What Venus Aspects are & How Venus Aspects affect you

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How to find Venus Aspects?

What are Venus Aspects?

How do Venus Aspects affect me?

  1. Venus-Sun Aspect
  2. Venus-Moon Aspect 
  3. Venus-Mercury Aspect 
  4. Venus-Mars Aspect
  5. Venus-Saturn Aspect 
  6. Venus-Uranus Aspect 
  7. Venus-Neptune Aspect
  8. Venus-Pluto Aspect

How to find Venus Aspects?

Venus Aspects are one of the 10 Astrological Aspects (an Astrological Aspect for each planet). When two planets are close to each other at a certain angle, their energies combine to form a new energy called the “third force”. This combination of planetary energies and the relationship is called an Astrological Aspect. Astrological Aspects can be defined in Major Aspects namely: Conjunction, Opposition, Trine, Sextile and Square. As well as Minor Aspects namely: Quincunx, Semisquare, Sesequisquare and Semisextile. These Astrological Aspects depict the strength of the relationship between the planets, as well as what the may mean in a broader sense. Read our article about what Astrological Aspects are, where they are and what they mean for you here. 

Now with that out of the way, you can find your Venus Aspects in your birth chart. If you can see the Venus Aspects in your birth chart, by just looking at the chart (circle like), you might be a math genius. Because if you can you have a great mind that can measure angles perfectly :). Now for those of us that can’t do this, Cafeastrology’s birth chart calculator is a great option. If you enter your information like date and place of birth, you get all the information you need from an Astrological POV. Scroll down to the Astrological Aspects table, which isn’t too far down. In this table you will see all the Astrological Aspects that are present in your birth chart. If you’re only interested in the planet Venus’ Aspects look for the symbol  . If you can’t find you probably don’t have any Venus Aspects, try looking up the other Astrological Aspects then. Here you can find the symbols for the other planets. After you’ve found your Venus Aspects it’s now time to find out what it actually means for you. 

What do Venus Aspects mean?

Venus is the planet of love, passions, desire and the way you show affection to others. You can read about what all the general meanings are of the planets here. And if you want to know what it means when a planet is in a Sign on you birth chart, you can read here. Venus Aspect is term used for the combination of Venus’ energy with another planet. As previously mentioned this happens when Venus and another planet are at close proximity, expressed in angle. Because all the planets have different meanings in Astrology, it isn’t straight forward to come up with one definition of what Venus Aspects actually are. Based on the planet that Venus interacts with, meanings and interpretations will differ. Below we’ll lay out all the meanings of the interaction between Venus and the rest of the planets. 

Let’s say for the sake of example in your birth chart Venus is opposite Mars. Venus is the planet of love, passion, desire and showing affection. Mars is the planet of physical energy and rules our drive in life. The Astrological Aspect Opposition (an angle of 180°) means that current times will be tough as because the old is being broken. This happens because you’re being prepared for something new. The Venus and Mars Aspect therefore means that you can easily express your feeling of affection, no matter how hard it may feel in a certain context. You always find a way to show others that you care about them. As you can see this combination of Venus and Mars, that has led to the Venus and Mars Aspects points out perfectly what the combination of energies means.

One last thing before we dive in, Conjunctions have a constant meaning. All the Venus Aspects listed below are to interpreted as you would want, after all it’s your birth chart. And your birth chart tells a story about you. The meaning of Conjunctions remain constant because, Venus is interacting with another in a major way. A Conjunction is when the angle is at 0°, so basically in the same position. This is why we’ll list the meaning of Venus Conjunctions separately below.

How Venus Aspects affect you

Venus and Sun Aspect

The Venus and Sun Aspect (Venus-Sun Aspect) is quite special, the Sun and Venus are never too far from each other. Because of this they’re always in a Conjunction. Some with the Venus and Sun Aspect in their birth chart is very tolerable of others. You don’t easily judge others, even if what they represent is new to you. You’re appreciative of people their culture, style, personality and gender.

Venus and Moon Aspect

The Venus and Moon Aspect (Venus-Moon Aspect) means that you’ve got a sense for beauty even if others don’t see it. You’re keen on sentimental value, that why even the smallest trinkets of yours, have a specific meaning to you. This also brings forth a rather different side of you because, you give a lot of objects in your life a personal meaning. You attribute certain events or feelings to the objects you own.

Conjunction: you’ve got an eye for relaxation and enjoyment.

Venus and Mercury Aspect

The Venus and Mercury Aspect (Venus-Mercury Aspect) means that you’re a great shoulder for other to cry on. You can be very supportive of other during rough patches in their life. You do this by providing a listening ear, and you don’t judge or jump to conclusions. When you’re asked for help you can be relied on, to deliver good help.

Conjunction: you have a wonderful capability to tell stories, when you tell something others can hang by your lips full of adoration. 

Venus and Mars Aspect

The Venus and Mars Aspect (Venus-Mars Aspect) means that you are someone that can be very loving of others, and you don’t hesitate to show them this. The people around you know you as a beacon of positivity that can make even the toughest of times bearable.

Conjunction: you can be the right of amount of critical and helpful, you don’t hesitate to tell people the truth, after which you provide help.

Venus and Saturn Aspect

The Venus and Saturn Aspect (Venus-Saturn Aspect) means that you are a very transactional person, a lot of the time. You don’t like to waste time on things that don’t give any pleasure or don’t teach anything. You’re quick to move on when situations aren’t what you want, and you’re not keen on wasting time with small talk.

Conjunction: you have a strong mind, and great sense of loyalty; you’re also known for your integrity.

Venus and Jupiter Aspect

The Venus and Jupiter Aspect (Venus-Jupiter Aspect) means that you’re a balanced person in the regards to the way you go about life. You don’t like to do too much of one thing, and you’re always focused on switching things up. This brings up the rather adventurous side of you.

Conjunction: you’re charming and a magnet to which other easily feel attracted to.

Venus and Uranus Aspect

The Venus and Uranus Aspect (Venus-Uranus Aspect) brings about a more artistic and creative side of you. You’re into art and like making it, you can see beyond the paint and almost live the tale that the painter was trying to depict. You don’t just consider art a couple strokes of paint on a canvas. Rather you can see be transported to the place of the art and live the stories.

Conjunction: you are engaging, and very sensible, you see when others feel down and can help them without being too abrupt. 

Venus and Neptune Aspect

The Venus and Neptune Aspect (Venus-Neptune Aspect) means that you’ve got a deep understanding of the intangible. You’re into philosophical works and can immediately picture what the philosopher was trying to tell. This rather abstract learning capability of yours is quite unique. Others may rely on you, for help when it comes to deciphering patterns.

Conjunction: you are quite a sensitive human being, you believe that words have power, which is why you’re careful with your words.

Venus and Pluto Aspect

The Venus and Pluto Aspect (Venus-Pluto Aspect) brings about you’re deep love for what the earth has to provide. You’re obsessed with all things mother earth, and quite fascinated by the way the nature works. From the highest points on land to the deepest depths of the sea, you’re keen on learning as much as you can about it. You’re considered to be an outdoor fanatic and love getting your feet in the sand.

Conjunction: you don’t believe that loving multiple partners at once is a thing, when you love someone you keen on focusing your attention on them.

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