The Meaning of your Taurus Descendant

How does your Taurus Descendant guide you to your Lover BFF


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Your Taurus Descendant provides important knowledge about the traits of your potential soulmate. If you know what your Taurus Descendant seeks in a lover for you based on your Scorpio Rising, you know what to look for in relationships. 

What's a Descendant Sign?

Your Descendant Sign is the Sign that is positioned on the angle of the 7th House. Your Descendant Sign also lies opposite your Ascendant/ Rising Sign. This is called an Opposition and is one of the Astrological Aspects. Because of your Descendant Sign’s position, it governs everything “you are not”. When most people read about their Descendant Sign, they find it very difficult to relate to the traits of their Descendant Sign. This is not by chance because, your Descendant Sign opposes your Ascendant Sign. Your Ascendant Sign governs how the world sees you, and your Descendant Sign governs the exact opposite of that. Your Descendant Sign provides the list of traits, other people should have to be complete your life.  

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Your Descendant Sign is special because, it governs everything you’re not, yet it’s still in your birth chart. The key here is that everything your Descendant Sign depicts lies outside of you, meaning that these traits will have to be housed in someone else. What I mean by this, is that your Descendant gives insight into the traits that someone should have if they want to be your lover or BFF. These are very personal relationships and require strong bonds, that’s why it’s important to understand what your Descendant Sign means.  

How does your Descendant Sign point out the traits of your Lover & BFF?

Your Descendant Sign is positioned on the angle of the 7th House: The House of Relationships. This House is concerned with the relationships you form with lovers & friends, to satisfy your need for companionship. Your 7th House basically guides towards people who can give you something, you cannot give yourself. For example, you need a lover to satisfy your romantical and sexual needs. The same logic goes for your friends, you need them so you can have a listening ear. Or someone who can support you during the tough times in your life. The key here is: these people (your lover & close friends) possess something you don’t have; they are everything you are not. For this reason, your Descendant Sign is referred to as the “Not You-Sign”. 

The fact that your Descendant guides you towards someone that can give what you can’t give yourself is no accident. This is as a result of your Descendant’s position: opposite your Ascendant. Your Ascendant Sign rules over your public image and everything you are. And your Descendant rules over everything you are not, therefore guiding you to your soulmate & BFF that can fill this void. 

A simple way to memorize how your Descendant influences you is: 
1. Your Descendant Sign is opposite your Ascendant Sign. Your Ascendant Sign governs your public image & everything you are. And your Descendant Sign opposes these traits, by housing complete opposite traits. 
2. Because you still need the traits that your Descendant Sign depicts in your life, they will be housed in other people. For this reason, your Descendant Sign lies on the angle of your 7th House: The House of Relationships. Your Descendant Sign guides you towards people that can complete you. 

Before we jump into the meaning of the Taurus Descendant, you can check what your Descendant Sign is with cafe astrology’s birth chart calculator. Just enter your birthday, birthtime and birthplace. After you’ve clicked submit scroll down to the first table, and look at the 7th House (VII). The Astrological Sign that is positioned in your 7th House is your Descendant Sign. If this Astrological Sign is Taurus, you have a Taurus Descendant. Therefore, this article will provide you with a lot of self-discovering information. 

Traits your Soulmate should have according to your Taurus Descendant

If you have a Taurus Descendant you also have a Scorpio Ascendant because, Taurus and Scorpio lie directly opposite each other in a birth chart. If you have a Scorpio Ascendant you possess strong forms of energy, that you use to influence others. You can easily persuade others and convince them of your ideas to your benefit. This makes you put up a facade towards people, so you can always get your ways. This trait is paired with your strong will and unstoppable determination. You’ll always do whatever it takes to reach your goals, and to realize your dreams. The people around you have noticed your strong drive and can appreciate the way you go about chasing your dreams. As someone with a Scorpio Ascendant you’re also not scared to take initiative to make people feel good about themselves. You’re the type of person that likes to tell people what they want to hear because, you can sense what they want to hear. This enables you to always get liked for your consideration of others. 

Your Taurus Descendant (which guides you to your lover), envisions you with someone who is direct in the way they express their thoughts and emotions. As a Taurus Descendant you need a soulmate that is always direct, truthful and has the ability to show their true colors no matter the circumstances. You desire these traits of your lover because, you want to be showered with compliments and constant affirmations of their love. This makes your relationship work because, you get to be convinced that your partner is not afraid to show the world that they love you. And they will walk all possible avenues to convince you, that they love you. This means that you also want your partner to be truthful to you, and to tell you not so convenient truths. Someone who is willing to tell you inconvenient truths most of times also has good intentions for you. 

Traits your BFF should have according to your Taurus Descendant

Just like how your Taurus Descendant guides you to your soulmate, it also guides you to your BFF. Because both your BFF & soulmate make your life complete. As a Taurus Descendant you seek a BFF that can hold a mirror in front of you, that depicts reality. You need a BFF that is direct, and truthful to help you see the reality if it becomes clouded by your optimism. As a Taurus Descendant it’s important that you always see the world for what it is. This isn’t straight forward for you, so having your BFF to help you is needed in your life. 

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