The meaning of your Gemini Descendant

What your Gemini Descendant reveals about your Soulmate & BFF

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Your Gemini Descendant has a significant influence on your personal relationships. This is caused by your Gemini Descendant’s ability to guide you towards people that will fill a void in your life. These people are your soulmate & your BFF, which are all guided to you by your Gemini Descendant. Therefore, it’s important to know what your Gemini Descendant can reveal about your relationships. 

What's a Descendant?

Your Descendant Sign is the Sign that is positioned on the angle of the 7th House. Your Descendant Sign is also opposite your Ascendant/ Rising Sign. Because of your Descendant Sign’s position, it governs everything “you are not”. When most people read about their Descendant Sign, they don’t seem to recognize their personality or any other part of themself. This is not by chance because, your Descendant Sign is Opposite your Ascendant Sign. Your Ascendant Sign governs how the world sees you, and your Descendant Sign governs the exact opposite of that. 

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Your Descendant Sign has the biggest influence on your Love Life, more than any Planet or Sign in your birth chart. This is due to the fact that it guides you towards people that complete you. In most cases these people tend to be soulmates or close friends. 

How does your Descendant Sign influence who your soulmate & BFF are?

Your Descendant Sign guides you towards people that will complete you, in parts of your life where you can’t do this yourself. Your Descendant Sign lies opposite your Rising/ Ascendant Sign. Your Ascendant Sign is concerned with who you are and how the world sees you. Your Descendant Sign rules the opposite of your Ascendant Sign so, everything “you are not, and what you’re not seen as”. This is because of the Astrological Aspect: Opposition which states that Signs that lie opposite each other, depict opposite characteristics. Read my full article about all of the Astrological Aspects here.  

Your Descendant Sign depicts the traits that you don’t have, yet you still need these traits to be a part of your life. These traits are needed to complete who you are, and that’s why they’ll be housed in other people. Your Descendant Sign guides you to people who possess the right traits to complete you. These people will give you energies and feelings you can’t give yourself. For example, your soulmate will show you with romance and satisfy your sensual side. And your BFF will provide you with a different perspective on the world, like a second pair of glasses. The key here is that your Descendant Sign guides you towards people who can give you something, you can’t give yourself in the forms of relationships. This is also why your Descendant Sign lies on the angle of the 7th House: The House of Relationships

A simple way to remember how your Descendant Sign influences you is: 
1. Your Ascendant Sign and Descendant Sign lie opposite each other, therefore possessing opposite traits. Your Ascendant Sign rules over everything you are and your public image. 
2. And your Descendant Sign guides you towards people that possess traits you don’t have, yet still need in your life. This is where the position of your Descendant Sign on the angle of the 7th House comes into play. The 7th House is the House of Relationships and is ruled by your Descendant Sign. 

Where can you find your Descendant Sign?

Before we jump into how your Gemini Descendant influences you, I’ll tell you where you find your Descendant Sign. Finding your Descendant Sign is simple with cafe astrology’s birth chart calculator. Enter your birthday; birthtime and birthplace. After you click submit scroll down to the first table. Look for the 7th House, depicted with the Roman Numeral: VII. This is your 7th House and possesses your Descendant Sign. If you see Gemini here, then this article will provide you with self-discovering info.

Traits your Soulmate should have according to your Gemini Descendant

If you have a Gemini Descendant, you also have a Sagittarius Rising/ Ascendant. Before I talk about your Gemini Descendant, let me sketch out your Sagittarius Ascendant first. As a Sagittarius Ascendant you’re keen on seeing the bright side of situations. You are ruled by your optimism and your open mind. This allows you to place the bad situations or the bad personalities of people behind you, to only focus on the good. This rather positive demeanor of yours, is noticed by the people around you. The people around you consider you to be a ray of sunshine, who is always keen on giving people a second chance. You also like to be driven by your intuition and your emotions in your day-to-day life. You use the energies that you sense from people, to form your opinions or to gather your thoughts about them. Because of your strong emotional-self it is quite rare, that you’re wrong about these thoughts. 

Your Gemini Descendant guides you towards a soulmate that is less intuitive and more rational. Someone who isn’t too fascinated by relying on their intuition, they like to see real evidence before coming to conclusions. Your soulmate therefore, likes to search for knowledge in a bit structured and logical way. You’re considered to be an idealist because, you like to see people for what they can be. Think of how many times you give people, another chance after they betray you. You like to see it within them that they might change. On the other hand, your soulmate is a realist, they like to see people for what they are. This means that your relationships will be filled with optimism (influenced by your Sagittarius Ascendant) and rationale (influenced by your Gemini Descendant). Your soulmate will be reminding you of reality, while you’ll be convincing them that having optimism is a good thing. 

Traits your BFF should have according to your Gemini Descendant

Your Gemini Descendant is also concerned with guiding you towards a Best Friend Forever (BFF), that can complement you therefore, completing you. As a Sagittarius Ascendant you like to be full of optimism and having a bright look on life. Your Descendant Sign will guide you to a BFF that has a stricter demeanor. Someone that can tell you when you’re caught up in a fantasy world, disallowing you be active in the current world. They’ll remind you of ways to face your problems, instead of turning a blind eye. Having a BFF that will keep you on the right path, when you prefer to be caught in an alternative reality, is a great addition in your life. Your Gemini Descendant therefore, guides you towards someone that keeps you together. 

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