess ambition, without being ungrateful for the things they currently have. If you’re around a Pisces you should refrain from sounding ungrateful for the things you have because, it may be a dream to others. Simply put: be ambitious to get a better lifestyle, without being ungrateful for the lifestyle you have now. 

5. Pisces don't like to be told, that their intuition has no power

One of Pisces’ strongest traits is their intuition, they make good decisions by using their intuition combined with rationality. However, the other 11 Zodiac Signs don’t have an intuition that’s as strong as a Pisces’ intuition. This is why they think that making decisions based off of your intuition is a bad idea. But the thing is, they’re wrong, because intuitive thinking is a Pisces’ superpower. Those who don’t have this superpower, may underestimate it and that’s fine. But under no circumstances should you tell a Pisces that their intuitive thinking, is a weakness: they won’t like you for saying that. 

6. Don't fool a Pisces because, they're always self-aware

Pisces knows what they’re up for, and they know what their personality is comprised of. They also know about their emotions, trigger-points and bad traits. This allows them to take a good look at themself, which allows them to work on themself. You shouldn’t constantly point out their flaws or weaknesses because, it’ll make them very angry. Instead, you should try to offer a helping hand, so they can better themself. Support goes down very well with a Pisces, because they instinctively also like to help others. Make them feel what it’s like to be looked after and cared about. 

7. Pisces hate it when others don't own up to their mistakes

Emotions and feelings matter to a Pisces, and mistakes might misplace these good feelings. In a Pisces’ mind there is nothing wrong with someone being mean to them or doing them wrong. They can find it within them, to understand someone’s intentions. However after a Pisces has told you that you’ve crossed a border, and that you’ve gone way too far, it’s best that you just own up. A Pisces will only tell you this, after they run out of patience with you. If you want to remain on their good side, it’s best to own up and offer your excuses. After which all is settled, and the Pisces will act like nothing happened. 

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