Virgo Midheaven Guide: Considerate, Caring & an Advocate

Full interpretation of Virgo Midheaven


Your Virgo Midheaven gives insight into which careers would be suited for you as well as the way people around you perceive you. Your Virgo Midheaven is also concerned with giving you the momentum to lead a fulfilling life by advocating for major issues.

What's a Midheaven Sign?

Your Midheaven Sign or Medium Coeli (MC) is positioned on the angle of your 10th House therefore, governing your 10th House. Your Midheaven Sign influences your career, public image & your activism. Your Midheaven Sign gives insight into which career you should pick based on your past experience and your most influential traits. Because, your career is depicted here this also goes hand-in-hand with your social status (public image)—also depicted by your Midheaven. And lastly your Midheaven also depicts how active and involved you are in raising awareness for major issues. 

You can refer to your Midheaven Sign as: Virgo Midheaven or Midheaven in Virgo—both mean the same. 

How does your Midheaven Sign influence your career, public image & activism?

Your Midheaven Sign lies on the angle of your 10th House (The House of Career, Status & Life’s work) therefore, ruling your 10th House. Your 10th House gives insight into the careers that would fit you, the way others perceive you and how you advocate for other people or things. Everything in your 10th House is governed by your Midheaven Sign basically, your Midheaven Sign decides which career you choose. Your Midheaven Sign (when ruling your 10th House) bases your career possibilities on your experiences in the prior 9 Houses. It looks toward the previous 9 Houses and asks: “what have I learned?”, “how has this shaped me as a person?” and “how can I grow from this?”. As a result of this your Midheaven Sign devises the career that is best fit for you. This leads to the way the public perceives you and how you advocate for others. 

Before I get to interpreting your Virgo Midheaven, I’ll tell you about where you can find your Midheaven Sign. Your Midheaven Sign is positioned in your 10th House, so the Sign in your 10th House is your Midheaven Sign. You can find this using cafe astrology’s birth chart calculator. Just enter your birthday, birth time and birthplace and click submit. After you’ve clicked submit; scroll down to the first table and look for the 10th House. You can find the 10th House by locating the Roman Numeral: “X”. The Sign here is your Midheaven Sign and if this is Virgo then this article is for you. 

Virgo Midheaven's influence on your career

Someone with their Midheaven in Virgo likes their work to be energizing. This means that you seek for careers that allow you to have a big impact on a lot of people. Alongside this, as a Virgo Midheaven you’re also caring, considerate and practical when it comes to your work. This allows you to be the best version of yourself, which makes you a good colleague and representative of your organization. A Virgo Midheaven seeks a career that allows them to care for others because, they already have a nurturing side to them. They’ve always found it interesting to help others or to be of help to the people around them. To a Virgo Midheaven this caring persona comes naturally which, makes their job an extension of who they are. This allows a Virgo Midheaven to alleviate others their issues or illnesses. A Virgo Midheaven is all about getting to know people for who they are, and finding out the best way to help them. 

A Virgo Midheaven is also incredibly intelligent and since they’re so people focused; they find no issue with transferring their knowledge. As a Virgo Midheaven you get a moment of satisfaction and a quick burst of energy when someone thanks you for your help. This is why you like to be people- focused in your career; you can immediately see the impact of your work. For a Virgo Midheaven this part of their work is incredibly important, you want to see the impact you create. As a result of this you’re also a great colleague that is proactive and willing to help. You have no issue with stepping in for your colleagues or giving them valuable criticism. As a Virgo Midheaven not only, your customers should improve their life but, your colleagues as well. The people around you have started to notice this side of you, and feel comfortable to call upon you for help. They think of a Virgo Midheaven as someone that is always considerate and non-judgemental, just someone that genuinely wants to help. 

What you should look for in a career as a Virgo Midheaven

As a Virgo Midheaven you don’t want the impact of your work to be abstract. This means that you like to see the smiles of clients after you’ve successfully helped them. Or the improvements that people make in their life after asking for your services. A Virgo Midheaven wants their career to embrace their passionate, considerate and nurturing traits. This narrows down their career opportunities to certain service based and people facing careers. As a Virgo Midheaven you want interaction in your career so, you can transfer you great personality and your world-class charisma. A Virgo Midheaven also wants to light up people their world, and to make their day better than it ever was. And the best part of all of this, all of this comes natural to a Virgo Midheaven. So natural that a Virgo Midheaven doesn’t even notice that they have such a huge positive impact on the people they interact with.  

Careers for a Virgo Midheaven: nurse, teacher, customer representative or psychologist. 

Virgo Midheaven's influence on your public image

As a Virgo Midheaven you are caring, considerate and non-judgemental, this makes people feel comfortable around you. This also makes you popular in your community however, you’re not only known for this. Your persona extends to another dimension. You’re also helpful and willing to get your hands dirty to be of help to others. You tend to care about people more than the average person. This also makes you well-liked and well-known in your community. People feel like you’re always there to catch them when they fall or to give them a hand when they can’t do something. You’re striking personality combined with your helpful demeanor also makes people look up to you. A Virgo Midheaven can be referred to as a picture-perfect person that doesn’t come around too often. They way you’re considerate of others and helpful at the same time makes you the perfect reference point. 

Virgo Midheaven's influence on your activism

As a Virgo Midheaven you also like to stand up for inequality and societal issues. What makes your type of activism unique is, that you specifically like to stand for things that can’t be an advocate for themself. In your case you’re actively getting awareness for the planet and for animals. You make point strong by showing up to protests & marches, by signing petitions & voting and by sharing awareness on your own socials. You particularly feel a sense of connection with these endeavors because, you’re so caring and positive. A Virgo Midheaven likes to ask themself the question: “If not me, then who?”. This justifies why they want to stand up for issues in which the affected can’t stand up for themself (for example, animals). 

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