What your Aries Descendant says about your Relationships


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What's a Descendant Sign & How does it point out the traits of your Lover & BFF?

Your Descendant Sign is the Sign that is positioned on the angle of the 7th House. Your Descendant Sign is also opposite your Ascendant/ Rising Sign. This is called an Opposition and is one of the astrological aspectsBecause of your Descendant Sign’s position, it governs everything “you are not”. When most people read about their Descendant Sign, they don’t seem to recognize their personality or any other part of themself. This is not by chance because, your Descendant Sign opposes your Ascendant Sign. Your Ascendant Sign governs how the world sees you, and your Descendant Sign governs the exact opposite of that. Your Descendant Sign provides the list of traits, other people should have to be a good addition in your life. 

Your Descendant Sign is special because, it governs everything you’re not, yet it’s still in your birth chart. The key here is that everything your Descendant Sign depicts lies outside of you- meaning that these traits will have to be housed in someone else. What I mean by this, is that your Descendant gives insight into the traits that someone should have if they want to be your lover or BFF. These are very personal relationships and require strong bonds, that’s why it’s important to understand what your Descendant Sign means. 

How does Descendant Sign point out the traits of your lover or BFF? 

Your Descendant Sign is position on the angle of the 7th House: The House of Relationships (with lovers and close friends). Therefore, your Descendant Sign governs your 7th House meaning, that is rules what should be depicted in your 7th House. Your Descendant Sign is also opposite your Descendant Sign, which is why it opposes your personality and public appearance. Because your Descendant Sign opposes your Ascendant Sign, it guides you towards the people that complete you. These people can be lovers or close friends, you need them because, they give you feelings & emotions you can’t give yourself. Here is where the true beauty of Astrology comes into play, these lovers & partners only mentioned in the 7th House. 

An easy way to remember how your Descendant Sign influences you is the following: 
1. Your Descendant Sign is opposite your Ascendant, therefore opposing everything you are not. You still however need these traits, emotions and feelings in your life. 
2. Because you still need these traits in your life, they will be housed in other people. People like your lover or close friends. This is where the 7th House’s influence comes from. 

In this article I’ll be talking about what an Aries Descendant means. Begin by locating your Descendant Sign using cafe astrology’s birth chart calculator. Enter your birthdate, birthtime and birthplace. After you’ve clicked submit, scroll down to the first table. And look at the 7th House: VII. If Aries is positioned here, you have an Aries Descendant and this is article is for you.  

How your Descendant Sign dictates your Love Life & Who you date

If you have a Libra Ascendant/ Rising Sign you have an Aries Descendant. Your Aries Descendant is everything you are not, thus guiding you towards people that complete you. Read our full article about Rising/ Ascendant Sign here.

As a Libra Rising you are charming and soft when interacting with other people. You have a wall of serenity and calmness around you, and can make people feel comfortable. The people around you see you as a safe haven, where they can show their true colors without any judgement. Your entire aura is filled with optimism and tolerance, thus allowing you to see the good in people and bad situations. As a Libra Rising, you’re also keen on finding the balance and harmony in life. You want the best of both worlds, and you don’t lack when it comes to being structured about it. 

Your Libra Rising alongside your Aries Ascendant will decide what the criteria are for your soulmate. Your Aries Ascendant guides you towards a partner, that is a bit more open and tougher than you are. Someone who has strong interests and will do anything to get their points across. This will perfectly suit you because, you like to steer clear of spicy discussions so, a partner that enjoys them will complete you. Another pro of having a partner with a strong will, is that they will stand up for you when necessary. You’re a bit too soft-spoken to point to people out, that they’ve crossed the line. A partner that can notice when you feel a sense of wrongdoing, and is willing to set things straight, is perfect for you. 

As an Aries Descendant you also long for a partner that is less planned out and balanced as you are. Someone that wants a bit more from the fun things in life instead of the usual 50/50 ratio. This soulmate would allow you to have more fun in your, and to explore the dimensions of your persona you haven’t explored yourself. You want a partner that can surprise you with romantic evenings or just random trips. 

How your Descendant Sign guides you towards your BFF

Your Aries Descendant is also concerned with guiding you towards your BFF. As an Aries Descendant you need a BFF, that can point out when your optimism about people or situations is wrong. Too often do you not see the bad things in life, and having someone to show that to you, is beyond useful. You also need them to discuss harsh topics, and be able to rely on their trustworthiness as well as their judgement. Having a BFF with a strong personality, that continuously cares about your well-being is like having an extension of yourself. Your Aries Descendant will guide you towards them. You also need a BFF that can point out when others a misusing your charming and soft demeanor for bad intentions. 

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