Everything You Need to Know about your Leo Descendant

How your Leo Descendant guides you towards your Soulmate & BFF

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Your birth chart provides you with a lot of information about your personality and about who you are. Another revelation given by your birth chart, are the traits of your soulmate & BFF. These traits are revealed through your Descendant Sign. When forming new relationships it’s crucial to understand what types of traits your soulmate or BFF should have according to your Leo Descendant.

What's a Descendant Sign?

Your Descendant Sign is positioned on the angle of your 7th House (The House of Relationships), and gives indications about what you should seek in relationships.  Thus, your Descendant Sign gives indications about the traits that others should have, to be good additions in your life. Your Descendant Sign is also positioned opposite your Ascendant Sign, therefore opposing the traits of your Ascendant Sign. Your Ascendant Sign rules over your public image as well as your unique traits. Your Ascendant Sign shouldn’t be confused with your Sun Sign. Your Sun Sign reveals the type of personality that you have, which is different to your Ascendant Sign.  

Your Descendant Sign has the biggest influence on your Love Life, more than any Planet or Sign in your birth chart. This is due to the fact that it guides you towards people that complete you. In most cases these people tend to be soulmates or close friends. Read my full article about your Descendant Sign’s influence on your love life here

How your Descendant Sign dictates the traits of your Soulmate or BFF

There are two ways your Descendant Sign guides you towards your soulmate: (1) Descendant opposite Ascendant & (2) 7th House!

Your Descendant Sign lies opposite your Ascendant Sign, which is why your Descendant Sign and Ascendant Sign have opposing traits. The position in which your Ascendant Sign & Descendant Sign are relative to each other is one of the Astrological Aspects named Opposition. Astrological Aspects reveal hidden meanings about the positions of your Planets & Signs relative to each other. Read my article about all of the Astrological Aspects here. Your Ascendant Sign gives revelations about what your unique traits are as well as the way the public sees you. Your Descendant Sign reveals the opposite of these traits, therefore being concerned with unique traits other people in your life should have. This is important because, the people in your life should be able to provide value, you can’t give to yourself. 

So, your Descendant Sign depicts the traits you don’t have, yet still need in your life. This means that the people around you should house the traits, depicted by your Descendant Sign. For this reason, your Descendant Sign also governs your 7th House: The House of Relationships. This means that the traits depicted by your Descendant Sign will be housed by people close to you, like your soulmate or BFF. These people can give you emotions or feelings that you can’t give yourself. For example, your soulmate showers you with romance or sensual emotions: you can’t do this for yourself. Therefore, your Descendant Sign is concerned with pointing out the traits of your soulmate, as well as guiding you towards them.  

A clever way to remember how your Descendant Sign influences you is: 
1. Your Ascendant Sign and Descendant Sign lie opposite each other, therefore possessing opposite traits. Your Ascendant Sign rules over everything that makes you unique and your public image. 
2. And your Descendant Sign guides you towards people that possess traits you don’t have, yet still need in your life. This is where the position of your Descendant Sign on the angle of the 7th House comes into play. The 7th House is the House of Relationships and is ruled by your Descendant Sign. 

Where can I find my Descendant Sign?

Before I unveil the traits of your soulmate and BFF according to your Leo Descendant, let me tell you about where you can find your Descendant Sign. If you’re reading this article, you probably already know your Descendant Sign. If you don’t know, you can use computer software programs like cafe astrology’s birth chart calculator. Just fill in your birthdate, birth time and birthplace. After you’ve clicked submit; scroll down to the first table. In the first table you should look for your 7th House depicted by the Roman Numeral: “VII”. If your 7th House has the Sign Leo in it, you have a Leo Descendant. 

Traits your Soulmate should have according to your Leo Descendant

If you have a Leo Descendant, you also have an Aquarius Rising/ Ascendant. Your Leo Descendant and your Aquarius Ascendant will play a significant role in your love life. Remember your Ascendant rules who you are and how the public sees you. And your Descendant rules who you are not (the opposite of your Ascendant), therefore guiding you towards people that complete you. Before I tell you about your soulmate’s traits according to your Leo Descendant, I’ll set the stage by explaining your Aquarius Ascendant. 

If you have an Aquarius Rising/ Ascendant you are someone, that is open to change and new times. You constantly seek to improve the status quo, and will go to great lengths to challenge them. You have an eye for the faults in situations or the way people treat each other. Because of your high intelligence and your dedication, you find no issue with challenging the people that cause inequality. You’re also seen as someone who is quite caring for those around you.  Because, you’re actively engaged in your local community and you like to participate in mass gatherings that seek to bring about change or improvement. You also can find it within you stand up for those around you that are suppressed or treated unfairly. There is also this side to an Aquarius Ascendant that is so serious and difficult to unravel. You’re always caught up in your professional work or activism. This doesn’t give you that much time to focus on your own interests and hobbies or even explore new hobbies. By all means you still like the work you but, just can’t seem to find a break to an activity that is more casual. 

Your Leo Descendant guides you towards a soulmate that has strong interests and is focused inwards. This person likes to prioritize their own well-being as well as the enjoyment they get out of life. For these reasons, your soulmate has their own hobbies and activities that are more casual instead of serious. They don’t like to take life that serious, which makes them focus on a balance between enjoying life and their professional work. Whenever their work-life balance comes under threat, they immediately jump into action to get in better on track. This allows them to focus on the things in life, that they really enjoy such as hobbies or road trips.  

Your Leo Descendant guides you towards someone like this because, you like to live life outwards. What I mean by this is, that you like to be of service for others and tend to forget to prioritize yourself. You just can’t seem to find it within you to come up with a work-life balance. Having a soulmate that is focused on a work-life balance, will enable you to enjoy the other aspects of life. If you have a soulmate that likes to go on road trips or just to hobby classes, they might drag you along with them. They can fill the gap in your life, where you couldn’t seem to get a grip. This part of your life is your own personal enjoyment, so you can always feel like you live for yourself as well. 

Traits your BFF should have according to your Leo Descendant

Your Leo Descendant guides you towards a BFF that is full of life and has a less serious demeanor. Your BFF is a bit childish and can find it within them to be relaxed about life. They’re more focused on enjoying life for what is, instead of trying to make it perfect. This enables them to maximize their enjoyment and to utilize the love of all the people around them. Your Leo Descendant guides you towards this type of BFF because, you seek someone that is more concerned with enjoying life. As well as someone that appreciates the world for what it is: “true beauty is imperfect”. 

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