What is your Zodiac Sign's Ruling Planet & How does it affect you?

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What are Ruling Planets?

What is my Ruling Planet?

  1. Aries is ruled by Mars
  2. Taurus is ruled by Venus
  3. Gemini is ruled by Mercury
  4. Cancer is ruled by the Moon
  5. Leo is ruled by the Sun
  6. Virgo is ruled by Mercury
  7. Libra is ruled by Venus
  8. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto
  9. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter
  10. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn
  11. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus
  12. Pisces is ruled by Neptune
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What are Ruling Planets?

A Ruling Planet is a planet in our birth chart, that has the most influence on us. When we say that the Ruling Planets have the most influence on us, we mean that Ruling Planets make up our personalities, attitudes or even our ways of thinking. In other words they “Rule” over us which is why they’re also nicknamed “Rulers”. They also guide us through life, with the various characteristics its rules in  our lives. Our birth chart consists of 10 planets, each of them assigned to Houses and Zodiac Signs. These planets all have their different meanings based on where they were positioned in the sky, on our day and place of birth. This is what makes us unique because, all of the planets where in different positions in regards to our Houses and Signs on the day of our birth. 

Difference between Sun Signs and Ruling Planets

When we talk about Sun Signs, we think about our Sun that is placed in 1 of the 12 Zodiac Signs in our birth chart. Sun Signs a.k.a. Zodiac Signs rule over our personalities, and the way others see us. This is why everyone is so interested in knowing your Zodiac Sign. Your Zodiac Sign is like a portrait of your personality, and can help people try to figure you out or to find out how you think. And Ruling Planets provide insight into another dimension of your personality. According to hypebae.com, Ruling Planets provide another layer to your personality. This is the consensus amongst most astrologers, Sun Signs provide the basis of your personality and Ruling Planets, provide insight into another layer of your personality.

Zodiac Signs give insight into your general personality and the way people see you.

Ruling Planets give insight into an extra layer of your personality. This is much harder to notice by random people. Only you and those who are close to you, may notice this extra layer of your personality.

What is my Ruling Planet?

Aries is ruled by Mars

The Ruling Planet of Aries is Mars, which is perfectly fitting for someone with Sun in Aries. Aries are known for their bold and ambitious personality traits. They have a timeless spark in them, that drives them forward in their climb to the top. Their eagerness to reach the top also separates them from other Zodiac Signs. They can assert themselves very well, if that means they can get closer to the top. The reason the red planet Mars fits them, other than it’s fiery surface is because it’s the planet of physical energy and also governs our drive. Some astrologers also considers Mars, to be the planet that governs over our need for achievement, which we use to set ourself apart from others. As you see there is a lot of commonality between the Zodiac Sign Aries and planet Mars, that is why Mars is the ruler of Aries.

Taurus is ruled by Venus

The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus, which suits a person with their Sun in Taurus well. Taurus’ are known for their relaxed and soft approach to life. They like to take things as they come, and never out themself at the center of stressful situations. They don’t hesitate to take care of themselves, with extravagant purchases for themself. Whether it’s an expensive bath bomb for their baths or a glittery dress, they go all out to take care of themself. This is why planet Venus, is their ruling planet. Venus governs the way we show love to others, and in the case of Taurus’ the way we love ourself. It governs the self-love we have to administer if we want to stay on top of our mind. Venus is also concerned with the way we try to make ourself appear much better to the outer world, either through a beauty routine or nice clothing. As you may notice, there is a lot of commonality between the planet Venus and the Zodiac Sign Taurus.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury

The Ruling Planet of Gemini is Mercury, and for a person with their Sun in Gemini, this planet is well-fitting. Gemini’s are known for their spontaneous and playful way of life. They don’t like to plan meticulously and like to take things as they come. They’re emergent approach to life makes them much more relaxed on a day-to-day basis. Because they don’t like to plan and map out every stage of their life, they’re always open to try different things. This brings out their curious and open minded side, this is adored by the people around them because, they appear to be down for almost anything. Because of this curious and scientific mind of theirs, the planet Mercury perfectly suits them. Mercury is the planet of intelligence and our longing for education. It’s governs our will to further our knowledge through learning, practicing and debating. People like to know how the world around them lives, and Mercury is the ruler of this curiosity. As you see there are similarities between people with their Sun in Gemini, and the planet Mercury, this is why Mercury is the ruler of Gemini.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon

