How your Libra Midheaven influences your Career, Public Image & Activism


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  1. What’s a Libra Midheaven?
  2. Libra Midheaven’s influence on your Career
  3. What you should look for in your Career as a Libra Midheaven
  4. Libra Midheaven’s influence on your Public Image
  5. Libra Midheaven’s influence on your Activism

What's a Libra Midheaven?

Your Midheaven (“MC”) is one of the 4 angles in your birth chart, that all have a significant influence on you during 4 major stages of your life. The 4 angles are: (1) Ascendant, (2) Imum Coeli, (3) Descendant and your (4) Midheaven. All of these angles are ruled by one the Houses in your birth chart, that’s why they influence important stages of your life. Your Ascendant is ruled by the 1st House, your Imum Coeli is ruled by the 4th House, your Descendant is ruled by the 7th House and your Midheaven is ruled by the 10th House.  

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Your Midheaven (“MC”) is the highest point in your birth chart, and is often regarded as the best part of your life. By the time your Midheaven starts to influence you, you already have a considerable part of your life behind you. Your Midheaven starts to impact you when your life enters your 10th House. Your 10th House is the House of Career and Public Image. You start your Career only after you’ve had a lot of ups and downs in your life. The ups and downs have given you the ability to deal with tumultuous times and bad people. All of this knowledge combined with the experience in your work field, will define your success in your Career. Simply put: your Midheaven/ 10th House builds on all of the previous 9 Houses in your Birth Chart. 

Before we jump into what a Libra Midheaven means, let’s talk about where you can find your Midheaven. Finding you Midheaven is a bit easier these days with computer software programs, like cafeastrology’s birth chart calculator. Just entire your birthdate, birthtime and birthplace and click submit. For accuracy’s sake please enter your correct birthtime. If were born during the day, your Sun Sign is the same as your Midheaven, and if you were born at night, it could be anything else. So please enter your correct birthtime, it will matter a lot. 

A Libra Midheaven is someone who is connected with a vast network of people, they always have the right person to contact. They look for clarity where others aren’t looking, they’re also creative and secretive. Their partner adores their passion and dedication.

Libra Midheaven's influence on your Career

Your Libra Midheaven does influence your Career, and this happens through the ruling of the 10th House. Your Libra Midheaven guides you towards a fulfilling life, where you can help shape the world the way you think it should be. Fortunately for a Libra Midheaven this isn’t out of their grasp because of their high intelligence. Their intelligence gives them the ability to understand complex topics, and to come up with creative solutions. Major societal and personal issues are for a Libra Midheaven, just a matter of time before they solve it. The same goes for problems they encounter as a part of their job. A Libra Midheaven has an internal drive (perseverance) that keeps their head in the game, which allows them to reach targets. Amongst their colleagues they’re seen as the backbone of the entire company or team. Whenever someone makes a mistake they can turn to a Libra Midheaven, for advice on solutions or criticism to prevent it from happening again. Therefore, a Libra Midheaven can be seen as a seasoned colleague who knows the ins and outs of their job or work field. A Libra Midheaven’s day-to-day work focusses a lot on solving problems for clients, that can’t solve their own problems. A job in the service sector seems to be most fitting for someone with a Libra Midheaven, this gives them the ability to continuously interact with other people. Because Libra Midheavens are versatile, jobs that allow them to utilize their intelligence, maturity, empathy and conversational skills are most fitting for them. 

Careers for a Libra Midheaven: Lawyer, Accountant, Counselor or Personal Assistant 

What should you look for in your Career as a Libra Midheaven? 

As a Libra Midheaven you should definitely look for a career, that allows you to put your knowledge and your values to use. Because Libra Midheaven are driven by their genuine passions and interests, they find it difficult to operate in a field just for the money. A Libra Midheaven wants to get things done, and wants to help people. They’re full of solutions and skills, and find it satisfying to put these skills to use. 

Libra Midheaven's influence on your Public Image

Like we stated before a Libra Midheaven is intelligent, well spoken, empathetic and mature. People like to be around a Libra Midheaven to exchange thoughts or to discuss important topics. Whenever a Libra Midheaven enters a room, people are always keen on hearing what they have to say about the topics that are being discussed. Their intelligence and their mindset keep producing valuable feedback and criticism. When a Libra Midheaven says that something is not right with an argument or solutions, people get their notebooks out to write their solution down. Because people know that a Libra Midheaven is well-equipped with knowledge and experience, they want to stay in contact with them. Libra Midheavens are seen as the pinnacle of strategic intentions (with their sharp words and intelligence), combined with empathy (their understanding for others). A Libra Midheaven is also noticed for their lavish style, and luxurious lifestyle. They work very hard to buy the things that they like, or that describe them in the best way. This is also fitting for a Libra Midheaven, their intelligence allows them to make leave good impressions on other people. 

TIP: If you ever want to befriend a Libra Midheaven, make sure that you use the right number of opinions combined with factual arguments. A Libra Midheaven is impressed with your own input only if it’s based on a factual statistic. 

Libra Midheaven's influence on your Activism

A Libra Midheaven is well-connected meaning that they have a vast network of people they can contact whenever they encounter a problem. They also use their network to help others, that encounter a specific problem. Like we mentioned before Libra Midheaven are intelligent and well-spoken, however they can’t solve problems if these don’t fall in their work field. This isn’t a problem for a Libra Midheaven because, they have the right person in their contact list to call for a solution. They employ their network to help serve justice and to get people out of unfortunate situations. A Libra Midheaven is completely aware of their capabilities, they know that what they do can mean a lot to people who really need it. That’s why a Libra Midheaven doesn’t hesitate to speak their voice about a societal problem that needs to be fixed. The cherry on top is that they don’t only speak about the problem they also go out of their way to solve it. 

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