How to tell if Zodiac Signs are Compatible

A full overview on Love Synastry

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What is Zodiac Sign Compatibility?

How Zodiac Sign Compatibility is measured using two Birth Charts

The strongest indicators of Zodiac Sign Compatibility

What is Zodiac Sign Compatibility?

Zodiac Sign Compatibility is a summarized overview of which Sun Signs, make up the best combination of lovers in a relationship. You’ve probably come across countless articles that talk about the Zodiac Signs, that are most compatible for a relationship. This compatibility is often only measured by the personality traits, of both of the Zodiac Signs. The combination of certain personality traits could be a good indicator for a prosperous relationship. However this isn’t the full picture and often not based on Astrology. These compatibility blogs, articles, videos etc. only consider the Sun Signs of two people, and then try to find evidence of compatibility. For someone to conclude that two Sun Signs, are compatible based on this info, is a bit short-listed. 

Synastry is astrological way of defining Zodiac Sign Compatibility. They mean the exact same thing!

In this article we’ll show you in 2 steps some, real indicators of how Zodiac Sign Compatibility should be measured using two Birth Charts. The reason we’ll be using Birth Charts is because, they’re a much better description of someone’s life, personality, stage of their life and of course their Love life. The Signs in someone’s Birth Chart represent their inner-self and the Houses represent the different stages in someone’s life. As you can imagine the vast amount of information, you can find in a Birth Chart is quite extensive. 

How Zodiac Sign Compatibility is measured using two Birth Charts

Step 1/2. Find Common Planets

Before you start get a visual representation of the position of the Planets, on you and your partner’s date of birth: Birth Chart (beware of giving sensitive info, our privacy and cookie policies, don’t apply). Look at both Birth Charts and try to find commonality. Commonality between you and your lover’s Birth Chart, can give insight into how compatible your traits are. 

After you’ve fetched the Birth Charts take a look at table below this section and find how many planets you have in a six Sign range. For context start with you and your partner’s Sun Sign. How far are your Sun Sign’s apart? Write this down and continue to do so, for all the other planets. Only write down the name of the planets and how far apart they are, as depicted in the table below. Other planets can be left out, because in this situation, they will not give insight in Zodiac Sign Compatibilty.

How Far Apart


Aspect Name

Planets in the same Sign

Strong influence, major connection and mutuality 


Planets two Signs away from another

Influence that depicts harmony between lovers


Planets three Signs away form another

There is strong energy between you two, sexual or emotional tension is present


Planets four Signs away from another

The two of you have the same personality and think is similar ways


Planets six Signs away

Tensions run high and fights happen often. This may be indicative of constant effort, to better the relationship


Step 2/2. Find out what the Planets mean

After you’ve noted what planets influence you and your partner’s compatibility (as depicted in the table above), it’s time to see what these influences mean. Influence in Astrology means how two Signs or Houses, could impact a person’s personality or life. The way the planets fall into the Signs, give us insight into our inner-self. And the way planets fall into Houses, give us insight into what will happen during the different stages of our life.

If you and your partner’s Sun Sign are two Signs away from each other, there is a strong influence that the both of you are harmonious. If your Sun Sign is in Aries and theirs in Gemini, the two of you can be classified as harmonious. If your Sun is in Aries you are perceived as innovative, and if your partner’s Sun is in Gemini, their keen on learning. As you can see both of these traits, go hand-in-hand: harmonious. 

In this example we’ve used Sun Signs, you can do this for all the planets, that have the amount of Signs between them as depicted in the table. After which you should look into, the meaning of the planetary positions.

Use our resource to find out what it means when a Planet in a A Sign.

The strongest indicators of Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Throughout this blog, we’ve shown you why compatibility is not easily measured and that there goes a lot into it, if you want measure Zodiac Sign Compatibility. We’ve given you you steps two achieve this, using you and your partner’s Birth Chart. There are however some situations, in which you only have to look at two planets to decipher Zodiac Sign Compatibility. Lets dive deeper.

1. If your Mars is in your lover’s Moon Sign, you may have a relationship, where your sex life, plays a major role in your relationship.

2. If your Venus is in the same Sign as your lover’s Gemini Sign, your relationship is full of playful joking and has a light mood. This way the both of you can be your true self, and don’t have to hide behind a mask.

3. If your Taurus in the same Sign as your lover’s Leo Sign, your relationship is full of eloquent fiery signals of love. The both of you are drawn to each other like moths on a lamp, and have become quite inseparable. 

Now that you’ve learned how you can measure Zodiac Sign Compatibility on your own, we hope you can find more meaning in what you and your partner’s Birth Charts tell about the relationship. 

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