How Do You Notice If The Signs Are Flirting With You?

A breakdown of 12 Zodiac Signs their flirting tricks

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Table of Contents

  1. Aries
  2. Taurus
  3. Gemini
  4. Cancer
  5. Leo
  6. Virgo
  7. Libra
  8. Scorpio
  9. Sagittarius
  10. Capricorn
  11. Aquarius
  12. Pisces

Because of their different personality traits all the 12 Zodiac Signs love and show their love in different ways. In this blog we’ll unravel the ways in which the Signs flirt with their prospective partners. They all show their affection in different manners, with specific aspects. We’ll take a dive into what the drivers are of these flirting tactics, and what you should be looking for.

How to recognize if an Aries flirts with you?

Aries are known to be bold and audacious, they like making the first moves and taking initiative. They’re also considered to be fighters for the love of others because, they’re keen about winning. If they get wind of a possible competitor for the heart of their crush, they swiftly jump into action. Not being scared of showing their love runs through their veins, this is why they don’t shy away from admitting that they’re interested in you. Because of this they’re not very likely to play hard to get, if they like you, they’ll say it. And if they won’t admit they may be doubtful whether you like them enough or not. Going on dates or getting to known an Aries will consist a lot of them taking charge, they like to put their feet forward and are very accommodating towards their crush.

How to know if a Taurus is flirting with you?

Taurus’ are the most relaxed of all the Signs, they like to be more passive and laid-back when it comes to dating. Their love is also not shown through very elaborate and excessive actions. They’re very subtle when it flirting, for example rubbing your hands or giving you deep stare. Taurus’ are also considered to be the biggest lovers of luxury, this is why they like spoiling their partners. They may take you of coffee dates or even buy expensive jewelry during a relationship. In the talking stage this may not be the direction a Taurus navigates towards, they’ll show initiative letting you in on some of their best secrets. They also show their affection by asking questions about your ways of relaxing or unwinding. This is so they can find commonality, between the two of you. The dates they come up with will also be quite casual initially e.g. a coffee date or walk in the park.

How to know if a Gemini is flirting with you?

Gemini are known for their spontaneous and quirky antics, they also tend to show up randomly. They very playful so they try to show their affection through teasing you or making soft jokes. Eventhough their playful, they’re not likely to make jokes about the secrets you’ve told them. They’re also keen about getting to know everything about their crush and remembering all the little details. Whenever they feel a close connection with someone they show initiative in various ways, sometimes it may be obvious or sometimes more doubtful. They like to take talking stages with a light heart and are guided by the love they feel from their crush.

How to know if a Cancer is flirting with you?

Cancer’s are very good with using their intuition, they may even go as far as being guided by it. This means that they’re guided by the reactions and emotions received from their crush. If their crush intentionally gives mixed signals or plays hard to get, they may get the impression that the feeling is not mutual. This is why it’s important to not intentionally try to confuse a Cancer. Their also the best protector of their emotions, which is why they may not be so forward to make the first move. A Cancer will show great interest in their crush by asking deep questions, to unravel their emotional self. But giving your Cancer crush some hints yourself may also work because, they’re not so spontaneous. 

How to know if a Leo is flirting with you?

Leo’s are the most passionate lovers, their sensitivity and deep feelings make them stand out from the other Signs. They like to be dramatic in the ways they flirt, some very striking questions or statements may show their love. They also like to be proud of themself, holding up high standards for themself. This is why their affection is hard to gain because, it takes time before they let people into their emotional self. But after that station has passed they’re loyal and fighters for their lovers. When talking to a Leo you should look for the questions they ask about your loyalty during your relationships. Also look for signs of acting dramatic when you say something, that makes them doubt whether you like them or not.

How to know if a Virgo is flirting with you?

Virgo’s are known for brains, they’re very intelligent and can clearly think. They like to bond over deep conversations about either controversial or sensitive topics. They like to discuss and debate as it gives them intellectual challenges, which they thrive on. Their approach to flirting consists of logic and practicality, they base their flirtations about context specific topics. For example if you’re talking about your favorite dish, they might suggest cooking it for you with their own twist. They don’t like to openly discuss or hint at their feelings in early talking stages, this why you should keep your eyes open for some hidden indications. 

