The Meaning of Descendant Signs & its Influence on your Relationships

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Table of Contents

  1. What’s a Descendant Sign?
  2. The Relationship between your Ascendant & Descendant Sign
  3. Where you can find your Descendant Sign
  4. How your Descendant Sign influences your Love Life & Partnerships:

What's a Descendant Sign?

Your Descendant Sign lies directly opposite of your Ascendant Sign (aka Rising Sign), in your birth chart. This signals an opposite conjunction, which means that your Ascendant & Descendant Sign share opposite traits. This opposition is based on the relationship between planets called: Astrological Aspects. The Oppositions reveals separation, and time apart between your Ascendant & Descendant. 

Your Ascendant gives insight into your personality, more specifically the building blocks on which your personality is built upon. Your Ascendant is ruled by the 1st House, in your birth chart: the House of self. Your Ascendant, dictates the way you switch between your appearances towards the world, depending on the situation you’re in. Think about your personality when you’re at work (professional personality), and your personality when you’re with friends (personal personality). Both of these personalities are the real you because, you’re not faking them. Therefore, both of them are governed by your Ascendant Sign.  

Your Descendant on the other hand gives insight into, the person that we’re not. Your Descendant is closely linked to the person that you’re not, yet you find a way to associate yourself with them. A lot of people, look at the traits of their Descendant and find it very hard, to relate to their Descendant. This is so because, your Descendant guides you towards other people. It guides towards people that possess: qualities, skills, personality traits & characteristics that you don’t have. Your Descendant aims at completing who you are, by bringing you closer to those who complete you. This is also why our Descendant in our birth chart, rules over our relationships & partnerships.  

The Relationship between your Ascendant & Descendant

As previously mentioned, your Ascendant lies on the left-hand side of your birth chart (marked by “ASC” or “AC”) and your Descendant lies on the right-hand side of birth chart (marked by “DC”). These two Signs lie directly opposite each other (at an angle of 180°), forming the Astrological Aspect: Opposition. In Astrology, Astrologers also take the relationship between Planets & Signs in your birth chart, in consideration when, trying to figure you out. This relationship (referred to as an Aspect), is important because, the way two planets or Signs interact with one another, also has a significant influence on you.  

The relationship between the Ascendant-Descendant axis can be depicted as someone who forms a complete puzzle. Your Ascendant rules over who you are, it rules over your personality and your interests. Your Descendant rules over who you are not, yet you still need it to form the best version of yourself. A simple example of this can be seen in your friendships. If you’re much better at literature than your friend, and your friend is better at math: the both of you can form a complete puzzle, by helping each other out. This also goes for lovers, that are brought together because, the complete each other in a relationship. 

Where can you find your Descendant?

Finding your Ascendant can be relatively easy nowadays using a computer software, like their birth chart calculator. Fill in your birthday; birthtime and birthplace. All of this matters because, the placement of the planets at the time, day and place of your birth dictates your Ascendant. After you clicked submit scroll down to the table, your Ascendant is marked “ASCI” and your Descendant is the symbol that lies in “VII”, this refers to the 7th House, in which your Descendant is positioned.  

If you already know your Ascendant it’s also easy to find your Descendant. Your Descendant lies opposite your Ascendant. See the table below for to find out what your Descendant is based on your Ascendant. 

In the table below you’ll find an Ascendant, with its corresponding Descendant next to it.


What your Descendant reveals about your Love Life & Partnerships

Your Descendant lies in the 7th House in your birth chart; therefore, your Descendant is ruled by the 7th House. The 7th House, is the House of Marriage and Partnership. The 7th House governs the way we look for others, that can complete us in a romantic way as well as in a friendship. This is why the 7th House is often considered, to be the final piece of who we are. The things you get out of relationships & partnerships (e.g., companionships, romance etc.), you can’t give to yourself, from within you. Somebody else has to enter your life, in order to provide these actions (kisses on your forehead), emotions or feelings (feeling in love).  

How your Descendant dictates who you date

Your Descendant has a significant influence on the criteria you make up, for a potential lover. You want your significant other to maybe have muscles, while others want their partner to have no muscles. Just like your personality is shaped by your birth chart, your criteria for lovers are also shaped by your birth chart. Your personality is shaped by your Ascendant, & criteria for lovers is shaped by your Descendant.  

The way two lovers complement each other, based on their personalities plays a huge part in the Zodiac Sign Compatibility. The Ascendant & Descendant of both lovers, are measured and compared to figure out how compatible the lovers are. 

How your Descendant governs your partnerships

A partnership (: a non-romantic relationship with someone), is also governed by your Descendant. This means that the friends you have, or even your mentors are decided by your Descendant. These people play a huge part in your life, by teaching you new things, or opening your eyes to the world. You form friendships with people, not only because you have a lot in common but, also because you can benefit from that friendship. The same thing goes for the partnerships you have with, your mentors or coaches. You expect these people to give help where you cannot help yourself or to teach things you can’t teach yourself. These shortcomings are part of us (Ascendant), and are fulfilled through our partnerships with others (governed by our Descendant). 

Conclusively our Descendant knows our weaknesses & shortcomings, and guides people into our life, that will lift these weaknesses & shortcomings. That’s why our Descendant is “not us” because, other people fulfill the role of completing us (lovers, mentors & friends).  

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