How your Sagittarius Descendant guides you toward your Soulmate & BFF

A full guide to your Sagittarius Descendant


Your Sagittarius Descendant plays an important role in guiding you toward a soulmate, by revealing their traits. For this reason, it’s important to understand what your Sagittarius Descendant considers to be a must-have in a soulmate (and BFF).

What's a Descendant Sign?

Your Descendant Sign is positioned opposite your Ascendant/ Rising Sign and on the angle of the 7th House in your birth chart. Your Descendant Sign plays an important role in guiding you toward people that are supposed to complete you. This is a special role because, you can interpret your Descendant Sign to understand which traits your soulmate or close friends should have. 

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How your Descendant Sign guides you toward your Soulmate & BFF

Your Descendant Sign opposes your Ascendant/ Rising Sign. In astrology this relationship is referred to as the Major Astrological Aspect: Opposition. Planets and Signs that are opposite each other (in an Opposition) have opposite meanings or traits. In the case of your Descendant and Ascendant Sign this is also true. Your Ascendant Sign reveals your true traits at your inner core. And your Descendant Sign reveals the true traits of people close to you. The purpose of this relationship between your Ascendant Sign and Descendant Sign is to guide you toward people that complete you. This is where your Descendant Sign’s position on the angle of the 7th House comes into play. 

Your Descendant Sign guides you toward people that complete you, in the form of friendships or relationships. This is no coincidence because, your Descendant Sign also rules your 7th House: The House of Relationships. This is quite remarkable because, your Descendant Sign basically gives indications about what you should look for in relationships and friendships, if you interpret your 7th House’s meaning. And if you read your Descendant Sign’s meaning you can interpret what you should look for in a soulmate or BFF. 

Before I get to revealing the traits of your soulmate or BFF, I’ll tell you about where you can find your Descendant Sign. Finding your Descendant Sign is relatively easy with computer software programs like cafe astrology’s birth chart calculator. Just enter your birthday, birth time and birthplace. After you’ve clicked submit; scroll down to the first table and look for the 7th House. You can find the 7th House by looking for the Roman Numeral: “VII”, this is where your Descendant Sign is located. If your Descendant Sign is Sagittarius, then this article is just for you. 

Traits your Soulmate should have according to your Sagittarius Descendant

If you have a Sagittarius Descendant you also have a Gemini Rising/ Ascendant. Remember your Gemini Rising/ Ascendant governs who you truly are and your Sagittarius Ascendant governs the true traits of people close to you. Before I tell you about the traits of these people (your soulmate & BFF), I’ll set the stage by talking about your Gemini Rising/ Ascendant. 

As someone with a Gemini Rising/ Ascendant you tend to be very creative with a free mind. You like to come up with new ideas or new ways to do old activities. Your mind never seems to run out of new interpretations for poems, stories or tales. The same goes for creativity at your job or school, you can always find it within you to come up with ideas that others couldn’t come up with. Your biggest strength is your ability to help other people look at old situations or actions with a new perspective. You achieve this by talking people into a rather new dimension of their thoughts. Here they learn to be just as creative and as free minded as you are. This enables you to have real power over the way the people around you think because, you know exactly how to change their perspective. The people around you have noticed your creativity and your continuously evolving way of solving problems or disputes. This also helps you to be unpredictable and difficult to unravel. Your Gemini Rising/ Ascendant provides you with creativity that helps you to be difficult to predict or to unravel. 

Your Sagittarius Descendant on the other hand will guide you toward a soulmate, that is a bit different in comparison to you (this way the both of you complement each other). Your Sagittarius Descendant guides you toward someone that in academically gifted as well as formal. Your soulmate isn’t as creative as you and likes to think to more in a structured way. Your soulmate is more of an academic instead of an artist; they like to be involved in technical ways of thinking. Your Sagittarius Descendant guides you toward someone that is more structured in their thinking. In your life you like to be very creative and radical in your thinking. You don’t like to think in between borders or in old ways. However, it’s important in life that some decisions get made consistently with a predictable outcome. This is where your soulmate will help you discover this dimension of your persona. Your soulmate that is guided to you by your Sagittarius Descendant will give you the ability to think rationally and structured (and a bit less creative). 

Traits your BFF should have according to your Sagittarius Descendant

Your Sagittarius Descendant also plays an important role in guiding you toward your Best Friend Forever (BFF). Your Sagittarius Descendant will guide you toward a BFF that is rational and grounded. This means that your BFF like to be logical in their ways of thinking and speaking. They also find it important to create a routine in their life, and like for their days to be a bit predictable. This way they know what their day will bring and what preparations they need to make. Behind all of this lies a bit of discipline. Your Sagittarius Descendant guides you toward a BFF like this because, you also need a bit of predictability in your life. You tend to be very creative and renewing in your life; you always do something new. This is good but, too much of this can be intensive on you and it makes getting adjusted to activities difficult 

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