How to know if a Libra is flirting with you?

Libra’s are widely regarded as some of the best flirters, they can easily engage in conversations and can keep them going for so long. They like to make direct eye contact, stare at you for long and smirk form a distance almost, with no fear. They love being a part of small talk and can rattle on for ages about the things they love, as well as the things you love. Some might regard this flirtatious behavior as their normal behavior while others get their heart stolen. When trying to decipher whether a Libra is interested in you, try to talk more about the things you love, if they’re genuinely interested and they try to keep staying engaged their, might be a spark on the way. All of this has a bit of a con, they like to draw attention, that’s why they hold conversations so well. During the course of your talking stage, you will notice (and hopefully not get annoyed) of the attention you need to give a Libra, to keep them happy.

How to know if a Scorpio is flirting with you?

Scorpio’s are associated with being misunderstood, a lot of the times people make assumptions about Scorpio’s that are far from the truth. This is because Scorpio’s are the most mysterious of all the Signs, and where people don’t know the facts the fill in the gaps themself. Whenever you’re in a talking stage with a Scorpio, it’s best not to make bad assumptions about them, because they’re most likely to be quite used to it. You can make playful assumptions after which you go back and forth, while having a laugh. They’re not to open about themself, and they like to keep a lot about themself very secretive. By having lengthy conversations, in which you give away significant amounts of info away about yourself, they will start to open up. The key here is to know, that Scorpio’s are mysterious for their own reasons, and if you want them to like you, atleast you should be closely similar.

How to know if a Sagittarius likes you?

Sagittarius are regarded as gatherers and spreaders of knowledge, think of academic or pop-culture. They like to keep themself up-to-date on all sorts of topics, their passionate about consuming media and creating it. They live for the thrill of it, and move like light in the midst of it all. Because of all their activities, they don’t have a lot of time for talking stages and having them with multiple people. So when they do make time for their potentials, they’re very keen on finding similarities with them. You’ve probably also thought about learning about their interests to explore commonality. On paper this might work but, it may not be something they’ll remember you by. Try to convey them and get them to learn about you, so they step out of their own zones. Since their keen on gathering knowledge, they won’t find it too hard to learn about something you’re interested in. The biggest pro here is, that they’ll think about you every single time they think about that band, activity etc.

How to know if a Capricorn is flirting with you?

Capricorn’s consider their time to be very valuable, they don’t like to spend time on things they don’t like or don’t see the point in. They’re widely regarded as the most dedicated of all the signs, they maintain their composure and get after what they want. Because they’re so busy chasing their ambitious goals, talking stages only happen if they see the point in them. If you’ve been talking to a Capricorn for quite a long time, it may be that you’re now considered to be someone they want to attain. The key here is watch out, when they make time for you, it would help if you were a bit more direct about your intentions. Asking them out, to show your own dedication and perseverance would be something a Capricorn can relate to.

How to know if a Aquarius likes you?

Aquarius’ are known to be innovative and progressive, they like making things better. In a talking stage with a Aquarius they may offer solutions or better ways to do the things in your life. They can throw a bit of flirtation in there by promising to take you on better dates, than you’ve been on in the past. They’re also people with a soft heart for others, which makes them sympathetic and easily transferable in the shoes of others. This caring side of them, prevails a lot, and goes further when they’re in love. They might ask you specific questions about your emotions or thoughts, to be a support beam. Look for these caring traits because, you’ll probably be blown away, by the amount of interest they have in you.

How to know if a Pisces if flirting with you?

Pisces’ are known to the most sensitive of all the 12 signs, they feel emotions quickly within themself as well as others. They’re also considered to use their intuition, more than should which is why they fail to understand everything. When trying to uncover whether a Pisces likes you or not, it’s best not to lead them through a maze. A bit of chase and competition will certainly be helpful, to gain their attention. But it shouldn’t be to the point, where their intuition starts telling them, that the feelings aren’t mutual. This shouldn’t be underestimated because, their empathetic: they can feel emotions others are displaying.

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