The Ruling Planet of Cancer is the Moon, this is well fitting for someone with their Sun in Cancer. Cancer’s are known for their ability to live in both a materialistic and emotional state. They like to see things not as they are but, as they were meant to be or as they should be. This makes Cancer’s special, they like to think about the world around them is a different more abstract manner. Not everything should be seen as it is because, there are also emotional aspects tied to it. This ability to sense emotions and the importance of these emotions, makes it that Cancer’s are also very protective of their emotions and don’t like to be taken for a joy ride when it comes to their emotions. The Moon is the perfect ruler of Cancer because, the Moon governs our subconscious emotions and intuition. These subconscious emotions are necessary for us because, they allow us to understand the world around us better. When we see a stray dog with it’s tail inwards, we immediately feel the sadness that the dog must feel. This is felt without, the dog ever telling us that they’re sad. As you can see there is a lot of commonality between people that have their Sun in Cancer and the Moon, this is why the Moon rules Cancer

Leo is ruled by the Sun

The Ruling Planet of Leo is the Sun, which perfectly fits people with their Sun in Leo. Leo’s are known for their passionate, loyal and dramatic personality. When they fall in love with someone, that person becomes the center of their Universe, which is no coincidence because, their Ruling Planet is also the center of our Universe. They will do everything to get that person’s attention, by acting dramatic most of the times. Leo’s also like to be put in the spotlight, they like to be the center of everything, which isn’t such a bad thing because, they can be very good entertainers. They are the way the are because, the Sun has huge influence on them. The Sun is known as the planet of light, the light that guides us through a dark alley. The Sun has a supportive role in our life because, we need to fall back on a source of energy, to pursue our day-to-day activities. Our engines become sparked and enable us to seize the day. For Leo’s especially the Sun proves useful because, they also like to be at the center of everyone’s day just like the Sun. As you can see the Sun and people with their Sun in Leo have a lot of commonality. 

Virgo is ruled by Mercury

The Ruling Planet of Virgo is Mercury, which perfectly suits someone with their Sun in Virgo. Virgo’s are known for their logical and systematic approach to life. The like to make use of reasoning and logic when going about their daily activities. The rest of the issues they encounter during their day, they solve through creatively thinking of logical solutions. They don’t like to leave too much up to their intuition because, they’re firm believers in science and the usage of systems. Virgo’s like to practical, and use these methods in almost every aspect of their life. After looking at Virgo’s personality traits, it should come as no surprise that they’re ruled by Mercury. Mercury is the planet of intelligence and our longing for education. It governs our curiosity in regards to the world we live in, and beyond our own planet. Mercury also governs the knowledge we currently have of our world, and how we apply it to solve new problems. Mercury therefore governs our usage of science. As you can see there are a lot of similarities between someone with their Sun in Virgo and the planet Mercury.

Libra is ruled by Venus

The Ruling Planet of Libra is Venus, which is quite fitting for someone with their Sun in Libra. Libra’s are known for their well balanced and harmonious life. They like do have the equal amounts of productivity and relaxation, incorporated in their day. This obsession with harmony and a well balanced life, allows them to allocate time to the things they love most. Libra’s are also regarded to avid fighters for equality and justice. They do this by actively supporting organizations or movements that strive to achieve justice and equality. The reason Venus rules Libra is because, Venus also governs the way we show love to others (…not only ourself). The fights that Libra’s are willing to put for others, to get them justice and equality is a sign of showing love for other people, animals or even nature. Venus is therefore regarded as the planet, that makes life beautiful because, it governs the love we show to others. The similarities between people with their Sun in Libra and the planet Venus, are uncanny. 

