The Meaning of your Midheaven & its influence on your Career

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  1. What’s the Midheaven?
  2. How you can find your Midheaven
  3. What your Midheaven reveals about you:

What's the Midheaven in your birth chart?

Your Midheaven is the highest point in your birth chart, and gives insight into your life’s calling as well as who you aspire to be. It’s also ruled by the 10th House, which is why it also carries hints about what your career goals are, and how they will take shape during your life. As a result of all the learning and experiences you’ve had during your life, your 10th House gives you the ability to apply your knowledge.

Your Midheaven could provide you with insight about what your calling and sense of service is during your lifetime. In due time during your life, you will get a job and embark on a career till you retire. Your Midheaven governs this part of your life, and gives insight into how this will take shape. Your Midheaven is also concerned with the activities you carry out, which you’re not paid for. This is about your charitable contributions or your activism. These parts of your life, don’t necessarily provide you with a salary, yet you have no problem concerning yourself with them.  

Your career, activism and charitable contributions are important parts of your life, that’s why understanding your Midheaven & its impact on you is crucial

How you can find your Midheaven

Finding your Midheaven can be quite easy using computer software life cafeastrology’s birth chart (natal chart) calculator. Based on your birthday, birthplace & birthtime, the planets were in a certain position in the sky. These planetary positions eventually make up your Zodiac Sign, Ascendant as well as your Midheaven. This calculator mathematically calculates the placement of all the planetary positions: basically, a snapshot of the sky. This is all important; a simple example, the time at which you were born as a huge influence on your Ascendant Sign. If you were born during the day, your Ascendant= your Zodiac Sign (Sun Sign) & of you were born at night, this is entirely different. Read our story about your Ascendant’s influence on your personality here. The same goes for your Midheaven because, there might have been a certain planet at the highest astrological point, at the time you were born. 

To use cafeastrology’s birth chart calculator enter your birthday; birthtime & birthplace. After you’ve clicked submit scroll down to the table below and look for “MC X”. This refers to the Midheaven: “MC” means Medium Coeli which is another term for Midheaven & your Midheaven is governed by “X” which is the roman numeral for your 10th House.

What your Midheaven says about you: The relationship between the 10th House & your Midheaven

Why understanding your 10th House matters, to interpret your Midheaven

Your Midheaven is governed by your 10th House (The House of Career & Public Standing), therefore giving you insight into your career & life’s ambitions. Your Midheaven lies in the 10th House, this translates to it being governed (ruled) by that House. This means that everything your Midheaven reveals about you, is decided in your 10th House. It’s important to underline this relationship because, your 10th House builds on all the prior 9 Houses. So reading your Midheaven’s meaning in a general way is difficult. It much easier to read this in context, for example your current interests may play a big deciding factor, on the career you decide to pursue.

Your Midheaven talks about your career & this is important because, your career creates your status, public image and for a huge portion who you are. Your Midheaven guides you through your career, by constantly giving you new ideas, or solutions to age-old problems. During your career you want to advance as much as you can, and live the lifestyle you want. This need for advancement in your career is governed by your Midheaven because, your Midheaven also governs your ambitions. And lastly your Midheaven also governs your lifestyle because, depending on your job and salary, you can buy what you want and do what you want. This is important because, your lifestyle is a reflection of your personality.  

Your Midheaven also plays an important role in your public standing: what the public thinks of you. Because this part of personality is a bit more planned & calculated (…you choose your own career), instead of accidental (like your personality for example), your public image is also shaped. If your career requires you to be a very creative, open and outgoing person, the is a high probability that the people around you, see as that. Like stated before, you meticulously plan this side of who you are. You dress the part (by wearing a corporate outfit), you talk the part (using professional statements) and you network with people like yourself. You want people to see you as this, you want them to think of you as a well achieved person in the work field. In short, you shape your public image so you can fit better in certain situations. 

 Your Midheaven has the most influence on your Career & what the public thinks of you because, it’s governed by the 10th House.

Your Midheaven influences how charitable you are & your activism

Apart from your career, your Midheaven also allows you to impact the world through your charitable contributions & your activism.

Your Midheaven also influences how charitable, giving and concerned you are with the well-being of othersJust like you make an impact on the world, with your professional career, you can also impact the world with how charitable you are. By being charitable we mean for example: reading in children’s hospital or just helping out at your local food pantry. Whatever it is, you try to make an impact on the people around you, and better the community you live in. Your Midheaven plays an important role, through your charitable contributions because, you get to be the best version of yourself. This charitable side of yours, is meticulously given shape by you (your Midheaven only guides you): you want to help others around you and give back to the world. You help others because you want to make your community a better place. 


Your Midheaven also plays an important role in your activism and how outspoken you are about major issues. They key here is also, that you strive to achieve something with your actions (an ambition), which like we stated before is also governed by your Midheaven. Think of the protests or marches you went to recently, what did feel & what did you want to achieve by participating? The same goes for the petitions you sign or the debates you have, you participate because, you have an ideal image of how the world should be. Your Midheaven gives you the energy to achieve & to tackle these major conflicts, to make the world a better place. 

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