What Moon Aspects are & How Moon Aspects affect you

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How to find Moon Aspects?

What are Moon Aspects?

How do Moon Aspects affect me?

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Astrological Aspects happen when two planets their energy interact at a certain angle. The size of the angle also determines how big combination of energies is, thus dividing Astrological Aspects into Major Aspects and Minor Aspects. We’ve written a complete guide to Astrological Aspects and all what their comprised of (Conjunction, Opposition, Trine and more). You can read the guide here. 

When we say energies of planets combine, it may be difficult for people to get a clear picture of what is meant. Let’s take a look by using an example. We’ll stay on track and use Moon Opposite Jupiter. The Moon is the planet of intuition and the nurturing side of our personality. Jupiter is the planet of opportunities, optimism and fortune. Find out what the planets in your birth chart mean here. These two planets are now at an angle of 180° forming an Opposition, which means that times of new beginnings are coming by breaking the old through a tough time. The Moon and Jupiter Aspect, influenced by Opposition (Moon Opposite Jupiter), therefore means you have a great sense of intelligence that get almost anyone to conform to your ideals. You can talk yourself out of situations and extract secrets from others.

How to find Moon Aspects?

It’s quite easy to find your Moon Aspects in your birth chart. Cafeastrology’s birth chart calculator automatically sorts all your Astrological Aspects including your Moon Aspects in a simple table. You can enter all your information and then you can generate your birth chart. After which you should find all the details about you that are hidden in your birth chart. Look for the section about Astrological Aspects and remember the table. In the report Cafeastrology also dives into what the different Astrological Aspects in your birth chart mean but, not in a particularly structured way. You’d have to read through a lot of text (about Houses and Signs) before you get to the Astrological Aspects. In this article we’ll give you a structured run down of what the Moon Aspects mean for your personality and life. We’ll also dive into the importance of Moon Aspects.

What are Moon Aspects?

Moon Aspects defines the way other planets their energy interact with the Moon’s energy, to form a new force called the “third force”. All of the planets in our universe radiate some form of energy, when these energies combine at a certain angle, we call it an Astrological Aspect. Planets form Astrological Aspects by being at a certain angle from one another, this angle also makes out how much of an influence they can have on you. 

Let’s say the Moon and Mercury are at an angle of 180°, they form an Opposition and are considered a Major Aspect. The meaning of the Astrological Aspect Opposition is that it breaks the old, through a tough time, after this better times arise. As you can see this is very broad and may even apply to multiple people. But because in your birth chart the Moon and Mercury are in Opposition, you have the ability to find a personal meaning for this Opposition. Not many people have the Moon opposite Mercury in their birth chart, because birth charts are extremely unique. For you the Moon opposite Mercury specifically means that you will persevere through this tough time by relying on your strong personality, that’s able to see the broader picture. You can notice that this is a more personal definition of what Moon opposite Mercury (a Moon Aspect) means. 

One last thing before we get onto the Moon Aspects. Conjunctions have different meanings that all other Astrological Aspects because, of the proximity between the two planets. The planets are within the same degree from one another (0°) or within 10°. Therefore Conjunctions have unique meanings. And lastly Astrological Aspects are divided into Major Aspects (have the most influence on you) and Minor Aspects (have the least influence on you). 

We’ve written an extensive article about what Astrological Aspects are, where you can find them and what they mean for you personally. You can find the article here.

How do Moon Aspects affect me?

After you’ve found the Moon in your birth chart and how it relates to other planets (e.g. Conjunction, Opposition, Trine or else) it’s time to find out what this Astrological Aspect means. Below you’ll find a list of the relationship between the Moon and other Planets. 

Beware: the Astrological Aspect (Opposition, Trine etc.) is just the influence that drives the combination of energies, between the Moon and another planet. This will depend from person to person and it’s up to you to interpret it however you want. This doesn’t count for Conjunctions because they have constant meanings for everyone. This is why we’ve given their specific meanings.

Moon and Sun Aspects

The Moon and Sun Aspects points to your flexible characteristics, you are lenient and able to undertake a lot of activities at once. This is mainly driven by your high ambitions, which you’re willing to work hard for. You are a revered student and employee, and others can rely on your high drive.

Conjunction: you can be very inward at times and you’re into various types of literature works.

Moon and Venus Aspects

The Moon and Venus Aspect points out that someone has a very charismatic demeanor, which many people find a likable trait. You’re easy-going and very soft in your approach to people

Conjunction: you are intuitive, sensitive and creative.

Moon and Mercury Aspects

The Moon and Mercury Aspect means that you are well spoken and full of stories to tell. You can easily have deep conversations with people, without having a moment of silence. This could be your best trait as you can get access to a lot of secrets.

Conjunction: you are smart, a smooth talker and inspiring. 

Moon and Jupiter Aspects

The Moon and Jupiter Aspect means that you’re a great convincer, which allows you to get away with almost anything. You set the bar so high by dressing and talking the part, that others don’t even question your capacities. This is your best strength because, by persuading others you get the things you want most.

Conjunction: you can be very protective of people you love.

Moon and Mars Aspects

The Moon and Mars Aspect means that you are a very proactive person that can do multiple things at a time without feeling overwhelmed. You’re quick to jump into action and therefore you’ve become a pillar others can rely on.

Conjunction: you are full of life and motivating.

Moon and Saturn Aspects

The Moon and Saturn Aspect means that you can be the middle ground for people in fierce discussions. Others can always rely on your loyalty, trust and open-mindedness. You give others a safe space to tell their side of the story after which you follow up with good advice.

Conjunction: you like structure, and when actions are planned.

Moon and Uranus Aspects

The Moon and Uranus Aspect shows a more empathetic side of you, you have an eye that can see the despair and troubles others face. This allows to you to form courage and the motivation, to be at the service of others who are less fortunate. You know how to make others feel better and you don’t shy away from helping them.

Conjunction: you are very likely to bet the exclusion to the rules; unique in you way.

Moon and Neptune Aspects

The Moon and Neptune Aspect means that you have great sensibility and imagination. You can interact with animals and plants to feel their energy, after which you can describe the feeling in a poetic manner. Your view on the world is, creative and full of your own interpretations. You can get carried away by the beauty the world has to offer.

Conjunction: you have a cozy demeanor, people can always turn to you if they feel the need to be their inner-self. 

Moon and Pluto Aspects

The Moon and Pluto Aspect means that you’re keen on (re)discovering who you are and what makes you, you. You like to set out on emotional as well as physical journeys to dive into your personality. You do this because, you have a strong sense of love for your self and you don’t want to miss out on being the bets version of you.

Conjunction: you have a strong intuition and firm sense of perseverance. 

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