How your Birth Chart reveals Important Details about your Love Life


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What's a Birth Chart?

Your birth chart is a snapshot of the sky on the day you were born. This means that your birth chart depicts the position of all the planets, meteorites and asteroids relative to the Earth on your birthday. These positions are important because, the energies of the all of the celestial bodies determine what type of personality you have. The energies will also determine what happens to you, during certain stages in your life. To anyone that is interested in discovering who they are (their personality or their preferences) or if their curious about what lays ahead in their life; their birth chart could provide answers. 

In a basic way your birth chart does two things. Firstly, it reveals what type of personality you have, through the Zodiac Signs. And secondly, it reveals what will happen to you during the major stages of your life, through the Houses.  

The reasons you’d want to understand your birth chart could be quite extensive but, there are a few key reasons for understanding your birth chart. The first reason: you should interpret your birth chart so you can understand the type of personality that you have. For example, someone whose very introverted may not see it as that bad of a thing. However, the people around them, consider them to be too mysterious and question whether the person even wants to friends (this is a Scorpio trait). As you can see there is a major difference in perspectives here, if you understand your persona, you can work on this. The second reason, for interpreting your birth chart is so can understand what will happen during various major stages in your life. The Houses in your birth chart provide you with revelations about your life path. For example, people that will embark on their new career should try to look towards the 10th House: The House of Career & Public Image for revelations about their career. This will allow you to see what you need to look for in a career or what types of your personality you should utilize during your career.  

In this article we’ll be looking at which parts of the birth chart actually talk about our love life. We’ll give you directions as to where you should look and how you should interpret your birth chart, if you want revelations about your love life. This article will be answering 2 important questions in regards to your love life:  

1. What type of personality do you have when you’re in love, and where does your birth chart depict this? 

2. What do you look for in a partner, and where does your birth chart depict this? 

How your Venus Sign dictates the type of personality you have, when you're in love

If you’re interested in your Love Personality you should look for the position of your Venus (: the position of the planet Venus in your birth chart). The planet Venus is also known as the Goddess of Love because, it rules over our love life. Interpreting your Venus Sign could give indications about: how you express romantical interest, if you easily fall in love or if how hard of fighter you are to keep your relationship. Look up what your Venus Sign is here. After you’ve fetched your Venus Sign it’s time to look at what part of love personality, is ruled for a great part by the position of your Venus. 

Your Venus Sign reveals the type of personality you have when you’re in love: your love personality.

The meaning of all of Venus’ positions

Venus in Aries, you are someone that falls in love with someone’s true core. This means that you don’t like when your lover puts up a facade or lies to you. For this reason, you also like to fall in love with people on the first sight. 

Venus in Taurus, you like to be earthy and slow in your love life. This means that you like to explore and uncover all of the dimensions of your lover’s personality, at a slow pace. You don’t like to rush things in your life and always enjoys the current times in your relationship.  

Venus in Gemini, your mind doesn’t always think about who you should fall in love with & when you should fall in love. You want the type of love you receive and give to be genuine. This is also why you don’t seem to rush in finding someone, you’d rather wait for the right person to meet you. 

Venus in Cancer, you like to focus on your love life and the emotions that come with it. Whenever you’re in love you find it hard not to keep thinking about your lover constantly. You just can’t seem to separate the times you should think about your lover, and times you should focus on something else. 

Venus in Leo, you are the type of lover that can wrap anyone you want around their finger. You have the right amount of emotional and romantical energies to make people obsessed with you. This makes them chase you, and makes them go to the ends of the earth to get you to like them back. 

Venus in Virgo, you’re very protective of yourself when it comes to relationships. You don’t like to display all sides of yourself, to potential lovers. You’re the type of lover that needs reassurance of their lover constantly because, you are so protective of yourself in a relationship. 

Venus in Libra, you have a very romantical side to your personality. You can find it within you to show your lover that you’re in love with them. And you go out of your way to show your appreciation, loyalty and dedication to your partner. Being in love with a Venus-Libra could be such a breeze because, of the spontaneous romantical moments. 

