Aquarius Midheaven: Innovative, Entrepreneur & Progessive

Full Interpretation of your Aquarius Midheaven


Your Aquarius Midheaven plays has a significant influence on the career you should choose. It also governs the way the people around you perceive you. And lastly, your Aquarius Midheaven plays an important role in how you advocate for societal & environmental issues. This is why it’s important to interpret your Aquarius Midheaven.

What's a Midheaven Sign?

Your Midheaven Sign lies on the angle of your 10th House (The House of Career, Status & Life’s Work) therefore, governing your 10th House. As a result of this governing your Midheaven Sign dictates what your 10th House depicts. As a result of this your Midheaven Sign can be interpreted to understand your career, public image & activism. Your Midheaven Sign gives insight into which careers would suit you based on your past experiences and your traits. Your Midheaven Sign is also concerned with giving insight into how the public perceives you. And lastly your Midheaven can give indications about how active you are in social causes or charitable events.  

Your Midheaven Sign can be referred to as: Aquarius Midheaven or Midheaven in Aquarius. 

How does your Midheaven Sign influence your career, public image & activism

Your Midheaven Sign is positioned on the angle of your 10th House therefore, governing your 10th House. Your Midheaven Sign is also seen as the highest point in your life because, it’s the highest point in your birth chart. Your Midheaven Sign gives insight into your career, public image & activism. It does this by building on the experiences you’ve had during the previous 9 Houses (each House depicts a stage in your life) in your birth chart. Your Midheaven Sign looks at the previous 9 Houses and asks: “how has my past made me?”, “how can I learn from my past?” and “how will I grow from my past?”. As a result of this your Midheaven Sign comes up with career opportunities that are a direct extension of who you are. This also leads to shaping the way the public sees you and the way you give back to the public. 

Before I interpret your Aquarius Midheaven, I’ll you about where you can find your Aquarius Midheaven. Your Aquarius Midheaven is the same as the Sign in your 10th House. You can find this using cafe astrology’s birth chart (natal chart) calculator. Just enter your birthday, birth time and birthplace; and click submit. After you’ve clicked submit; scroll down to the first table. Locate the 10th House by looking for the Roman Numeral”. The Sign in your 10th House is your Midheaven Sign and if it’s Aquarius then this article is for you. 

Aquarius Midheaven's influence on your career

Someone with their Midheaven in Aquarius likes to be entrepreneurial, innovative and rebellious. You like to challenge the status quo and you like improving current offerings. To achieve this, you count on your analytic and practical talent. An Aquarius Midheaven has quite the intelligence to see opportunities that others don’t and to be much more unique than their competitors. Someone with their Midheaven in Aquarius is focused on bettering the world and improving their own living standards. Their life’s philosophy consists of working to serve others and accumulating a vast amount of wealth as a result of doing this successfully. And to be fair, an Aquarius Midheaven has all of this already lined up. Their risk-taking behavior as well as their unwavered perseverance puts them in the top 1% of entrepreneurs. Whatever comes across an Aquarius Midheaven’s path; they’re keen on dealing with it and resolving the issue. 

Another key trait of someone with their Midheaven in Aquarius is their ability to innovate. In reality only people with their Midheaven in Aquarius are most likely to be innovative. To innovate you need to be an expert in your field, you need to be able to think creatively and you need to have the motivation and dedication to persevere. All of these traits come natural to an Aquarius Midheaven, this makes you really good at innovating. You can spot flaws in current offerings because, of your analytic mind and your expertise. And you can come up with alternative solutions because, of your creativity. All of these sequential steps are driven by your dedication and your unwavered perseverance. This is why an Aquarius Midheaven is so good at innovating.

What you should look for in a career as an Aquarius Midheaven

As someone with their Midheaven in Aquarius you like to be innovative thus, making you interested in doing your own thing. You also want to be able to follow your own course in your career as well, as doing what your heart desires. All of the choices you make in your career should be a direct extension of who you are, at your truest core. An Aquarius Midheaven wants to create impact and to alleviate people. This is quite unique to an Aquarius Midheaven only. The reason this is unique is because, of an Aquarius Midheaven’s expertise, creativity and motivation. As a result of all of this the career opportunities for someone with their Midheaven in Aquarius are narrowed. Your career should allow you to act on your curiosity so you can create the things you like. It should also give you the ability to be an innovator that improves current products and services. 

Careers for an Aquarius Midheaven: entrepreneur, architect, software developer or engineer. 

Aquarius Midheaven's influence on your public image

As someone with their Midheaven in Aquarius you’re all about renewal and progression. You want the world to move forward and to get better. You’re also keen on helping people to improve their lives. Because of your creativity you also want certain things in the world to be changed entirely for the benefit of everyone. The people around you perceive you as someone that likes to think beyond borders. You’re not about thinking within current knowledge, you want to know more. This brings you on a path that has never been explored before, and in some cases not even discovered. The people around you also admire you sense of creativity and your dedication. The way you can indulge yourself into your curiosity is rare thus, motivating your community. Someone with their Midheaven in Aquarius is seen as unique in the sense that they can innovate and improve what others cannot. This is driven by their scarce personality and dedication. 

Aquarius Midheaven's influence on your actvism

Someone with their Midheaven in Aquarius likes to be progressive and transformative. This means that they like to stand up for major societal and environmental issues. You can always find an Aquarius Midheaven to take part in protests, marches or petitions. They’re keen on getting others their attention to issues that have a significant impact on how we live today and in the future. And because, of an Aquarius Midheaven’s creative side they can find new ways to communicate the issues and to get others to pay attention. This is why an Aquarius Midheaven’s activism concerns progression. 

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