Everything you Need to Know about your Libra Descendant

How your Libra Descendant governs the traits of your Soulmate & BFF

libra descendant explained

Your Libra Descendant plays an important role in guiding your toward people that complete you. These people possess traits that you don’t have, yet still need. For this reason your Libra Descendant guides you toward them through the 7th House. In this article I’ll reveal what the traits are of your soulmate & BFF, if you have a Libra Descendant.

What's a Descendant Sign?

Your Descendant Sign lies on the angle of your 7th House and opposite your Ascendant/ Rising Sign. It gives indications about the traits of your soulmate & close friends. Your Descendant Sign plays an important role in guiding you toward these people because, it gives you an idea of what to look for in a soulmate or BFF.  

Your Descendant Sign also plays a significant role in your love life because, it guides you to your soulmate. Your Descendant Sign has more influence on your love life; more than any Planet or Sign in your birth chart. Read my full article about your Descendant Sign’s influence on your love life here. 

How your Descendant Sign governs the traits of your Soulmate & BFF

Your Descendant Sign lies opposite your Ascendant/ Rising Sign therefore, opposing the meaning of your Ascendant Sign. The relationship between your Descendant and Ascendant is referred to as The Astrological Aspect: Opposition. In astrology an Opposition is when two Signs or Planets are positioned opposite each other (at an angle of 180 degrees) therefore, depicting opposite meanings or traits. The same goes for your Descendant Sign and Ascendant Sign. Your Descendant Sign depicts the traits of your true-self and your Ascendant/ Rising Sign depicts the true-self of other people close to you (like your soulmate & BFF). 

The reason your Descendant Sign depicts the true-self of people close to you and not random strangers is because of its position on the angle of the 7th House. Your 7th House is The House of Relationships and governs the relationships between you and your soulmate as well as your BFF. These people are necessary in your life because, they complete you: they provide you with something you can’t give yourself. For example, only your soulmate can make you feel butterflies in your stomach. They basically are everything you aren’t and that’s why you need them (this is the result of the Opposition). Your Descendant Sign therefore, plays a crucial role in portraying the right traits of your soulmate & BFF. 


A simple way to remember how your Descendant Sign influences you is: 
1. Your Ascendant Sign and Descendant Sign lie opposite each other, therefore possessing opposite traits. Your Ascendant Sign rules over everything you are and your public image. 

2. And your Descendant is the guide toward people that possess something you don’t have. This is where the role of the 7th House: The House of Relationships comes into play. It gives indications about what other people should be like to make good additions to your life. 

Before I tell you about the traits of your soulmate & BFF according to your Libra Descendant, I’ll tell you about where you can find your Descendant Sign. Finding your Descendant Sign is relatively easy with computer software programs like cafe astrology’s birth chart calculator. Just fill in your birthday, birth time and birth place; and click submit. Thereafter, scroll down to the first table and look for the 7th House by locating the Roman Numerals for 7: “VII”. The Sign in your 7th House is your Descendant Sign. If your Descendant Sign is Libra, then this article is for you. 

Traits your Soulmate should have according to your Libra Descendant

If you have a Libra Descendant you also have an Aries Ascendant/ Rising. Remember that your Ascendant Sign reveals the traits of your true-self. And your Descendant Sign reveals the true traits that other people should have, to make good additions to your life. Before I tell you about the traits of your soulmate according to your Libra Descendant, I’ll set the stage by interpreting your Aries Ascendant/ Rising. 

An Aries Ascendant/ Rising is known to be outspoken and independent. They like to give people a piece of their mind, no matter how hard the topic is. Therefore, someone with an Aries Rising can always find it within them to be outspoken about issues or to stand up for themself. They also tend to be very strict and serious in debates, and try to get the upper hand. For an Aries Rising it’s important to be able to convince the counterparty of their argument. As long as this hasn’t happened, they remain determined and energetic in their debates. They’re also not intimidated by others and don’t always seem considerate of others their opinions. Anyone that argues with an Aries Descendant will have quite a tough time for 3 reasons: (1) their intelligence makes them come up with good points, (2) their strong will to come out on top and (3) their extensive experience when it comes to debates. Someone with an Aries Rising has a strong will and isn’t scared to isolate themself from others. They have no issue with being a part of niche group with specific interests. As long as Aries Rising remains aware of their aura, they will continue to be energetic in their debates and independent in their thought processes.  

Your Libra Descendant will guide you toward a soulmate with traits that are supposed to complement you. Your Libra Descendant will guide you toward someone that thinks beyond themself and isn’t too self-obsessed. You need someone to care about what you have to say, without finding it necessary to argue against it. They can remain calm and collected, while gathering their thoughts. And they’re able to admit when they’re wrong or when you’ve made a good point. The goal of their argument is to learn more, through the open mind that they have. Your soulmate isn’t too obsessed with being right or beating you at something, they just want to engage with you in a deep way. And to be fair, your Libra Descendant guides you toward someone to argue with in a deep way because, you need it. You need someone that you can debate with, while the both of you exchange thoughts and learn. The point here is that the both of you learn and can find a way to grow together. It won’t be a good relationship if you and soulmate are continuously competing with one another. That’s why your Libra Descendant guides you towards someone that is considerate of you. 

Traits your BFF should have according to your Libra Descendant

Your Best Friend Forever (BFF) should also help you explore a more open and the mild side of your persona. Someone that can show you that be too brave or independent in life can severely set back all of your relationships. Your Libra Descendant wants you to be around people that care about you, and for that to work you also need to care about them. For that reason, you’ll be guided toward a BFF that is softspoken and open minded. It’ll almost seem like there is nothing in the world that could affect you BFF’s clear mind. They don’t like to be a part of drama or fights, and prioritize their mindfulness. Therefore, your Libra Descendant will guide you toward a BFF that will help you explore the mild side of you are and your ability to remain calm when tensions run high. 

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