Scorpio Midheaven's influence on your Career, Public image & Activism


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What's a Scorpio Midheaven?

Your Scorpio Midheaven indicates the position of Midheaven, with respect to the Signs. Basically the position of your Midheaven on the day you were born. If you have a Scorpio Midheaven, this means that on your birthdate The Sign: Scorpio was present in the Midheaven.

Your Midheaven or Medium Coeli (“MC”) is one the major angles in your birth chart, which influences major stages in your life. Your Midheaven stands alongside your Ascendant, your Descendant and your Imum Coeli. All of these angles have different impacts on you, and play significant roles during particular stages of your life. For example, the moment you were born, your Ascendant Sign started to have influence on you. Your Ascendant is concerned with your early childhood life as well as your early experiences.  

Each of the angles in your birth chart (AscendantImum CoeliDescendant and Midheaven) is ruled by one of the Houses in your birth chart. Because of this governing effect, this angle influences you. Your Midheaven is ruled by the 10th House in your birth chart, therefore your Midheaven influences the type of Career you choose, and how the public sees you. This is why it’s important to understand what your Midheaven means.  

Your Midheaven is the highest point in your birth chart, and is therefore considered to be the pinnacle of your life. The moment your Midheaven starts to influence you, it’s only after a considerable portion of your life is behind you. Like many of you know, your birth chart depicts the various stages in your life. In your 10th House you’ve already passed 9 other Houses. This means that you’re full of wisdom, knowledge and experience. With all of this, you feel much better equipped to understand who you are, and how you fit in the world.  

Finding your Midheaven can be relatively easy with computer software like cafeastrology’s birth chart calculator. Just fill in your birthdate, birth time and birthplace. Please beware that you fill in your correct birth time, as this will have a big impact on what your Midheaven Sign is. For example, if you were born during the day your Sun Sign and your Midheaven Sign are the same. If you were born at night your Sun Sign and your Midheaven Sign will be different. After you clicked submit, scroll down to the 2nd table and look for “X MC”. The “X” stands for your 10th House which rules your Midheaven (“MC”). If the Sign assigned to your “X MC” is Scorpio, then this article will provide you with self-discovering knowledge.  

Scorpio Midheaven's influence on your Career

Like we stated before your Midheaven Sign has a significant influence on your career because, it’s ruled by your 10th House. Someone with a Scorpio Midheaven is interested in a career full of thrill which picks their brain. They like to be investigative in their work to unravel complex cases or to solve big problems. Someone with a Scorpio Midheaven is therefore keen on getting challenged intellectually. They want their job to be a representation of who they are at their truest core. They’re comprised of multiple layers that aren’t easy to decipher and quite complex to understand. This is also what they expect from their career: full of complexity and challenges. 

Someone with a Scorpio Midheaven also likes to take risks in their career, they like to leave the shore without knowing what lies ahead.  They like to embark on career paths and projects without knowing how it might turn out. This isn’t surprising for them because, they feel thrilled to expect the unexpected. They want to lead a life full of new moments, and without living the same day over and over again. For someone with a Scorpio Midheaven, their career should present a lot of variation, risk and excitement. If their current job doesn’t have any of these aspects, they’re likely to just quit it. 

Careers for a Scorpio: Banker, Captain of a ship or airplane, Detective or Company executive.

What should you look for in a career, w/a a Scorpio Midheaven?

Look for a career that allows you explore the side of you that takes risks and that lovers variation. Your job shouldn’t be predictable, everyday needs to different and bring new challenges. This allows you to gather experience from multiple roles, events and projects. Because of your intelligence you won’t it to be a big issue to deal with new challenges. And if there ever are difficult problems, you’ve never hesitated to ask for help. Your career should also allow you to be investigative, so you find answers and solutions to problems. 


Scorpio Midheaven's influence on your Public image

Someone with a Scorpio Midheaven is seen as mysterious and full of twists. They’re always doing something new, that is complex to understand by the people around them. The people around them appreciate them for their hard work, and ability to fulfill their dreams. Someone with a Scorpio Midheaven does this by keeping their head in the game, and staying true to who they are. And to say the least they’re successful at doing this because, they have good jobs and are paid quite well. The people around a Scorpio Midheaven have also noticed their risky aspects. Their ability to set on new journeys without knowing what lies ahead is impressive, and rare. For someone to throw everything they have into something mew, without knowing what lies ahead is unique. People with a Scorpio Midheaven know that they can rely on their intelligence, knowledge and experience so that’s why they’re keen on chasing the unknown. 

Scorpio Midheaven's influence on your Activism

Someone with a Scorpio Midheaven also has a more charitable dimension to their personality. They like to lend a hand to others by giving them advice or helping them solve problems. They also to stand up for others by using their network, intelligence and problem-solving skills for the greater good. People with a Scorpio Midheaven also like be the charitable by helping in food pantries or by donating to charities.  

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