Taurus Midheaven: Intelligent, Creative and an Icon

Full Guide to Taurus Midheaven — Career, Status & Activism


Your Taurus Midheaven plays an important role in giving you insight into the type of careers that might appeal to you. Your Taurus Midheaven also reveals how the public thinks of you and your activism.

What's a Midheaven Sign?

Your Midheaven Sign lies on the angle of your 10th House (The House of Social status & Work) and is the highest point in your birth chart. Your Midheaven Sign governs your career and your public image. Your Midheaven Sign is also concerned with your charitable acts and your activism. By interpreting your Midheaven you can gain insight into which skills & traits you should utilize in your career. And how the public sees you based on your personality and your career (your status). 

You can read your Midheaven Sign like: Taurus in Midheaven or just Taurus Midheaven. 

How does your Midheaven Sign influence your career & public image?

Your Midheaven Sign (positioned in your 10th House) is also seen as the high point of your life because, at the stage in your life when your Midheaven influences you, you reap success. Your Midheaven builds upon all your experiences from the prior 9 Houses. Therefore, your Midheaven governs your 10th House so everything that will be depicted in your 10th House is dictated by your Midheaven Sign. To assess which career you should have your Midheaven looks toward the previous 9 Houses and asks: “what have you learned?”, ‘how has that changed you as a person?” and “how can you grow from this?”. Thereafter, your Midheaven Sign comes up with careers and opportunities in your life that might appeal to you and will help to shape you. 

Before I jump to interpreting your Taurus Midheaven, I’ll tell you about where you can find your Midheaven Sign. Your Midheaven Sign lies at the angle of your 10th House so, the Sign in your 10th House is your Midheaven. You can also use computer software programs to find your Midheaven if you don’t know which Sign is in your 10th House. cafe astrology’s birth chart calculator is a good option. Just enter your birthday, birth time and birthplace. After you’ve clicked submit scroll down to the first table and look for the 10th House. The 10th House is depicted by the Roman Numeral: “X”. The Sign in this column is your Midheaven, if its Taurus then this article is for you. 

Taurus Midheaven's influence on your career

As Taurus Midheaven you tend to be driven by your success while being creative and elegant in your appearance. A Taurus Midheaven has quite expensive taste and likes to live luxuriously, this is why they tend to choose high paying careers. Making a lot of money is not that difficult for a Taurus Midheaven because they are so good at their job. Your ability to craft a personality that combines your best traits is your biggest success factor. A Taurus Midheaven is best suited for a career that allows them to be creative, intelligent and risky. You seek these aspects in your career because you have the brains to solve complex problems as well as having the ability to make high risk decisions. 

A Taurus Midheaven also has exceptional leadership qualities because of the way they act. When people look at a Taurus Midheaven, they aspire to reach their heights and their status. This makes it a lot easier for a Taurus Midheaven to lead people and to influence their actions. As Taurus Midheaven you can also talk to someone too in a charismatic way to get them to do something that would benefit the entire team. A Taurus Midheaven makes the team’s goal bigger than themself. This means that as a Taurus Midheaven you’re willing to put a lot of time into inspiring and energizing team members, to reach the team’s goals. A Taurus Midheaven also has a good ability to make complex team goals very easy to understand and remember for all the team members. When a Taurus Midheaven leads a team, no team member will be left behind. 

What to look for in a career as a Taurus Midheaven?

As a Taurus Midheaven you should look for a career that allows you to use your intelligence and your creative ability to solve problems, while paying you a lot. Because people with a Taurus Midheaven are known to be extrinsically motivated, having a job that pays you well is a must. A Taurus Midheaven also needs to have a demanding career that challenges their intelligence and their team leading skills. This allows them to lead a team to solve bigger issues or to reach bigger goals. As a Taurus Midheaven you will be most suited to lead a team because people are in awe of your intelligence and elegance. In teams people also look up to a Taurus Midheaven for its exceptional ability to build people. This is why a Taurus Midheaven should look for a career that puts their intelligence, creative problem-solving and teambuilding skills to use. 

Careers for a Taurus Midheaven: banker, lawyer, consultant, and creative director. 


Taurus Midheaven's influence on your public image

Your Taurus Midheaven also governs the way people look at you, and the way they feel about you: your public image. As a Taurus Midheaven you’re known for your elegant and luxurious outer appearance. When people look at you, they can immediately notice that you’re quite successful and that you have a mature taste. Your taste is matured because you tend to choose timeless pieces instead of hopping on fashion trends. You’re also put together quite well from ironing your clothes, to having clean shoes and fresh lipstick. The people around you have noticed that you put a lot of effort into your outer appearance and can appreciate how you’re always put together so well. 

Your personality and your values also influence how others perceive you. A Taurus Midheaven is known to be intelligent, creative and a good team leader that supports others. Your entire demeanor focuses on helping your team members reach greater heights. You do whatever it takes to keep them energized and motivated in order to get them to reach team goals. Your work is much more than you, you want others to succeed as well and you’re willing to make it happen. The people around a Taurus Midheaven perceive them as someone that is always invested in their subordinates’ progress. Thus, a Taurus Midheaven is seen as a good leader, which is willing to support and transfer knowledge to benefit the entire team. 

Taurus Midheaven's influence on your activism

As a Taurus Midheaven you also tend to be quite generous to others that are less fortunate. Because of your wealth and your financial stability, you never doubt to give to charitable organizations. Taurus Midheavens also tend to be involved in philanthropy where they try to change the world. Or to at least leave the world a bit better than when they got introduced to the world. Your activism as Taurus a Midheaven involves being active in charitable and philanthropic events that shape a better world. 

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