Should you date someone with the same Zodiac Sign?

Same Zodiac Sign Compatibility

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A lot of us run towards our phones, to look up Zodiac Sign Compatibility after finding the Zodiac Sign of our crush is. This is in part because, Zodiac Signs tell about important traits of someone’s personality. If we get to know more about them, like their time and place of birth, we can get even more information about them. This allows you to look up their birth chart, opening up an even better picture of who they are. In their birth chart you can find out what can happen during the different stages of their life (through the Houses), what planetary energies influence their personality (the Aspects depict this) or even if their extrovert or introvert (the Polarities show this). Someone’s birth chart is an all encompassing story book about who they are, what they’re influenced by and what drives them through life.

After you get ahold of someone’s birth chart you’re really left to your own devices to find out how compatible you and your crush are. You can find out about compatibility by looking at how common your personalities are, or if you and your crush are opposites. Both of these could lead to fruitful relationship. In the latter example you and your crush could be complimentary to each other. On the other hand, if you and crush are the same (cuz of your mutual Zodiac Signs), this might also lead to a fruitful relationship. This article is more focused on answering whether, people with the same Zodiac Sign are compatible. 

The Good Side of Dating the Same Zodiac Sign

First commonality: having the same energy

When you date someone with the same Zodiac Sign, the first thing the both of you have in common is the placement of your Sun in A Sign (…Sun Sign). Sun Signs give indications about how we should go through life, they give us the energy and the drive to move forward in life. If the both of you have the same Sun Signs, you think alike in terms of how you want to get the most of life. It puts into play what you’re willing to sacrifice in life, to get closer to ambitions and to be showered with success. Having a partner that thinks like you do, and wants to better themself as much as you want to better yourself, is a good predictor of a successful relationship. 

Second commonality: having similar personalities

Zodiac Signs give insight into the personalities of people, it guides us through the emotions that prevail in some. Other than emotions Zodiac Signs, give indications about someone’s interests, demeanor and the way the world sees them. All of this happens inside of you whether you’re aware of it or not, especially the way the world around you sees you. It’s much easier to get along with someone if they have the same emotions, interests, demeanor and appearance to the world. It doesn’t feel like to have to pull on a lot of strings or that you constantly have to convince them, to do the things you like. They automatically engage with you, and are very interested in what you like. The same goes for you, you don’t constantly have to feel like you need to convince yourself, to do the things that they like. You’re interested in what their personality, in a natural way. Check out Cosmopolitan’s article that also describes this.

The Grey side of Dating the Same Zodiac Sign

Like a lot of things in life, romance is also not smooth sailing and certainly not when you date the same Zodiac Sign. After just telling you about two good aspects of dating the same Zodiac Sign, it’s necessary to go over the greyer side. Firstly, dating someone with same Zodiac Sign as you that thinks like you and expresses emotions like you, is not as good as many would think. If emotions run high during an argument and one of you is supposed to take the high ground, it’s going to be very difficult if both of you are in a state of denial. If this is paired with the both of you, thinking the same way about blaming each other, instead of finding the fault within, a solutions is also not feasible. The both of you have basically the same personalities, and causes a lack of balance.

Another bad side of dating someone with the same Zodiac Signs is  that adventures and experiencing new things could possibly be kept out of the relationship. A relationship is definitely more enjoyable if the both of you, can have experiences that neither of you, have experienced before. This includes going on road trips, taking new classes or just an activity that neither of you have done before. In a relationship where both of you have the same Zodiac Sign, this may not be the case. This however could be easily solved if the both of you, just randomly come up with ideas, for activities neither of you have ever done. And the best part of this, is that you get to make new memories with your partner. These are the types of memories the both of you will cherish forever. You experienced something new and did it with your love. 


In this article we’ve provided you with pros and cons of dating someone with the same Zodiac Sign as you. The pros are that the both of think alike, therefore having the same energies. This is mainly influenced by the fact that the both of you have the same Sun. The second pro is that both of have similar personalities, therefore having the same interests, emotions, demeanor and appearance to the outer world. This leads to you and you partner, getting carried away in activities that both of you equally enjoy. We’ve also covered the cons of dating someone with the same Zodiac Sign as you. Because the both of think alike and have the same emotions, coming to consensus and solutions in relationships could be quite hard. Another con is the both of have the same interests, therefore adventure and experiencing new things, could be kept out of the relationships. In relationships where the Zodiac Signs are not the same, the partners will each other their interests, which might lead to the both of them enjoying these activities equally. That will lead to broadening each other’s horizons, which will lead to making more cherished memories. 

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