How your Leo Midheaven shapes your Career, Public Image & Activism


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What does Leo Midheaven mean?

Your Midheaven or Medium Coeli (“MC”) is the highest point in your birth chart, and guides you to your purpose in life. Therefore, your life’s purpose is seen as the highest point in your life. Your Midheaven is positioned in the 10th House: The House of Career & Public Standing. The 10th House is also called the House of Ambition and Aspiration. Because of your Midheaven’s position, it’s also ruled by the 10th House. The 10th House gives insight into your future career prospects, your public image, the power you hold over others and resources and your achievements. The result of this will be your material wealth as well as your status. 

Leos are known to be loyal, charismatic, passionate, a bit dramatic and they love the spotlight. These are the basic traits for the Sign Leo, we’ll be expanding on this to see how a Leo Midheaven shapes your career. The art here lies in the ability to interpret birth chart, and because we’re astrologers, we can see the outliers. 

Before we jump in to see how a Leo Midheaven affects, your career, public appearance and charitable feelings as well as your activism, let’s see what a Leo Midheaven is. A Leo Midheaven, is basically the term for the position of the Sign; Leo relative to your 10th House. As many of astrology-fanatics know, the Signs and the Houses in a birth chart change position 12 times a year. This way a Zodiac Month can start, many of you are familiar with the Zodiac Months e.g.: Leo season is from july23- august 22, or Scorpio season is from October 23rd-November 21st. When a Zodiac Month changes, the outer wheel of the birth chart consisting of the Zodiac Signs (e.g., Leo, Scorpio, Cancer) and the Houses rotates. Mathematically speaking it’s not that easy to come up, with the dates for Midheaven Signs. It’s a lot easier to come up with Sun Signs because, that tracks the position of the Sun. And every year we know, where the Sun is positioned relative to our Earth (that’s what months tell us). Read our article about the Midheaven here.

If you want to find your Midheaven Sign, you luckily don’t have to do all the math and astronomy homework. It’s a lot easier if a computer software program, like cafeastrology’s birth chart calculator does the math. Fill in your day of birth, your time of birth as well as your place of birth and click submit. After you’ve submitted your info, scroll down to the first table. Look for the 10th House (X), and look for the letters “MC”, the sign that is positioned here is your Midheaven Sign.  

Leo Midheaven's influence on your career

A Leo Midheaven means that your career, will definitely have to give you the ability to make use of who you are. Your career should be something you’re interested in, so you can be intrinsically motivated. Your career will have to call upon your loyalty and your fiery demeanor. The career you choose should embrace who you are, this way there is very little adjusting that you need to do before, you can get to work. When we talk about someone with a strong sense of loyalty, and a good sense of drive and passion for their work, we can think of certain professions. Professions such as lawyers, bankers, activists, marketing experts and salespersons. These people are very calculated in their arguments, they think very well before, they think. Everything they say or do has to benefit the purpose that they try to achieve. As a result of this they cat decisively, and use pressure to their advantage, this makes use of their fiery personality. They’re also loyal towards their clients, and treat their clients passionately. Another good part of having a Midheaven Leo, is that you can put your emotions into everything you do, thus making you seem dramatic. This isn’t a bad thing because, dramatizing a product benefits (marketeer) or someone’s struggles (activist) may help persuade others.

Careers for a Midheaven Leo: lawyers, bankers, activists, marketing experts and salespersons. 


Leo Midheaven's influence on Public Appearance

Your career will make out for a great deal how the public thinks of you. Like everything in life, professions also come with stigmas and assumptions. These stigmas and assumptions are based off of the qualities, the individuals have. This is not a bad thing because, to excel in a work field you do need to have certain personality traits as well as qualities. In the case of a Leo Midheaven their personality traits are loyalty, passion, dramatic and fiery demeanor. This is use this during your working hours as well, as their personal life. Eventually people think of a Leo Midheaven to be the ideal ride-or-die. The public sees you as someone who will stand up for others, and use your words correctly to persuade others to do the same. Your loyalty is known in your private circle, people know that they can trust you with their secrets and receive helpful advice from you. Your intelligence, combined with your emotional understanding and your loyalty, makes you the ideal friend or lover. Even though you’re strict at times, or give sharp criticism, you never do so with bad intentions. You want the best for those around you, that’s why you’re strict every now and then.

Leo Midheaven's influence on your Activism

People with a Leo Midheaven are also known to be charitable, and they like to engage in activism. Earlier in this blog we spoke about the loyal, passionate and dramatic Leo Midheaven. These are all good traits to have, when you want to help out the less fortunate or to stand up against for those who suffer. A Leo Midheaven does not and should not doubt putting their good qualities to use, for the benefit of someone they don’t know. With a Leo Midheaven you have the intelligence as well as the fire from within, to stand up for a goal that is bigger than you. You can get others to back you because, you have a great public appearance. People can be intrigued in what you say, and get convinced that supporting your goals, will benefit those who suffer. This makes you a good speaker at public rallies or protests. We also mentioned that a Leo Midheaven likes the spotlight: it gives them a platform to drive change. A Leo Midheaven loves the spotlight because, it gives them the ability to express concerns, come with solutions and to fight for change. This is also a good trait, that Leo Midheavens have, they like to use their spotlight to fight for others. 

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