How your Capricorn Descendant guides you toward your Soulmate & BFF

A full guide to your Capricorn Descendant


Your Capricorn Descendant plays an important role in your relationships It gives indications about what you should look for in a soulmate and a BFF. That’s why it’s important that you know what your Capricorn Descendant means.

What's a Descendant Sign?

Your Descendant Sign lies opposite your Ascendant/ Rising Sign and on the angle of your 7th House. Your Descendant Sign plays an important role in revealing the traits of people that are supposed to complete you, like lovers and close friends. When most people read their Descendant Sign, they may find it hard to relate to the traits. This isn’t a coincidence because, your Descendant Sign shows you the traits of other people. That’s why your Descendant Sign is “not you’. 

Your Descendant Sign also has the most influence on your love life; more than any planet or sign. Read my full article about your Descendant Sign’s influence on your love life here. 

How your Descendant Sign guides you toward your soulmate & BFf

Your Descendant Sign opposes (=180 degrees apart) your Ascendant/ Rising Sign in your birth chart. This relationship between your Descendant and Ascendant/ Rising Sign is known as the Astrological Aspect: Opposition. In astrology an Opposition appears when two Planets or Signs lie directly opposite each other. Therefore, they have opposite meanings or traits. The same goes for your Descendant and Ascendant/ Rising Sign. Your Ascendant/ Rising Sign reveals your true traits and your Descendant Sign reveals the true traits of that are supposed to complete you. Your Descendant Sign is aware of your shortcomings and guides you toward people that can fill these voids. 

Your Descendant Sign fills these voids in your life, by guiding you to your soulmate and Best Friend Forever (BFF). If you interpret your Descendant Sign correctly you may find indications about how what your soulmate or BFF should have. Your Descendant Sign can reveal the traits of those closest to you because, of its position on the angle of the 7th House: The House of Relationships. The 7th House (The House of Relationships) governs what you need to get out of close relationships and with who. Furthermore, your Descendant Sign also rules your 7th House, so everything that appears in your 7th House is curated by your Descendant Sign’s influence. Your Descendant Sign basically gives indications about who you should love and what you should seek in relationships. 

Before I jump into the meaning of your Descendant Sign, I’d like to tell you about where you can find your Descendant Sign. Your Descendant Sign is positioned on the angle of your 7th House. Or you can find it with computer software programs like cafe astrology’s birth chart calculator. Just enter your birthday, birth time and birthplace; and click submit. After you’ve clicked submit scroll down to the first table and look for the 7th House. The 7th House is depicted by the Roman Numeral: “VII”, the Sign that appears here is your Descendant Sign. If your Descendant Sign is Capricorn, this article is for you. 

Traits your soulmate should have according to your Capricorn Descendant

If you have a Capricorn Descendant you also have a Cancer Rising/ Ascendant. Before I tell you about the traits of your lover according to your Capricorn Descendant, I’ll set the stage by telling you about your Cancer Rising/ Ascendant. 

As someone with a Cancer Rising/ Ascendant you like to care about others their feelings or how they think. You always take into account the emotions, thoughts or attitudes of other people before, you say something or come up with an argument. You like to be considerate of others because, you like to look out for people and to refrain from upsetting them. You tend to be nurturing and soft towards people, and neve assertiveness necessary. The people around you have noticed this side of you, and see you as someone that is kind with a mild attitude. This makes you approachable and gives people confidence in telling you about their troubles or deepest secrets. Your ability to be people-focused also arms you with good skills to console or to take people their uncertainties away. Your Cancer Ascendant/ Rising gives you the ability to be considerate of others, and to help them find their way back. 

Your Capricorn Descendant will guide you toward someone that is a bit more strong-willed and assertive than you are. Your soulmate will have no issue with confrontations or having heated debates with other people. They will do whatever it takes to gain the upper hand on people, or to get into their opponent’s head. Your soulmate is also quite strong in forming the right thoughts or gathering the correct evidence. Their ability to comprehend information, always benefits them during their arguments. Your Descendant Sign guides you toward someone with a strong will and a lot of assertiveness because, you lack this. Your soulmate could help you discover this side of your persona and will help you work on it. This will enable you to stand up to people, instead of just hiding the issues under tables and chairs. Your consideration of others their thoughts may not always be beneficial to you, your soulmate will guide you to better this side of yourself. That’s why your Capricorn Descendant guides you toward someone with a strong will. 

Traits your BFF should have according to your Capricorn Descendant

Your Capricorn Descendant will guide you to a Best Friend Forever (BFF) that will stand up for you. In your friendship you’re seen as the golden retriever and your BFF is seen as the black cat. Your BFF is audacious and is not scared to confront others, and you are softspoken and like thinking with your emotions. If the two of you come together, an ultimate team of friends is formed. Your BFF can stand up for you when others try to take advantage of your soft side. And you can stand up for your BFF when a problem requires a bit more of a rational (and emotional) approach. This is why your Capricorn Descendant guides you toward a BFF that will stand up for you. 

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