How your Sagittarius Midheaven influences your Career, Public image & Activism


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What does Sagittarius Midheaven mean?

Your Midheaven or Medium Coeli (“MC”) is one the major angles in your birth chart, which influences major stages in your life. Your Midheaven stands alongside your Ascendant, your Descendant and your Imum Coeli. All of these angles have different impacts on you, and play significant roles during particular stages of your life. For example, your Midheaven focusses on your career specifically, and how your career path will take shape during your life. 

Each of the angles in your birth chart (AscendantImum CoeliDescendant and Midheaven) is ruled by one of the Houses in your birth chart. Because of this governing effect, this angle influences you. Your Midheaven is ruled by the 10th House in your birth chart, therefore your Midheaven influences the type of Career you choose, and how the public sees you. This is why it’s important to understand what your Midheaven means.  

Your Midheaven is the highest point in your birth chart, and is therefore considered to be the pinnacle of your life. The moment your Midheaven starts to influence you, it’s only after a considerable portion of your life is behind you. Like many of you know, your birth chart depicts the various stages in your life. In your 10th House you’ve already passed 9 other Houses. This means that you’re full of wisdom, knowledge and experience. With all of this, you feel much better equipped to understand who you are, and how you fit in the world.  

Finding your Midheaven can be relatively easy with computer software life cafeastrology’s birth chart calculator. Just fill in your birthdate, birth time and birthplace. Please beware that you fill in your correct birth time, as this will have a big impact on what your Midheaven Sign is. For example, if you were born during the day your Sun Sign and your Midheaven Sign are the same. If you were born at night your Sun Sign and your Midheaven Sign will be different. After you clicked submit, scroll down to the 2nd table and look for “X MC”. The “X” stands for your 10th House which rules your Midheaven (“MC”). If the Sign assigned to your “X MC” is Sagittarius, then this article will provide you with self-discovering knowledge.  

Your Sagittarius Midheaven's influence on your Career

Like mentioned before your Sagittarius Midheaven has a significant influence on the type of career you choose. Someone with a Sagittarius Midheaven like to utilize their explorative and adventurous side in their career. This means that you like to job-hop to find new opportunities, and to discover new challenges to overcome. Someone with a Sagittarius Midheaven is extremely intelligent, and is always seeking for new knowledge. This is why they want to experience so many different career paths, as it broadens their horizons. They want to explore new work cultures, work processes and professional insights. Their curiosity always leads them towards the most interesting job opportunities. 

Apart from exploring new job opportunities, someone with a Sagittarius Midheaven also like to be adventurous within their current job. They like to involved in the innovation processes of new products or new projects. Whatever makes a Sagittarius Midheaven look beyond their current horizon excites them. Alongside their adventurous demeanor, a Sagittarius Midheaven also likes to travel for work. They like to meet colleagues from different offices around the world, and to see how those colleagues do their work. This makes a Sagittarius Midheaven take a deeper dive into their more exploratory persona, while they travel for work. A job with a lot of travel may also be something exciting for a Sagittarius Midheaven. This allows them to see a new city every single time they travel for work and to meet the people that consider said city home.  

What to look for in a Career as a Sagittarius Midheaven?

Look for a job that allows you to work on multiple projects in different cities. This allows you to explore your explorative side in both your career as well as your personal life. A Sagittarius Midheaven is adventurous, so finding a job that allows them to satisfy this need, is crucial. 

Your Sagittarius Midheaven's influence on your Public image

Someone with a Sagittarius Midheaven is seen as a very explorative person, that is keen on gathering knowledge. A Sagittarius Midheaven is open to new experiences with other employers as well as within their current company. They want to be exposed to new experiences in other offices of the company around the world, or new projects that the company is undertaking. They’re not keen on having a predictable life, they want to undertake new opportunities, and the risks that come with these opportunities. A Sagittarius Midheaven feels energized and satisfied, when no day in their career is like the previous ones before. The people around someone with a Sagittarius Midheaven see them as someone, that likes to take on new challenges. 

They’re also seen as people that have control in their life because, they’re so active in deciding which direction their life goes. Someone with a Sagittarius Midheaven is therefore inspiring the people around them, to take on new opportunities in their career or to be active in new projects. Someone with a Sagittarius Midheaven can give great insight into, how someone can shape the course of their career to reflect their own interests. According to a Sagittarius Midheaven your job should be an activity you like undertaking because, it’s an extension of who you are. Your characteristics and your job’s characteristics are almost interchangeable. 


Your Sagittarius Midheaven's influence on your Activism

Someone with a Sagittarius Midheaven has a major influence on how actively engaged you are in your community. Someone with a Sagittarius Midheaven likes to give motivational speeches to others, which allows them to take action in their life. Someone with a Sagittarius Midheaven is keen on helping others shape who they are, so they can be the best version of themself. They do this by engaging in deep conversations with people, and to make others take a deep look at who they truly are. This makes someone feel supported and understood, all of which a Sagittarius Midheaven is good at. 

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