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto

The Ruling Planet of Scorpio is the planet Pluto, this perfectly suits people with their Sun in Scorpio. Scorpio’s are known to be elusive and mysterious. They’re quite hard to get a hold of and even harder to decipher. Because they’re so mysterious they’re frequently considered to be harsh or uninterested in people. People confuse Scorpio’s their rather private demeanor as a sign of disdain towards them. This turns people away from Scorpio’s even if a Scorpio didn’t mean to do so. This is Scorpio’s are regarded as the most misunderstood Zodiac Sign. They do however still crave for attention or love, even if their rather mysterious personality doesn’t show that off the bat. When a Scorpio is given time, they can open up their layer of mystery and reveal themself to someone, it just takes time. The planet Pluto is therefore considered the most influential planet on Scorpio’s. Pluto is regarded as the planet of transformation. We go through times of hardship to be stripped of our current self, this will lead to us being formed into our new self. This new self is also considered to be our ideal self because, we get to decide how it will take shape. This is especially relevant for Scorpio’s because, when they open up to people, they may feel like it’s not like them. But after they’ve opened up and someone has taken interest in them, instead of shrugging them off, it pleases them. As you can see people with their Sun in Scorpio and the planet Pluto are inseparable. 

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter

The Ruling Planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter, which is perfectly fitting for someone with their Sun in Sagittarius. Sagittarius’ are often compared to a set of blazing arrows because, they’re always chasing something. Whether it’s a new trend or even knowledge, Sagittarius’ are always up to something. They’re also very smart which is why the can quickly consume and utilize new knowledge. This is why they’re constantly searching for new knowledge because, they’re current knowledge no longer satisfies their curiosity. They’re also optimists that like to look at the bright side if things and not to think of impossibilities but, in terms of possibilities. For these reasons Sagittarius’ Ruling Planet is Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of optimism and seizing new opportunities. Being bound by something is for Sagittarius’ not a thing in their quest of knowledge. As you can see there is a considerable amount of commonality between people with their Sun in Sagittarius and the planet Jupiter.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn

The Ruling Planet of Capricorn is Saturn, which is well fitting for people with their Sun in Capricorn. Capricorn’s are known to be patient and dedicated people, they also have a tremendous amount of perseverance. Capricorns set goals for themselves that they chase, with all their willpower. They continuously try to find new strategies and ways to reinvent themself because, giving up on these goals is just not in their playbook. The amount of dedication and perseverance they have also makes them stand out from their peers. People look up to Capricorns because, the type of drive they have is admirable. For this reason the planet Saturn rules Capricorns because, Saturn governs our discipline, structure and responsibility. Saturn influences by putting us in a position, where we have to take charge of the situation our self, this tests out our ability to deal with responsibility. As you can see the resemblance between people with their Sun in Capricorn and the planet Saturn is quite similar. 

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus

The Ruling Planet of Aquarius is Uranus, which perfectly fits someone with their Sun in Aquarius. Aquarius’ are known to be innovative and progressive people, they always strive to make advances. They like to see the world change for the better, and actively participate to make these changes a reality. Aquarius’ also have a quite empathetic side to them, and feel for their fellow humans. This why they’re also regarded to be humanitarians, they engage with others who are less unfortunate to try to make life better. This is among some of the advancements in the world, that Aquarius’ strive for. For these reasons the planet Uranus is considered to be the ruler of Aquarius. Uranus is the planet that rules over our willingness to strive for new opportunities and to remain optimistic, it guides us there by giving ourself a sense of purpose. Uranus is also they planet that governs our ethical and moral compass. Because Aquarius’ are considered to be humanitarians, these influences of Uranus are therefore prevalent. As you see there is a lot of commonality between someone with their Sun in Aquarius and the planet Uranus. 

Pisces is ruled by Neptune

The Ruling Planet of Pisces is Neptune, which perfectly suits someone with their Sun in Neptune. Pisces’ are known to be very intuitive and sensitive. Pisces rely on their intuition a great amount of times, more that all the other Zodiac Signs. This especially makes them very sensitive because, they don’t like to think too much about a situation. Instead they immediately jump to the feeling that their intuition gives them. The better side of this, is that is also makes them more empathetic of others. They’ve gotten so good at relying on their intuition when it comes to sensing being hurt, that they can also help others with this. If you turn to a Pisces for help, chances are that they will be able to understand your pain relatively quickly. For these reasons Pisces, is ruled by Neptune. Neptune is the planet that helps us escape from reality and allows us to explore the world in a dimension, that is personal to us. This dimension is made up from our own thoughts and emotions, we use this to understand the world around us. As you can see there is a considerable amount of similarities between people with their Sun is Pisces and the planet Neptune.

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