What do Astrological Aspects mean?

An overview of Major Aspects & Minor Aspects

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What are Astrological Aspects?

Where are Astrological Aspects in your birth chart?

The Major Aspects

The Minor Aspects

What’s the meaning of Astrological Aspects for you personally?

What are Astrological Aspects?

Astrology Aspects are defined as the relationship between planets in your birth chart. When looking at your birth chart it’s not only important to take a look at the position of the planets within Zodiac Signs and Houses but, to take a look at the relationships as well. An Aspect is based on the distance between two planets, expressed in degrees. This relationship is important because, a birth chart is so much more than planets in Signs & Houses, with basic and one sided meanings. Everyone’s birth chart is different because, the chance that two people have the same birth chart is 1 in 3,000,000. Not even twins have the same birth chart. For this reason everyone is different, and these differences in personalities and lifestyles are explained through mainly astrological aspects.

Aspects can be separated in Major Aspects and Minor Aspects. The Major Aspects are: Conjunction, Trine, Opposition, Sextile and Square. Major Aspects have the most influence on someone and therefore are more powerful. The Minor Aspects on the other hand have less influence and therefore are less powerful. The Minor Aspects are: Quincunx, Semisquare, Sesquisquare/ Sesquiquadrate and Semitextile. 

The way combination of planetary energies influence us, in Major and Minor ways. The result of this process is called Astrological Aspects.

The statement above is a simplified way of defining the rather complex nature of Astrological Aspects.

Where you should look for Astrological Aspects in your Birth Chart


The best birth chart calculator in our opinion is from astro.com. In the middle of the birth chart, is where you’ll find the Astrological Aspects. All the figures and lines, depict at what angle certain planets are separated from each other. Take a look at the Sun   , it’s directly opposite of Chiron ⚷. Therefore they are separated by 6 Houses (180° apart, thus forming the opposition in the birth chart). This is all quite mathematic to look for angles, and figures. If you want your birth chart, with all the astrological aspects already neatly sorted for you, you can use cafeastrology’s birth chart calculator. Cafeastrology’s calculator doesn’t visualize your birth chart, it immediately tells you about your Astrological Aspects.

The meaning of Major Aspects

The Conjunction

Planets in a Conjunction have the strongest influence on each other. They are inseparable, and once united they form a new kind of power. This power is formed through the combination of their energies, also known as the “third force”.

Angle 0°, two planets within the same degree or within 10° from each other.


The Opposition

Planets in Opposition indicate a newly formed dilemma, from arising conflicting needs. An Opposition brings strain, pressure and separation. However the Opposition is considered to be the breaker of the old, thus bringing a more prosperous time and ability to grow.

Angle 180°, two planets that are 180° apart from each other.

The Trine

The Trine is considered to be the most harmonious major aspect in someone’s birth chart. A trine brings advantage and ease, someone with a Trine can easily gain the upper-hand in discussions and conflicts.

Angle 120°, two planets that are 120° apart from each other.


The Sextile

The Sextile is the Major Aspect that brings opportunity. This benefits of the opportunity brought by the Sextile, can only be reaped if one if willing to learn from their past. Unlike the Trine, the Sextile requires someone to put a considerable amount of effort, to make good use of the opportunity it brings.

Angle 60°, two planets that are 60° apart from each other.


The Square

The Square brings about challenges and periods of serious mental strain. The Square is usually associated with placing obstacles for someone, in order to teach the a valuable lesson. The person should learn to overcome these obstacles, through their perseverance and resilience. 

Angle 90°, two planets that are 90° apart from each other.


The Meaning of Minor Aspects

The Quincunx

The meaning of the Quincunx is somewhat adverse. Most astrologers agree that its influence is unpredictable and that it’s the most powerful of all the Minor Aspects. The Quincunx is often associated with teaching lessons in a unconventional way.

Angle 150°, two planets that are within 150° of each other.

The Semisquare

The Semisquare is also regarded as a deviation of the standard influence. It brings strain and hardship, that cause certain events in someone’s life. With all that it’s still not as powerful as the Square.

Angle 45°, two planets that are 45° apart from each other.

The Sesquisquare

The Sesquisquare is considered to be a different form of the semisquare. It’s influence can be traced to the way it brings tension, that is aimed at making certain events in someone’s life happen. An example might be the anxiety you feel, before performing or presenting.

Angle 135°, two planets that are 135° apart from each other.

The Semisextile

The Semisextile like the Sextile also brings opportunity. It is however less powerful than the Sextile.

Angle 30°, two planets that are 30° apart from each other.


What's the meaning of Astrological Aspects?

Now that we’ve covered what Major Aspects and Minor Aspects are, as well as where to find them and how to find them. It’s time to talk about what they actually mean for you as a person. Like we stated here above the angle at which planets are positioned, form conjunctions, opposition, trines and more. These are called the Astrological Aspects and have very broad meanings, as to what they bring about (see above). 

Like we also know in Astrology each of the planets have their own meanings. For example the Sun is the planet, that tells us about our purpose in life and guides us there as well. See our article about the meaning of planets here

Astrological Aspects happen when two (or more) planets their energy, influence each other. The planets are radiating their energy, and in our birth chart, we can see this through Astrological Aspects. This radiation of energy gives us a deeper understanding of who we are. Most of the time it’s two planets that form an angle, to make up a Astrological Aspect. **Note: when looking for Astrological Aspects in your birth chart you should only consider the angle at which planets are distanced. You shouldn’t look for square or triangles because, that would mean that 4 planets are connected, which is completely different. For that reason we’ve recommend that you use cafeastrology’s birth chart calculator. They’ve already got everything neatly worked out. 

After you’ve found the planets in your birth chart, that make an Astrological Aspect and you’ve looked up their influence (see above in the Major Aspects & Minor Aspects section), it’s time to look up their meaning. For example if the Sun and Mars, are position in Opposition in your birth chart, this may bring about an Astrological Aspect. You can just look up the meaning of the Sun and Mars, and then their Aspect (Sun and Mars Aspect). 

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