Everything you Need to Know about your Scorpio Descendant

How your Scorpio Descendant shapes your love life

Your Scorpio Descendant plays an important role in guiding you toward people that complete you. Because of this, your Scorpio Descendant reveals the traits of your soulmate & your BFF. 


What's a Descendant Sign?

Your Descendant Sign is positioned opposite your Ascendant Sign and on the angle of your 7th House. Your Descendant gives revelations about the traits of people close to you that are supposed to complete you. These people are tasked with providing you with something, you can’t give yourself. 

Your Descendant Sign has the most influence on your love life; more than any planet or sign. Your Descendant Sign guides you toward your soulmate as well as your BFF, by revealing their traits. Read my full article about your Descendant Sign’s influence on your love life here. 

How your Descendant Sign governs the traits of your soulmate & BFF

Your Descendant Sign is positioned opposite your Ascendant Sign. This relationship between your Ascendant/ Rising Sign and Descendant Sign is referred to as an Opposition. The Opposition is one the Major Astrological Aspects, and reveals opposite traits and meanings when Planets or Signs lie opposite each other in your birth chart. Your Ascendant/ Rising Sign gives indications about who you are, at your truest core. And your Descendant is concerned with the true traits of people close to you. The relationship between your Ascendant/ Rising Sign and Descendant Sign is concerned with guiding you toward people that complete you. 

The reason that your Descendant Sign is concerned with guiding you toward people that complete you is because, they give you something you can’t give yourself. This is also confirmed by the position of your Descendant Sign on the angle of the 7th House: The House of Relationships. The 7th House gives indications about your relationships with others and what you should seek in these relationships. Your Descendant Sign guides you toward people that complete you, through your 7th House. For example, your soulmate gives you romantical sensations and butterflies in your stomach. This is something you can’t give yourself so, you need them to enter your life for this. They basically give you something you don’t have (governed by your Descendant Sign) and they come in the form of a lover (governed by your 7th House). 

Before I jump into the traits of your soulmate and BFF according to your Scorpio Descendant, I’ll tell you about where you can find your Descendant Sign. Finding your Descendant Sign is relatively easy with computer software programs like cafe astrology’s birth chart calculator. Just enter your birthday, birth time and birthplace; and click submit. After you’ve clicked submit scroll down to the first table and look for the 7th House. You should find your 7th House by looking for the Roman Numeral: “VII”. This is your Descendant Sign, if your Descendant Sign is Scorpio; this article is for you. 

Traits your soulmate should have according to your Scorpio Descendant

If you have a Scorpio Descendant you also have a Taurus Rising/ Ascendant. Remember: your Taurus Rising/ Ascendant governs the traits of your true-self and your Scorpio Descendant opposes these traits. Therefore, your Scorpio Descendant governs the true traits of other people close to you. For this reason, I’ll start by revealing the meaning of your Taurus Rising/ Ascendant and then the meaning of your Scorpio Descendant. 

As a Taurus Rising/ Ascendant you are trustworthy, confident and strong-willed. Firstly, as a Taurus Ascendant people can turn to you with their personal stories or secrets without having to worry about you telling others. You have an ability to create a safe space that also enables people to trust you with their deepest secrets. You do this through your very soft-spoken demeanor as well as your ability to stay true to your words. When you promise something it’s really rare that you break that promise, and the people around you have noticed. Secondly, a Taurus Rising is also strong willed; this means that they have strong interests and opinions. For this reason, it may be hard to convince a Taurus Rising to switch arguments or to gain insight into someone else’s opinion. If they make up their mind, it’s highly likely that they’ll keep pursuing their own thoughts. Another reason for a Taurus Ascendant’s strong will is because, they live inside their own mind. They possess an ability to take refuge and to console themself. For this reason, it may not be frequent that they share their thoughts with others (only when they really feel like it). 

Your Scorpio Descendant will guide you toward someone with less of a strong will and someone that lives a bit more outward. This means that they like to be open about what they think and also have an ability to remain open to new experiences. Your partner also finds no issue with showing you who they are, while still remaining mysterious. For this reason, your partner might tease you or playfully make you angry as a form of bonding. Your partner is also a bit secretive in some aspects of their life, this makes you more interested in them. You get a fiery sense within you, so you start trying to unravel your partner. Your Taurus Rising gives you a strong will, so you’ll have no issue with trying to unravel the secretive layers of your partner. This is what makes (you as) a Scorpio Descendant so unique, they want to find ways to understand their partners on their own. They don’t want their partner to reveal their personality on their own because, one of their traits is their ability to live inside their own mind. 

Traits your BFF should have according to your Scorpio Descendant

Your Scorpio Descendant will guide you toward a BFF that is all about you. This means that your BFF can emotionally sense when there is something wrong with you and their ability to show you who they are. Your BFF is a bit more sociable and open in their relationship with you, while you’re a little held back. But this isn’t an issue because, your BFF can read your face and your emotions so they always know what you think or feel. This is a great thing to have in a friendship because, your friendship is positioned in a superior dimension where neither of you have to be actively engaged all the time. You and your BFF know a lot about each other, and are never in doubt of each other’s loyalty or trustworthiness. 

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