Top 7 Online Places to get a Free Birth Chart w/ Interpretations


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  1. (w/ interpretations)
  3. (w/ interpretations) 
  5. Hint (IOS)
  6. Astrolink (Android)
  7. Astromatrix (Android)

What's a birth chart & why should you get it?

Many of your astrology-lovers, like to scroll the internet looking for your birth chart. This is often the first step you have to take, when discovering who you are in astrology. Your birth chart is a snap shot of the celestial bodies’ (planets, meteorites & asteroids) position relative to the Earth, on the day you were born. Therefore, the position of the celestial bodies on your birthday will dictate what type of personality you have (your Sun Sign’s job) or what will happen during the stages of your life (The Houses in your birth chart’s job). For anyone that is into astrology or trying to get into astrology, the first step to take is knowing your birth chart. 

For this list of the best places to get a free birth chart, we’ll use renowned sites and apps. This way we can recommend accurate birth charts, so you can get a better understanding of what makes you, you. Before we jump in, we’d also like to mention that astrological ways is in no way connected or affiliated with any of these websites or apps. This means that our cookie and privacy policy doesn’t apply when you leave this site.  

Another big mention before, you jump to the list. Some of these websites and apps ask you for some pretty private info like your birthplace. In astrology it’s necessary to know someone’s birthplace, so the sky on the birthday relative to their location can be calculated properly. This means that these websites gather your name, birthdate, birthplace and email-address. Although it’s necessary for birth chart calculators to ask this, you still should look into their privacy policies. 

The first 4 sources are websites that directly provide you with your birth chart. And the last 3 are apps on Android and IOS, that give more info about your birth chart. These resources are judged: (1) by whether you have to submit an email address before, you get the birth chart. (2) And if the birth charts provide you with an interpretation or not.

The best free birth chart calculator online, is by far the one from Many of our astrologers always like to grab this birth chart calculator because of its ease to use.  

Pros: (1) You don’t have to enter an email, (2) All of the Planetary positions in the Signs & Houses are sorted in a table, (3) Comes with interpretations. 

Cons: The interpretations don’t really go that deep. You can avert this by doing your own interpretations. Look up on google or an astrology website you trust, what something that you see, means. is a revered site that has a lot of high-quality astrology content, curated by real astrologers. They’ve been around for quite some time, so it’s safe to say that they’re the real deal. The same goes for their birth chart calculator. 

Pros: You don’t have to enter an email. 

Cons: Might not be suitable for beginners because, it has no interpretations.

Amongst real astrology fanatics the IOS, Android & Web version of Co-Stars’ birth chart calculator, have been favorites for quite some time. We also have a bit of a keen to their birth chart because, of their aesthetically pleasing look. 

Pros: Gives birth chart picture and interpretations, this makes it suitable for beginners that just want to read interpretations. It’s also suitable for advanced birth chart readers, that want to interpret their birth chart on their own. 

Cons: Kinda forces you to put your email. is kind of an old-school birth chart calculator. They take pride in their simplicity and retro vibe. This doesn’t mean that their birth chart isn’t any good, after all they’ve been around for so long. 

Pros: The birth chart itself is quite accurate, and can be used for self-interpretation without a hitch. (2) You don’t have to enter an email address. 

Cons: The interpretations are a bit simplistic and not everything is covered. It’d be best that you try others birth chart calculators for better interpretations. 

Hint (IOS App)

Hint is only available on IOS phones: it allows you to save your account data to refer to your birth chart whenever you like. This app also allows you to read daily horoscopes and astrology updates, that are based on your birth chart. This makes it much easies to get personalized info about your own birth chart.

Pros: Gives the entire picture aside from just a birth chart, like your daily horoscope and astrology updates. 

Cons: It’s an app only available on phones with IOS.

Astrolink (Android App)

Astrolink is kind of the all-in-one astrology app. It provides more functions that just getting your birth chart, too much even. If you’re just looking for your birth chart, this app is unnecessary. But if you’re a beginner that wants to get into astrology, and is also interested in seeing how your birth chart ties in with the rest of astrology, this is a great option. 

Pros: Good for beginners, that want to have more than just their birth chart. The app also provides love compatibility, horoscopes and tarot. 

Cons: Too much features, if you’re solely looking for your birth chart. 

AstroMatrix (Android App)

AstroMatrix is for astrology fans that have a more fundamental understanding of astrology. What is meant by this, is that you have a general understanding of what the planets do but, not specific enough to narrow down their influence on you. This app can be a great help with that. It allows you to expand on your birth chart, so your daily horoscope is perfectly tied with what your birth chart depicts. 

Pros: Shows relationship between birth chart and daily horoscope in a much more defined way. 

Cons: Requires some real dedication and daily commitment from you. Only then can you see what your birth chart means for you on a day-to-day basis. 

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