How your Pisces Midheaven influences your Career, Public image & Activism

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What's a Pisces Midheaven?

Your Midheaven or Medium Coeli (“MC”) is one the major angles in your birth chart, which influences major stages in your life. Your Midheaven stands alongside your Ascendant, your Descendant and your Imum Coeli. All of these angles have different impacts on you, and play significant roles during particular stages of your life. For example, your Descendant plays an important role in your Dating Life. It dictates what you look for in a relationship, the type of person your attracted to and the type of person that complements you.

Each of the angles in your birth chart (Ascendant, Imum Coeli, Descendant and Midheaven) is ruled by one of the Houses in your birth chart. Because of this governing effect, this angle influences you. Your Midheaven is ruled by the 10th House in your birth chart, therefore your Midheaven influences the type of Career you choose, and how the public sees you. This is why it’s important to understand what your Midheaven means.  

Your Midheaven is the highest point in your birth chart, and is therefore considered to be the high point of your life. The moment your Midheaven starts to influence you, it’s only after a considerable portion of your life is behind you. Like many of you know, your birth chart depicts the various stages in your life. In your 10th House you’ve already passed 9 other Houses. This means that you’re full of wisdom, knowledge and experience. With all of this, you feel much better equipped to understand who you are, and how you fit in the world. 

Finding your Midheaven can be relatively easy with computer software life cafeastrology’s birth chart calculator. Just fill in your birthdate, birth time and birthplace. Please beware that you fill in your correct birth time, as this will have a big impact on what your Midheaven Sign is. For example, if you were born during the day your Sun Sign and your Midheaven Sign are the same. If you were born at night your Sun Sign and your Midheaven Sign will be different. After you clicked submit, scroll down to the 2nd table and look for “X MC”. The “X” stands for your 10th House which rules your Midheaven (“MC”). If the Sign assigned to your “X MC” is Pisces, then this article will provide you with self-discovering knowledge. 

Pisces Midheaven's influence on your career

As we stated be before your Pisces Midheaven will have a significant influence on your Career because, it’s ruled by the 10th House. Someone with a Pisces Midheaven is looking for independence and freedom in their career. They want to be able to decide how they go about reaching organizational targets as well as they amount of creativity that they incorporate in their work. Someone with a Pisces Midheaven doesn’t appreciate it when others interfere in their daily tasks. They want to be left to their own devices so, they can in relax and take action. 

Someone with a Pisces Midheaven is also keen challenging their individual capabilities, and the number of responsibilities they can handle on their own. They’re not keen on working in teams because, they believe that they work better alone. If they’re alone to get tasks completed, they feel like their free to make mistakes without someone judging them. Someone with a Pisces Midheaven has high intelligence and a good amount of discipline. They don’t need others to remind them of tasks that need completion, or clients that need to be called. They can be relied upon to deliver on their promises, and to do their job without a hitch. 

Careers for a Pisces Midheaven: data analyst, librarian, accountant or web developer.

What you should look for in your career as someone w/a Pisces Midheaven

A person with a Pisces Midheaven should look for a career that allows you to complete tasks in ways that you find best. Perhaps an employer that is so impressed by your intelligence and discipline, that they don’t feel the need to micro-manage you. They know that leaving you to do your “magic” is the best way for you function. This doesn’t mean that you should look for a boss, that isn’t interested at all in what you do. The occasional checkup, is still greatly appreciated by someone with a Pisces Midheaven. 

Pisces Midheaven influence on your public image

Your Pisces Midheaven also has a significant influence on how the world looks at you. Someone with a Pisces Midheaven is seen as independent and self-motivated. The people around you are impressed by your ability to keep a cool head, and to figure things out on yourself. This is mainly driven by your intelligence and your sharp thoughts. Someone with a Pisces Midheaven also has a strong will, that clearly states their likes and dislikes. The people around a Pisces Midheaven are impressed by their independence, self-reliance and intelligence. It seems like a Pisces Midheaven is a mix of the best ingredients for success in their career as well as in their personal life. To the outside world it seems, like a Pisces Midheaven can sort anything out, and it also seems like they got their life figured out. 

People look towards someone with a Pisces Midheaven for advice on how to keep a clear head and to be independent. Not only that, the public is also intrigued by their ability to be self-driven and self-reliant. It’s like someone with a Pisces Midheaven never seeks the approval of others, and has the ability to keep focused on being who they are. This is why many people consider someone with a Pisces Midheaven to have a strong character.

Pisces Midheaven's influence on your activism

Your Pisces Midheaven also influences how actively engaged you are in helping those around you (that are less fortunate). Your willingness to be of us e to others, gives a good look into who you are as a person. Therefore, when looking at someone with a Pisces Midheaven you’ll notice hints of their willingness to help others. They like to sign up for programs that are aimed at helping people, they do volunteer work and they’re also frequent helpers in their community. Apart from their charitable side, they’re also activists and like to participate in marches and protests. The key in all of this, is that someone with a Pisces Midheaven partakes in all these actions not for their own gain but, for the benefit of others. 

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