What's the Meaning of my Pisces Descendant?

How your Pisces Descendant guides you toward your Soulmate & BFF

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Your Pisces Descendant plays an important role in your relationship with your soulmate & BFF. Your Pisces Descendant guides you toward people that can give you something you can’t give yourself therefore, complementing you. This is why it’s important to know what your Pisces Descendant means.

What's a Descendant Sign?

Your Descendant Sign lies opposite your Ascendant/ Rising Sign and on the angle of your 7th House: The House of Relationships. Your Descendant Sign is tasked with guiding you toward people who can complete you. This means that your Descendant Sign guides you toward people that possess something you don’t have but, still need according to your birth chart. 

Your Descendant Sign has the most influence on your love life; more than any other Planet or Sign. Read my full story about your Descendant Sign’s influence on your love life. 

How your Descendant Sign influences the traits of your Soulmate & BFF

Your Descendant Sign lies opposite your Ascendant Sign therefore, depicting opposite traits relative to your Ascendant/ Rising Sign. The relationship between your Ascendant/ Rising Sign and your Descendant Sign is referred to as the Major Astrological Aspect: Opposition. In astrology an Opposition occurs when two Planets or Signs lie directly opposite each other (180 degrees apart). As a result of this they have opposite meanings or traits. The same goes for your Ascendant and Descendant Sign. Your Ascendant Sign reveals your true traits more specifically, your traits from the day you were born. And your Descendant Sign reveals the traits of people that are supposed to complete you. 

Your Descendant Sign depicts the true traits of people that have traits you don’t have (yet still need in your life) therefore, completing you. For example, if you tend to be a bit soft-spoken having a soulmate that is more assertive than you, could be a great addition on your life. Your Descendant Sign guides you toward people that complete you, through its ruling of the 7th House: The House of Relationships. The 7th House governs what you should look for in people (soulmates and BFF’s) before having a relationship with them. And your Descendant Sign guides you toward these people by revealing the traits others should have in order to be a good addition in your life. 

Before I tell you about the traits of your soulmate & BFF according to your Pisces Descendant, I’ll tell you about where you can find your Descendant Sign. Your Descendant Sign is positioned on in your 7th House (on the angle of your 7th House). Therefore, your Descendant Sign = the Sign in your 7th House. You can find your Descendant Sign using computer software like cafe astrology’s birth chart calculator. Just enter your birthday, birth time and birthplace and; click submit. After you’ve clicked submit scroll down to the first table and look for the 7th House by locating the Roman Numerals: “VII”. The Sign located here is your Descendant Sign and if it’s Pisces then this article is for you. 

Traits your Soulmate should have according to your Pisces Descendant

If you have a Pisces Descendant you also have a Virgo Rising/ Ascendant. Before I get jump into the traits of your soulmate according to your Pisces Descendant. I’ll set the stage by revealing your true-self according to your Virgo Rising/ Ascendant.  

As someone with a Virgo Rising you tend to be reserved emotionally and you’re quite sensitive to the outside world. This means that you like to focus on your own life instead of the life of others. The reason you do this is because, you tend to get hurt or distracted by what happens in the world. Whenever you see something happen or when you feel something is wrong, your empathetic side immediately wants to help. This is one of your best strengths, and makes people around you like you. However, you can’t always help in every situation or help everyone. This makes you feel uneasy and a bit upset therefore, making you sensitive to the outside world. On the other hand, you also tend to hide your emotions from the world. You’ve never been someone that others could read to figure out if there was something off about you. And because, you’ve been doing this for so long nowadays it’s even harder to read you. You do tend to have emotions and feelings but, you never seem to know about when and where you should show this. The thing is you actually have a lot of emotions and feelings because, of your empathy for others. And because of your Virgo Rising you never reveal your emotions that are caused by your empathy. 

Your Pisces Descendant will guide you toward a soulmate that doesn’t have an issue with showing the world their emotions. Your soulmate is also aware of your sensitive emotions so they tend to be careful not to hurt your emotional self. Your Pisces Descendant guides you toward someone that can show their emotions because, you’re not keen on doing this yourself. Your soulmate could help you try and see that it isn’t such a big deal to show the world that some events affect you. There also is no issue with showing the world that you tend to have a weak spot for people, animals or just events. Your soulmate could help you explore this emotional side of yourself, that will feel much more comfortable in sharing their emotions. Your Pisces Descendant also guides you to this type of soulmate because, they’re very careful about not hurting your emotional self. They know about how you tend to be affected by the world and are willing to go around it. Therefore, your Pisces Descendant guides you toward a soulmate that can help you find ways to the world your emotions. 

Traits your BFF should have according to your Pisces Descendant

Your Pisces Descendant will guide you toward a Best Friend Forever (BFF), that takes comfort in having a free mind. This means that your BFF tends to live both inward and outward. Your BFF wants to see and experience as much of the world as possible. They tend to ask questions about how the world works and about how people deal with the world. Your BFF also has a strong emotional side, which is why they’re so keen on asking people about their thoughts. Your BFF will give you something you also can’t give yourself, just like your soulmate. Your BFF will show you that there isn’t an issue with asking if others feel the same way that you do. This is why your Pisces Descendant guides you toward a BFF that also shows their emotions (and questions them). 

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