Venus in Scorpio, you like to engage deeply in your relationships. This means that you believe that everything that finds its way into your relationship, has a genuine meaning. You like to believe that small events in your relationship happened for a certain reason. Or you might attach emotional value to gifts that your lover has given you, these emotions are likely to stay with you for a long time. 

Venus in Sagittarius, you like to open yourself up emotionally when you’re at the start of relationships. This means that you don’t set barriers for your lover, and what they can do to you. This phenomenon could be classified as being blinded by love; you believe in your lover’s true intentions. As the relationship progresses, your rationality might get the best of you enabling you to put up barriers. 

Venus in Capricorn, you’re not too keen on showing romantical interest all the time. Sometimes you want your lover to chase you, instead of you chasing them. This makes you play “hard-to-get” to see how far your partner will go to please you. These events provide you with the satisfaction of a lover, that will still do everything to make you love them. 

Venus in Aquarius, you like to be very supportive in your relationship. You believe that helping each other is at the center of the relationship, which is why both partners should go out of their way to support each other. 

Venus in Pisces, you never seem to forget why it is that you fell in love with someone. When you’re in love, your stomach feels the butterflies at the most random times. You just can seem to shake the emotions, that come with being in love. 

What do you look for in a partner?

Now that we’ve taken a look at the which parts of your personality prevail when you’re in love, it’s time to look at another influence of your birth chart. Your birth chart also influences what you look for in a partner, through your Descendant Sign. Read our full story about your Descendant here

It’s really exciting to see how exactly your Descendant Sign helps you find your soulmate. Your Descendant Sign is positioned on the 7th House: The House of Marriage & Partnership. This means that your Descendant Sign governs your 7th House therefore, governing your relationships. Your Descendant Sign is also opposite your Ascendant, meaning it opposes everything your Ascendant is. Your Ascendant governs who you are, more specifically your personality. Now here’s the fun part, your Ascendant Sign is everything you are, and your Descendant Sign is everything you are not. This means that someone will have to come into your life, with the traits of your Descendant Sign to complete you. In this case the person that will complete you, will be your lover. Therefore, we say that your Descendant Sign puts up the criteria for your soulmate, that will complete you. Find out what your Descendant Sign is here.

Your Descendant Sign gives insight into what you look for in a partner.

The meaning of all of the Descendant Signs

Aries Descendant, you seek a partner that can stimulate your emotionally by being your talking buddy or the person that can assure you that things will be fine. 

Taurus Descendant, you seek a partner that is direct in showing their true colors and displaying their love for you. You enjoy affirmation of the love that your partner has for you, and want them to publicly embrace you. 

Gemini Descendant, you seek someone that has an adventurous side to them. This enables them to search for new knowledge and experiences that the both of you may enjoy. 

Cancer Descendant, you seek a partner that allows you to see what they’re comprised of. This means that you want your partner to tell you about their vulnerabilities and weaknesses, so you can be their support. 

Leo Descendant, you seek someone that has their own interests as well a raging passion for the activities in their life. You want to be introduced to your partner’s hobbies because, you like seeing how passionate they are. 

Virgo Descendant, you want a partner that is rational and meticulous. You want your partner to be the one that comes up with the logic as well as the plans in the relationship. 

Libra Descendant, you want a partner that thinks beyond themself. This means that you want someone who isn’t too self-obsessed or egotistical. As a result of this your partner will always be concerned about the impact of their actions and words on you. 

Scorpio Descendant, you seek a partner that is a bit inward towards you. This makes it fun for you, to keep figuring your partner out or unraveling the mystery behind them. You find this attractive, and like trying to figure out what your partner is like. 

Sagittarius Descendant, you want someone that can challenge you intellectually and academically. This means that you seek someone to actively engage in discussions or fiery debates about a variety of topics. 

Capricorn Descendant, you want someone that is dominant and self-assured of themself. Your partner should have their own opinions, interests, style and life when dating you. You’re drawn to a partner that is unique because, they’re keen on walking their own path. 

Aquarius Descendant, you want a partner that appears to come straight out of a fairy tale. This means that you want a partner that has an extensive imagination as well as being full of creative expressions. 

Pisces Descendant, you want someone that has a soft touch on your emotional self. This means that you look for a partner that is careful not to hurt your feelings or emotions, for no genuine reason. 

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