The Meaning of Quadruplicities in Astrology

Cardinal, Fixed & Mutable Signs

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What are Quadruplicities in Astrology?

Quadruplicities are 3 groups comprised of 4 Zodiac Signs, that belong to the same quality. Quadruplicity is just the term used to refer to a group of things, that is comprised of 4. For simplicity, we’ll refer to the Quadruplicities as Qualities because, most people know it as such. In Astrology, as Quality refers to the energy a Zodiac Sign projects, onto the world.

In short Quadruplicity and Quality have the same meaning in Astrology. And the Qualities are Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable.

What do Quadruplicities tell about someone?

Qualities can be divided into 3 groups—Cardinal Signs, Mutable Signs and Fixed Signs. These Qualities show someone acts and how they interact with the world.

Our Qualities make up the way we interact with people in our public as well as in our private life, so we can get a true understanding of who they really are. Someone might be very outgoing, and can easily instigate conversations with people. At the same time, they’re also not keen on being on their own for too long. They continuously look for interactions with other people. This person could therefore be classified as an extrovert. This would underline the way they act with others around them: an important part of their personality, which is explained by their Quality. 


Our Quality not only explains how we interact with people, but also how we interact with the world. The world is constantly changing, and we have to adapt to that. Whether that’s becoming more tolerant, knowledgeable or educated. This means that as we move through life, we never really stay the same person, we were a couple of years ago. So, we never really stay the same because, of this worldly interaction our personality will change. The Qualities —Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable have a considerable effect on how deal with these changes during our life.  

Cardinal Signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn

The Cardinal Signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn. These Signs are risk takers, and like putting themself out there. They’re very outgoing and always interested to learn about others, through conversation. They also like being first movers, and having a sense of exclusivity, this is why they’re not afraid to distance themselves from others. This is done by creating an ideal version of themself, which is unique to their community or group. 


Aries’ their Cardinal Quality is expressed through their overly energetic, active and engaging personality. They like having a loud lough and can get lose track of time when they’re surrounded by their friends and family. They’re always interested in hearing what stories others have to tell. They return stories by telling about their experiences, giving advice or having strong opinions. An Aries could always be found at the center of a convo.


Cancers their Cardinal Quality is expressed by ability to form emotional bonds with people through engagement. Cancers have a soft spot for the troubles of others, and can easily put themself in the shoes of someone else. This engagement is rules by their sympathetic as well as their empathetic inner-self. As a result of this they can provide good support, help or feedback aimed at taking the troubles away for someone else. This is why they can serve a s good therapists or psychologists.


Libras their Cardinal Quality is expressed by their ability to rile others up in socially awkward situations. They get too bored when the silence in a room is overbearing, so they feel called upon to get the room to start engaging with others. This also means that they’re not scared to be outcasts and to standout in a crowd. They stay true to who they are, and like being the link between people. People like being around Libras for their great personality and ability to be appreciative of others. 


Capricorns their Cardinal Quality by their ability to understand the emotions, rationale and context of people. Capricorns believe that someone’s opinions, perspectives and arguments are just a product of the situations that person faces on a day-to-day basis. Capricorns have a rational, objective and structured approach to engaging in conversations or when instigating a conversation. They know very well what they want out of it, and leave as soon as they don’t that as a possibility anymore. 

Fixed Signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius

The Fixed Signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius. The Fixed Signs are resistant to changes in the world around them. They like to remain true to who they are, and what them who they are. Fixed Signs believe that throughout their entire life, they’ve tried to carve out the best version of themself. They don’t just want to give this true identity up because, the world around them requires it. They want to be predictable and live a stable life. The Fixed Signs, like to take multiple approaches when it comes to implementing this Quality in their day-to-day life.  


Taurus‘ their Fixed Quality is apparent by their unwillingness to dance to the tune of others. They like to do their own thing, and find ways to get tasks done that challenge norms. The people around a Taurus might consider them to be stubborn, but the truth is a Taurus is special. They can find their way, and their proud of who they are. They’re strong personalities make them inspirational to others, who may not have that. 


Leos their Fixed Quality is expressed by staying true goals, and values. See a Leos personality as tool, and their life goals as a destination. They know where they want to go in life, and they remain persistent in trying, to get closer. For this to become reality, they know that they have to stay on track, and keep following course. This is why they’re not too keen to keep changing themself, and what they’re comprised of. To them this feels like changing themself up so much, it doesn’t reflect who they are anymore. 


Scorpios their Fixed Quality is expressed by their knowledge and passion for the subjects of life. Scorpios are like designated outlets for the art, sciences or any particular interest, because they’re so knowledgeable. They know a lot because, their interests and activities don’t change too often, this is why they become extremely knowledgeable of their interests. When most are promising new year’s resolutions, to pick up a new interest in the upcoming year, Scorpios just want to become better at what they currently do. Others find their knowledge intriguing, and look forward to a Scorpios enthusiastic story. 


Aquarius’ their Fixed Quality expressed by their originality. In a crowd full of people an Aquarius will stand out because, they seem out of place. But their very much in place, in fact they want to be original, and not so constantly evolving. They don’t like to make drastic changes to their life, home or lifestyle. They’re not keen on following trends, or staying up to date with trends. They form their own ideal life, make up their own mind and stay true to this as time passes. This type of originality is admired by the people around an Aquarius, to the point that the imitate the original (OG…). 

Mutable Signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces

The Mutable Signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces. The Mutable Signs all have a flexible and emergent Quality in common. They’re easy going and can quickly come up, with solutions if things don’t go according to plan. They can also be put in different groups, places and contexts without having very little issues with adapting. You could compare the Mutable Signs to clay because, they can be adapted to fit in any crack. 


Gemini’s Mutable Quality is expressed through adaptive character, they don’t get mad when things don’t go to plan. Instead, they take decisive action to come up with a solution when times get tough. Because of their intelligence, they can solve a lot of problems, and have a diverse amount of knowledge. They’re also known to be great supporters, and beacons of positivity, where others can feel safe. 


Virgo’s Mutable Quality is expressed through their more practical approach to life, while still remaining very wary of the risks. Virgos are known to be great people to look for when it comes, to gaining new insights. Their vast amount of knowledge, is a product of their flexibility. Because they’re so flexible they constantly up for new tasks and experiences, this leads to more practical experience. They can be great people to learn from, or to hear stories from. 


Sagittarius Mutable Quality is expressed through their continuous drive to find out new things, and to be challenged. A Sagittarius considers this to be their strongest asset because, it makes them unpredictable. Noone knows what a Sagittarius is up to on a day-to-day basis because, it’s always something new and audacious. This vast mystery and risk-taking behavior, is what makes a Sagittarius appealing to others. 


Pisces’ Mutable Quality is expressed through their tolerance for people and the situations they find themself in. They have an ability to be understanding of the troubles that others face and like to help if they can. They don’t judge the situations and lifestyles of others, instead they find a way to adapt. Being around a Pisces will make you question if you always do something right because, they just adapt without ever asking a question.  

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