What your Imum Coeli ("IC") is & How it shapes your true-self


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  1. The relationship between your Imum Coeli & your 4th House
  2. How your Imum Coeli influences your personality
  3. How your Imum Coeli keeps you company

What's does Imum Coeli ("IC") mean?

Your Imum Coeli (“IC”) lies at the lowest point in your birth chart, and reveals what you’re truly comprised of. The IC gives indications about your childhood, family and home have influenced you during your life, to shape who you are today. In other words, you are like a tree as time moves on your branches increase and your trunk gets bigger. For all this to happen you need to have firm roots, your roots in this case is the Imum Coeli. It’s crucial to have a firm basis, before you can start expanding. Our Astrologers depict the relationship between your Midheaven (MC) & your  Imum Coeli (IC) as a tree with roots. The highest point of the tree is, the Midheaven (MC) and the roots depict the Imum Coeli (IC).

Your Imum Coeli also has a huge influence on your sense of how you express yourself in private. The way you go about living your life when nobody is around, reveals your deepest core. Your deepest core is important because, it allows you to do things that make you happy, and that make your life truly your own. 

Where can you find your Imum Coeli (IC)?

Finding your Imum Coeli can be easy, using computer software like cafeastrology’s birth chart (natal chart) calculator. The planets were at a certain angle and position on the day you were born, that’s why some will have a major influence on you, and others not. Your Imum Coeli is positioned in your 4th House, which is the House of Family & Home. The birth chart calculator, will calculate which planet was positioned in the 4th House, when you were born. That’s is why providing your birthday, birthplace and birthtime is important.  

To use cafeastrology’s birth chart calculator, fill in your birthday, birthtime & birthplace. Thereafter click submit and scroll down to the first two tables, to find your Imum Coeli, you’ll need to look at the table on the right. Look for the 4th House, indicated by the roman numerals “IV”. Your IC is located in the 4th House: the planet you see in your 4th House, is your Imum Coeli (“IC”).  

3 ways your Imum Coeli influences you

Before we dive into what parts of your personality are determined by your Imum Coeli, we’ll start by taking a look at the relationship between your Imum Coeli & the 4th House. After which we’ll dive into what parts of your personality are shaped, as a result of this relationship. 

The relationship between your Imum Coeli & your 4th House

Your Imum Coeli lies in your 4th House: The House of Home & Family. The 4th House gives us clarity about our sense of home, and belonging. It has a huge influence on our present and future because, it serves as our foundation (the past). Your 4th House governs the Imum Coeli, meaning that everything that happens in your Imum Coeli is determined by your 4th House. The reason your Imum Coeli is governed by your 4th House is because of the Planets. Your birth chart is a screenshot of the sky on the day you were born, more specifically, the positions of the Planets. These Planets fall into Zodiac Sign & Houses, and make up your life path (Planets in Houses) and personality traits (Zodiac Signs)

In the case of the 4th House, we’re mostly concerned about a specific part of your life path: your first Home. Your first Home is your first exposure to people in your life, a lot of your values, norms and habits originate from this early stage in your life. Your first Home (the foundation for your life), will play a huge role in how you behave during your adult life. That’s why understanding your Home is important, to reveal who you truly are. From the moment you were born, the 4th House took shape (through your family life) because, your parents taught you what you could & could not do or what you could say & could not say. It needs no introduction either (..hah), they were right about a lot of things. This childhood behavior will continue to be the foundation, on which your future will be built. Before we move on, to how this affects your personality, let us define: “foundation on which your personality is built on”. The Houses in your birth chart are chronologically organized, so your childhood starts in the 1st House and your life ends in 12th House. The 4th House is very early in your life, and all of the later Houses will build on everything, the 4th House has revealed about you. That’s why we stated, that your 4th House serves as the foundation for your future self.  

How your Imum Coeli influences your personality

Your Imum Coeli governs a very intimate & private part of your personality. It reveals your true side, by hiding you from the world, thus giving you the ability to be what you want. In our day-to-day life we fit our opinions and personalities, to better fit the people we are around. We’re not our true-self instead, we reflect what others do and share their opinions. That’s fine some of the time because, it may not always be the best course of action, to share our real thoughts or to show our real personality. Think of the last time, you went to do something with someone you really cared about, without actually liking the activity. In this case you faked your emotions (of joy) because, you knew it would make the other person happy if you went along with them. When you fall back into your room, and are isolated from the real world, your Imum Coeli jumps into action, to reveal your true-self. 

Your Imum Coeli gives you the ability to express, your true-self. Our Imum Coeli makes us behave like, a child during childhood, who doesn’t care about what others think, they do what they want & ask what they want.

How your Imum Coeli keeps you company

Because you’re able to fall back to who you really are, when your Imum Coeli reveals your true inner-self, you get to do what you want. Your Imum Coeli gives you the ability to shun yourself from the world, to do what really matters to you. For example, some of your activities and interests are kept secret because, the people around you won’t really understand, why you like doing it. Or sometimes you just want to do activities on your own because, you like to be a soloist. Whatever the case, no one likes to put their entire personality out in the open, for all to see. Keeping some of your key interests and core values to yourself, is important if you want to escape from social norms and pressure. If people know who you truly are, they might try to shape you, to be more like them. If they don’t know who you are in private (your true-self), they can’t make you conform to their standards. It’s very difficult if we as humans, have to change our personalities and interests, to be a part of a certain group. If you constantly have to do that, you’ll never get a sense of who you truly are.  

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