Everything You Need to Know about your Cancer Descendant

How your Descendant guides you towards your Soulmate & BFF

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Your Cancer Descendant reveals the traits of your soulmate. This is important to know because, your Descendant Sign is based on other angles and Houses in your birth chart. Therefore, your Cancer Descendant will give revelations about the soulmate that would suit you best.

What's a Descendant Sign?

Your Descendant Sign is positioned on the angle of the 7th House: The House of Relationships and opposite your Ascendant/ Rising Sign. It gives revelations about the traits of other people to be good additions in your life. Your Descendant Sign underlines that you are not perfect, and that you need people with certain traits to complete you. These traits are revealed by your Descendant Sign, to guide you towards these people. These types of people form intimate relationships with you and play a major role in your life. That’s why it’s so important that they have the right traits so you can feel like really add value to your life or that they can serve as an extension of who you are.  

Your Descendant Sign has the biggest influence on your Love Life, more than any Planet or Sign in your birth chart. This is due to the fact that it guides you towards people that complete you. In most cases these people tend to be soulmates. Read my full article about your Descendant Sign’s influence on your Love Life here. 

How your Descendant Sign dictates the traits of your Soulmate & BFF

Your Descendant Sign guides you towards people that will complete you, in parts of your life where you can’t do this yourself. Your Descendant Sign lies opposite your Rising/ Ascendant Sign. Your Ascendant Sign is concerned with who you are and how the world sees you. Your Descendant Sign opposes your Ascendant Sign; in astrology this means that your Ascendant Sign and Descendant Sign have opposing traits. This is a result of the Astrological Aspect: Opposition. Opposition in astrology means that Planets or Signs have opposing meanings and traits. For this reason, a lot of people can’t relate to their Descendant Sign because it’s “not them”. 

Your Descendant Sign depicts the traits that you don’t have but, you still need these traits to be a part of your life. These traits are necessary to complete who you are, and that’s why they’ll be housed in other people. Your Descendant Sign guides you towards people that possess the right traits to complete you. These people will give you feelings you can’t give yourself or satisfy needs you can’t satisfy on your own. For example, your soulmate will spoil you romantically or satisfy your sensual needs. And your BFF be able to give you a different view on important events in your life. The key here is that your Descendant Sign guides you towards people who can give you something, you can’t give yourself in the forms of relationships. For this reason, your Descendant Sign is known as the Ruler of the 7th House. 


A simple way to remember how your Descendant Sign influences you is: 
1. Your Ascendant Sign and Descendant Sign lie opposite each other, therefore possessing opposite traits. Your Ascendant Sign rules over everything you are and your public image. 
2. And your Descendant Sign guides you towards people that possess traits you don’t have, yet still need in your life. You’ll reap the benefits of having a soulmate or a BFF, when they complement you. This is where the position of your Descendant Sign on the angle of the 7th House comes into play. The 7th House is the House of Relationships and is ruled by your Descendant Sign.  

Read more about the relationship between your Ascendant-Descendant here.

Before we get into the traits of your soulmate and BFF according to your Cancer Descendant, I’ll tell you where you can find your Cancer Descendant. Finding your Cancer Descendant is simple with computer programs like cafe astrology’s birth chart calculator. Fill in your birthday, birthtime and birthplace and click submit. Then you should scroll down to the first table and look for the 7th House. The 7th House is depicted with the Roman Numeral: VII. This is where your Descendant Sign is housed. If your Descendant Sign is Cancer, than this article is for you. 

Traits your Soulmate should have according to your Cancer Descendant

As a Cancer Descendant you have a Capricorn Rising/ Ascendant. Before I’ll reveal what, your Cancer Descendant reveals about your lover, I’ll sketch out your Capricorn Rising/ Ascendant. Remember your Capricorn Ascendant describes who you are and how the world sees you. And your Cancer Descendant guides you towards people who can give you something you can’t give yourself. 

Your Capricorn Rising/ Ascendant reveals that you are structured and disciplined in your life. You have a very strict demeanor that doesn’t like to make comprises for comfort. When you get an idea, you do whatever it takes to work it out into something tangible. The same goes for your goals and ambitions; you work very hard and disciplined to reach your goals. The people around you perceive you as someone that has a very strict appearance, and someone that is full of perseverance. They also admire your ability to stay true to your nature, and your dedication. This also goes for the relationships you have with people in your community. They see you as someone who is loyal and full of good intentions. Even though you may not always show what you think or how you feel, they still admire your emotional strength. This means that you can keep your emotions and your thoughts within you, so people around you aren’t aware of them. Sometimes this might be a good thing, for example when being direct with someone might hurt feelings. And sometimes holding your emotions in might be a bad thing, think of times when you feel so much weight on your shoulders. 

Your Cancer Descendant will reveal important traits that your soulmate should have. Firstly, your Cancer Descendant guides you towards someone that is open about what they’re comprised of. This means that you need a soulmate that allows you to see their weaknesses and emotions. As well as their feelings and needs, this allows you to better allocate your energy to fulfill their needs. You are someone that is very much concerned with how your soulmate feels or what their needs are. If they allow you to see their needs and emotions, you’d have no problem with trying to help them. On the other hand, you are also someone that isn’t too keen on showing their own emotions because, of your Capricorn Rising/ Ascendant. If you have a partner that allows you to see their emotions, this might warm you up which gets you to show your own emotions. As a result of this you can experience emotional support as well as having someone to turn to when you can’t seem to figure life out. Your Cancer Descendant is aware of your closed off persona when it comes opening up to the public. This is why is guides you towards a partner, that is already open with their emotions and is willing to gain your trust so, you can open up too. 

Here are some of your key traits if your Descendant is in Cancer:

  • Needing a partner who is caring, nurturing, and supportive
  • Attracted to people who are understanding, empathetic, and emotionally present
  • Placing a high value on family and home life, and seeking a partner who shares these values
  • Protective of loved ones and possessing a strong maternal or paternal instinct
  • Sensitive and easily hurt in relationships
  • Potentially struggling with being overly dependent on their partner or seeking validation from others

Traits your BFF should have according to your Cancer Descendant

Your Cancer Descendant also reveals the traits of your Best Friend Forever (BFF). According to your Cancer Descendant you need a BFF with good emotional intelligence. This means that your BFF finds it easy to recognize when there is something wrong with you. Because you’re not too keen on talking about your feelings having someone that can sense when something is wrong with you is a fantastic addition in your life. You and your BFF will find it easy to get a long when both of you enjoy each other’s presence. This is why you’ll also be guided by someone with a sense of loyalty that is as strong as yours. However, your BFF isn’t perfect in all aspects of their life. According to your Cancer Descendant, your BFF has issues with being disciplined and structured about their work or gym goals. This is where you can support them and give them a taste of your own discipline. 

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