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What are Lunar/ Moon Nodes?

The Moon’s Nodes or Lunar Nodes is a term used for the intersection of the Moon’s path around the Earth (the lunar path) & The Sun’s path (the ecliptic). During that time, it intersects with the Sun’s path also known as the ecliptic. An even simpler explanation would be that, the path of the Moon and the Sun, intersect twice at the Moon’s Nodes, this happens every 18 months. The Lunar Nodes of the Moon can be divided into the North Node and the South Node. 

The Lunar Nodes are concerned with your positive traits that you need to better, and the negative traits that you need to let go. The reason the Lunar Nodes have opposite meanings, is because they’re positioned in an Opposition. An opposition is an Astrological Aspect in your birth chart, that depicts a tension between two planets or in this case points, in your birth chart. Understanding the Opposition in your that is formed by your Lunar Nodes is important, so you can embark on a journey of self-improvement. Therefore, your Lunar Nodes can help you better who you are, and how the world sees you. 

Where you can find your North & South Node

Finding your North and South Node can be easy, using a computer software like cafeastrology’s birth chart calculator. Enter your birthdate, birthtime and birthplace and click submit. Your North Node can be found in the second table, in the last row: “N Node” and the House it’s in. Your South Node can be found in a table below, you’ll just have to scroll a bit. Look for” “South Node” in the South Node section. And you’ll see your South Node, and the House it’s in. 

After you’ve gathered your North and South Node, it’s time to look at what they mean. At this time, you should know, in what House of your birth chart, your North and South Node are located.  

What does the South Node depict?

Your South Node is your set of preferences, habits and rock-hard opinions. This part of you has been formed during your early childhood, and is very difficult to change. It’s your foundation and houses all of your skills, qualities and personality traits. You can count on this part of who you are, on a day-to-day basis to make decisions that benefit you. Your South Node portrays who you are, through your arguments, your tolerance, your aggression and your openness to others. These are the rather negative parts of who you are but, nevertheless they make up who you are. However, your South Node should not be used as an excuse for your bad behavior or your negative appearance to the world.  

Your South Node is everything you’ve become from the day you were born, to now. You’re core values and personality are housed in your South Node

Your South Node reveals your negative qualities to self-reflect and find ways to better yourself. Your South Node gives you specificity, as to how you may harm those around you with your words or your actions. For example, your South Node may reveal that you’re too outspoken on certain topics. To you this outspoken demeanor may be considered to be a good trait of yours but, to others it might be quite hurtful. Your South Node gives you the ability to see the effects of your actions and words. Because, your South Node has been forming since your earliest day, you may find it hard to change your personality so drastically. If someone told you, that you’re too intolerant of others, it would take you quite some time to fix this about you. The goal of your South Node, isn’t to change who you are but, to take a better look at yourself and find a better way to appear to the world. 

The position of your South Node is one the 12 Houses, will have significant influence on you. The reason there are only keywords below, is because this should be a moment of self-reflection not dramatic change. Below you will find the most common traits, for someone with their South Node in a particular House. 


Note: Your North Node and South Node lie opposite each other. That’s why we’ll also mention, the corresponding North Node here. Scroll down to the North Node, to see what they mean for you 

South Node in 1st House (and North Node in 7th House)  

Putting yourself before others too often, impatient and not thinking before you say something. 

South Node in 2nd House (and North Node in 8th House) 

Greedy, focused on materialistic goods, speaking before you think, manipulator. 

South Node in 3rd House (and North Node in 9th House) 

Not caring about vulnerable friends, too sarcastic about real problems and not someone to be counted on. 

South Node in 4th House (and North Node in 10th House) 

Tunnel vision, intolerant, inconsiderate of others their emotions and too focused on gaining power. 

South Node in 5th House (and North Node in 11th House) 

Attachment issues, show-off, lack of care about others their opinions and cocky. 

South Node in 6th House (and North Node in 12th House) 

Focused on small issues, micro manager, amplifying small problems into bigger problems and always disagreeing. 

South Node in 7th House (and North Node in 1st House) 

People pleaser, wants to outdo everyone, at odds with almost every person and tries to trick people too often. 

South Node in 8th House (and North Node in 2nd House) 

Picky, always wants to be in control, in constant need of the last say and breaker of rules.  

South Node in 9th House (and North Node in 3rd House) 

Think that they’re better than everyone, huge ego, lack of self-consciousness and overbearing. 

South Node in 10th House (and North Node in 4th House) 

Rough, grumpy, like to show that they’re powerful, ruthless and competitive. 

South Node in 11th House (and North Node in 5th House) 

Inferior feelings, exclusion from others, self-reliant and focused on the inner-self 

South Node in 12th House (and North Node in 6th House) 

Rebel, takes action before thing of a plan, doesn’t deal in reality and unpredictable.  

What does the North Node depict?

Your North Node is mainly concerned with the future and the time ahead of you. This is new to you, as a result of this you may find it difficult to navigate and to understand it. Your South Node wants you to reflect on who you are, and your North Node wants you to explore a new dimension of who you are. Your North Node prepares you for a time to be hopeful, and progressive. Whenever you focus on your North Node’s meaning you may it difficult to relate to it. This is not a bad thing because, it describes your future. 

Your North is what you’re going to become, the person you’ll be in the future. Your North Node brings hope and prospect.

Just like the South Node, your North Node also tells you about your future-self in keywords. Your North Node is described in keywords because, it prepares you for the future. And predicts the person you’ll become as you mature. 

Note: Your North Node and South Node lie opposite each other. That’s why we’ll also mention, the corresponding South Node here. Scroll down to the South Node, to see what they mean for you. 

North Node in 1st House (and South Node in 7th House) 

Popular, spontaneous, full of life, charismatic and first mover. 

North Node in 2nd House (and South Node in 8th House) 

Persevering, dedicated, can take uncertainties away, a rock to be leaned on and smart with money. 

North Node in 3rd House (and South Node in 9th House) 

Intelligent, always open for new knowledge, adventurous, people person and good communicator. 

North Node in 4th House (and South Node in 10th House) 

Loyal, caring, thoughtful, emotionally intelligent, considerate of others and empathizing. 

North Node in 5th House (and South Node in 11th House) 

Passionate, open about their feelings, artsy, good in companionship and unique. 

North Node in 6th House (and South Node in 12th House) 

Good in teams, good morals, ethical, high standards and wants to help others. 

North Node in 7th House (and South Node in 1st House) 

Compliant, loyal, a lover that cares about their partner and seeks balance. 

North Node in 8th House (and South Node in 2nd House) 

Data driven, good with numbers, logical, rational and fearless. 

North Node in 9th House (and South Node in 3rd House) 

Likes to see the world as it should be, focuses on the future, maintains knowledge and is open to new experiences. 

North Node in 10th House (and South Node in 4th House) 

High-achiever, passionate, likes to have responsibilities, likes to be challenged and opportunist. 

North Node in 11th House (and South Node in 5th House) 

Tolerant, open to outsiders, engages in conservations with anyone and people person. 

North Node in 12th House (and South Node in 6th House) 

Loving towards everyone, deep learners, full of sympathy and wants to help others overcome fears. 

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