Gemini Midheaven's Influence on your Career & Publicity (2023)


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What's a Gemini Midheaven?

Your Midheaven or Medium Coeli (“MC”) is one of the four angles in your birth chart, which has a major influence on your during certain stages of your life. Your Midheaven and the other angles namely: your Ascendant, Descendant and Imum Coeli dictate major events in your life. The combined powers of the 4 angles, decide what you need to learn about yourself when you get to these angles. 

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Your Midheaven has a major influence on your Career and your Public image. The reason for this lies in the fact that your Midheaven is ruled by the 10th House in your birth chart. The 10th House is The House of Career and Public image and will play a major part in helping you make the right decisions career-wise. The vast knowledge your 10th House carries can be underlined by the fact that it’s built on the prior 9 Houses. This means that your 10th House utilizes everything you’ve learned throughout your life, think of all the mistakes you’ve made or your education. All of these experiences lie at the foundation of who you are and will play a key role in what your current interests are as well as your career decisions. 

Before we get into how your Gemini Midheaven affects your Career and Public Image, we’ll talk about where you can find your Gemini Midheaven. Finding your Gemini Midheaven is quite easy through computer software programs, like cafeastrology’s birth chart calculator. All you have to do is enter your birthdate, birthtime and birthplace. Make sure to enter your correct birthtime because this might result in giving you the wrong Midheaven. Your Midheaven is strongly influenced by the position of the Sun. If you were born during the day, your Midheaven Sign is the same as your Sun Sign. If you were born at night your Midheaven may be another sign. After you’ve filled in everything click submit. As a result of this you should see a table, search for the roman numeral “X”. This “X MC” means the 10th House, along with your Midheaven. Your Midheaven and your 10th House Sign are the same. If you see a Libra Sign in this table, this article will provide you with a lot of self-discovering thoughts. 

Gemini Midheaven's influence on your Career

Your Gemini Midheaven is influenced by the 10th House, which rules over your Career. That’s why your Midheaven can have a significant influence on your Career. A Gemini Midheaven is known to very progressive and flexible in their career. They’re keen on switching jobs and cities, to keep things fresh in their life. A Gemini Midheaven doesn’t like to be bound to a company or a place for too long. Their idea of living life to the fullest, is constantly switching work cultures, environments and job roles. They want to explore all their career options, so they’re never held back by assumptions or bad judgements. 

A Gemini Midheaven has a very positive and optimistic look at the way their life should go, this translates into their career prospects. Gemini Midheavens also have their sense of progression to thank for the job they take because it allows them to innovate. They look for jobs that create real value and have a real impact on bettering the world. If a Gemini can find this is their job, they become satisfied for the time-being. This job will not be permanent because they like to switch jobs so frequently. A good pro of job-hopping is that they get to see a certain industry from all angles, this gives them a major advantage in terms of knowledge and experience. 

Gemini Midheavens don’t like to be tied down in their careers, to them if feels like putting a damper on their capabilities. They want to go out of their way, to create value, and impact different companies. This is good for their knowledge and experience because they get to be exposed to many work environments, cultures, processes and projects. 

Careers for Gemini Midheaven: Scientist, Engineer, Activist and Marketeer. 

What should you look for in a Career as a Gemini Midheaven? 

As a Gemini Midheaven you’re most fitting for a job that allows you to create new products or services and to innovate. This freedom to navigate without borders unleashes your creative and progressive demeanor. You have an eye for aspects of a product that aren’t right, and you’re keen on improving it. When you’re not allowed to give your creative input, you don’t feel at home. You’ll feel much better in a career that allows you to give your own ideas, and to produce a plan to realize these ideas. 

Gemini Midheaven's influence on your Public Image

As a Gemini Midheaven you’re progressive and innovative, this means that you want the world to move forward. People see you as a very contemporary person, someone who isn’t particularly at home in current times. You don’t see the world as it is but as you think it should be. You also use this perception in your arguments with people, to remind them of societal issues instead of taking comfort in the current times. This fits perfectly with your career because it allows you to network with the right people. Just like you work for an innovative company, your network is also comprised of innovative people. You don’t want to get used to things or habits in our current time: you want to make it better.

 The people around you have noticed this flexible and progressive mindset of yours and are always curious to hear what you have to say. Because your way of thinking is so niche, most of the people in your company have never thought like you. This allows you to change their mind and their perceptions, through your convincing demeanor. As a Gemini Midheaven you’re very forward thinking, which allows you to give people a glimpse into the future. This allows you to differentiate yourself from other people who only focus on what’s going on today, without thinking of the long-term impacts. 

Gemini Midheaven's influence on your Activism

Your Gemini Midheaven allows you to fight for a world that should be better in a lot of aspects. Your desire for progression and advancement is one of your strengths, it drives you forward to keep putting in the work. This allows you to be a voice for people who are suppressed or always negatively affected. You can use your progressive voice to fight for equality between races, sexes, and age groups. 

Some might consider you to be quite the fighter because you never seem to stop bringing up how unequal the world can be. You also like to use your progressive thoughts to advocate for a better planet, and better care for animals. You find it necessary that the world functions in a way which provides a haven for everyone and everything. You think of the world as our home, and we should be able to live purposeful and fruitful lives. 

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