Why You Should Read Your Daily Horoscope everyday

The benefits of reading your daily horoscope

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What are Horoscopes?

Your Horoscopes is based on your Birth Chart, more specifically the position of your Sun in a Zodiac Sign: the position of your Sun Sign. All of the Planets within your Birth Chart have general meanings. The general meanings tell you about what part of our personality/ inner-self a Planet rules. Furthermore based off of which Zodiac Signs the Planets fall into, they also have specific meanings. When looking at your Birth Chart, you may notice that all the Planets fall into Zodiac Signs. This represents the position of the Planets on your day of Birth, so they provide you pointers about your own personality/ inner-self. 

Planets in a Birth Chart

For example a person born on March 23rd, has their Sun in Aries. This position of their Sun Sign say this about their personality: their bold and ambitious. And their Moon is in Scorpio, this means that they can be quite emotional from time to time, and they are quick to jump to the defense of those they love. As you can see based off of the positions of their planets on their day of birth, a picture can be drawn about the dimensions of their personality. That’s why it’s important to know what your Birth Chart has to tell you, so you can discover more about yourself. In your Birth Chart you’ll also encounter Houses, these Houses tell you about the different stages in your life. And the placement of your Planets, within these Houses may tell you about what’s to come.

Why should you read your Daily Horoscope everyday

The position of the planets in the Zodiac Signs and Houses in your Birth Chart, tell a story about you. The Signs tell the story of your personality, your emotions, your preferences and more. And the Houses tell a story about for example your money and possessions or your ability to communicate and more. Most daily Horoscopes are more geared towards telling you about what the day may bring based off of the planetary positions on a given day. Also during special astronomical events such as lunar eclipses your daily Horoscope can give you more insight about what the day may mean for you. Astrologers use multiple factors when coming such as the positions of the planets, the alignment of the stars or the seasons. There is no ultimate formula for writing formulas, rather it’s a collection of multiple events that may influence the Signs. 

Most Horoscopes are based on people their Sun Sign, you read the Horoscope of your Sun Sign (e.g. if your born in march, your Sun Sign is either Pisces or Aries). Astrologers use the personality traits of the Sun Signs alongside their knowledge of the planetary positions and other celestial bodies, to make a prediction. In simple terms, if during the Virgo season (aug 22- sep 22), the positions of the planets change in comparison to earth. The planetary positions change in comparison to earth, because earth revolves around the sun (this creates seasons, which make up a year). This season will then affect all of the Signs differently, that is why all the Signs don’t have similar Horoscopes.

3 Benefits of Reading Your Daily Horoscope

  1. Your Birth Chart provides insight into the different phases of your life, through the Houses and the dimensions of your personality, through the Signs. This may be broad, and difficult to interpret the near future. Your daily Horoscope is based on your Birth Chart, and gives a more specific and near future reading.
  2. Your personality is not only based on the planetary positions on the day you were born, as times moves on certain astronomical events may also start to influence you. For a better understanding of yourself, it’s important to know about the events and their impact on you. Daily Horoscopes take these events such as lunar eclipses into account, when give daily predictions.
  3. Sometimes we may get overwhelmed by certain experiences and we don’t seem to find out the root cause of these issues. Daily Horoscopes while providing explanations as mentioned in point 2. They also make way, to give us insights into what’s next up ahead and how we should prepare. 

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