What are Polarities in Astrology?

Positive and Negative Signs explained

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        What do Polarities mean?

        Which Zodiac Signs form a Polarity?

  1. Aries & Libra form a Polarity
  2. Taurus & Scorpio form a Polarity
  3. Gemini & Sagittarius form a Polarity
  4. Cancer & Capricorn form a Polarity
  5. Leo & Aquarius form a Polarity
  6. Virgo & Pisces form a Polarity
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What do Polarities mean?

Polarities are 6 groups of 2 Zodiac Signs, that lie opposite each other in a birth chart. These polarities depict important opposite features of Zodiac Signs. This opposition ranges from opposite personalities, attitudes or appearances to the outer world. An important detail to remember when it comes to polarities, is that they have the same Sign (Negative & Negative or Positive & Positive). Polarities divide the 12 Zodiac Signs, into 2 groups namely: Positive Signs and Negative Signs.

 Polarities have Positive Signs or Negative Signs

Positive Signs are considered to be more extrovert, and open to the outer world. They let others into their life, and are very engaging with new people. They like being indulged into new environments and energies.

Negative Signs are more inward and like lining up their energies before, engaging with others. This translates into having a smaller social battery, therefore making them introverts. But the truth is they can be very social, it’s just not at the top of their list all the time.

Which Zodiac Signs form a Polarity?

Aries & Libra form a Polarity

Aries & Libra are opposite each other in a birth chart a.k.a six Signs away from each other and are both Positive Signs. This polarity has strong energies, firstly Aries is the Sign of self & Libra is the Sign of partnership. These opposite Signs may initially not look like a good duo but, after giving them time to find each other’s energies, they get a long greatly. Libras are always keen on getting their way and coming out on top, even in relationships: they’re very competitive. While Libras are harmonious and don’t like overshadow their partners. They focus on a balance between them and their partner. After this couple gets enough time together, they form a strong competitive mind that’s can outdo others, while still maintaining a balanced relationship.

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Taurus & Scorpio form a Polarity

Taurus & Libra are opposite each other in a birth chart, six signs away from each other and therefore form a polarity. Both Taurus & Scorpio are Negative Signs. Like other polarities, they also possess opposite characteristics. Taurus is the Sign of personal belongings and Scorpio is the Sign of shared belongings.  Taurus’ are extravagant and like to show the world who they truly are, and what they’re comprised of. They’re open about their experiences, dreams, they like to spurge on shopping and like making things about them personally. On the other hand, Scorpios are a bit more closed off, as in they’ve shun the world behind their eyes from the real world. What they have and who they are, remains hidden and is not apparent to the world. They’re more interested in others their stories, and don’t like to tell a lot about themself. If these two Signs form a duo, they might initially not get along. But as time passes a Scorpio will open up to a Libra, and let them into their world. This is most common for Scorpios, they’re not bad communicators, they just reserved about the people they entertain. A Taurus and Scorpio couple will exchange energies, while still maintaining their desired personal spaces.

Gemini & Sagittarius form a Polarity

Gemini and Sagittarius are opposite each other and therefore form a Polarity. Gemini is the Sign of self-expression and Sagittarius is the Sign of a worldly expression. Gemini and Sagittarius are both Positive Signs. Geminis and Sagittarius’ both have a curious mindset, and a keen interest into the way the world works. Geminis focus their attention on understanding themself, and expressing this ideal idea of who they are. They express this through their clothes, music and stories about themself. On the other hand, Sagittarius’ are more concerned with what others, think or how the world thinks about them. They’re very interested in what others think of them, and how they think they appear to someone. When a Gemini and Sagittarius are combined in a relationship, the signs of self-expression and worldly expression combine. A Gemini will therefore help the Sagittarius express who they are, and teach them to care less about what the world makes up of you. 

Cancer & Capricorn form a Polarity

Cancer and Capricorn lie opposite each other in a birth chart, thus forming a Polarity. Cancer and Capricorn are both Negative Signs. Cancer is the Sign of home, and Capricorn is the Sign of public. Cancers are intuitive and like to approach important matters in life, as they come. They don’t plan meticulously and are more focused, on becoming who they want to be. They don’t let people make up who they are, and don’t really care about what others think. On the other hand Capricorns are very keen on shaping the best image of themself, towards the outer world. Whether they try to sculpt the best image of themself to make more friends or to find a good job, they do a lot to shape the best image of themself. This is driven by them, trying to understand what others expect from them. This what it’s much easier to satisfy, the public’s expectations. A Cancer and Capricorn duo, can be beneficial to both Zodiac Signs. A Cancer can help a Capricorn be more focused on who they want to be, and not what others want them to be like. And a Capricorn can help a Cancer, to care more about the opinion of other because, you need people to succeed.  

Leo & Aquarius form a Polarity

Leo and Aquarius’ are opposite from each other, thus forming a Polarity. Leo and Aquarius are both Positive Signs. Leo is the Sign of personal pleasure and Aquarius is the Sign of Societal Pleasure. Leos are on a personal level are very passionate and loyal lovers, they also go out of their way to express their love. This is more on a personal level, with their partners and those around them that they love dearly. On the other hand, Aquarius’ are more focused on pleasure in a societal way. They want to go out of their way to make, life worth living for a lot of people, even strangers. This is driven by their empathetic and humanitarian demeanor, where they put up a fight for the oppression of others. This form of justice is what makes them feel fulfilled in life. If a Leo and Aquarius form a duo, the pleasure and love in that relationship would be of high quantity. A Leo could show a Aquarius, what being loved really feels like and an Aquarius could prove to a Leo, that being a fighter for others, is a great feeling.

Virgo & Pisces are a Polarity

Virgo and Pisces lie opposite each other in a birth chart, thus forming a Polarity. Virgo and Pisces are both Negative Signs. Virgo is the Sign of self-enrichment & personal growth, and Pisces is the Sign of  creative dreaming. Virgos are continuously working on bettering themselves, and their understanding of the world. They’re also keen on getting to know who they are, in their truest form. This is why they go out on solo trips, and do individual activities. This helps them to uncover how they behave, react and embrace without the influence of other. The result of this, can be seen as storybook of what makes up a Virgo. Pisces however like to let their mind carry an ideal version of who they are. Their self-enrichment is not tangible and can’t be seen by others. They do everything within their heads because, they’re emotionally driven. When a Virgo and Pisces couple, a high sense of emotional and intellectual energies are exchanged between them. 

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