What's the meaning of Jupiter in Aquarius?

Full interpretation of Jupiter in Aquarius

If you’ve ever wondered about what Jupiter’s position in Aquarius means in your birth chart, you’re in the right place. Your Jupiter’s influence on you is quite significant, it shapes who you’ll be by renewing who you currently are. During your times of despair Jupiter’s influence will be more prevalent. In this article I’ll dive into your Jupiter in Aquarius to help you understand how you can renew yourself to get yourself out of tough times. 

jupiter in aquarius full meaning

What does Jupiter mean in astrology?

Jupiter is one of the 9 planets in your birth chart. Jupiter has a significant influence on how you transform yourself into the ideal person. It guides you toward new opportunities which give you the chance to renew yourself. Secondly, Jupiter maintains your hopefulness and your optimism. This enables you to utilize your inner strength and energy which allows you to persevere. As a result of this you can accelerate your way out of the bad times that you face.

Jupiter governs your optimism and new opportunities. 

Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and the co-ruler of Pisces; this means that the traits of these Signs are shaped by Jupiter. The traits of Sagittarius are a quest for knowledge. This is in line, with Jupiter’s influence on our willingness to renew ourself. And the traits of Pisces are empathy and sensitivity. This is the result of Jupiter’s influence on our soft side. 

Jupiter therefore, maintains your optimism and guides you toward new opportunities. 

Where you can find your Jupiter Sign

Your Jupiter’s position in one of the 12 Signs in your birth chart depends on a couple of factors. Your Jupiter Sign is based on Jupiter’s position in the sky on the day you were born. Your Jupiter Sign is therefore, the result of the planet Jupiter’s position on your birthday, birth time and birth place. If you were to manually figure out what your Jupiter Sign is, you’ll be busy for quite some time (because of the math). Luckily, there are computer programs like cafe astrology’s Jupiter Sign calculator, that make this process much easier. Just enter your birthday, birth time and birthplace. The computer program will calculate your Jupiter Sign. If your Jupiter Sign is Aquarius then this article is for you. 

Which traits does Aquarius have?

Aquarius is associated with being innovative, progressive and a humanitarian. These are the most notorious traits of the Sign Aquarius. Aquarius’ traits are important because, they allow us to think beyond our current times. It allows us to question if the world can be better, or if times can get better. This enables us to be innovative and progressive in all of aspects of our life. Aquarius therefore, gives us the ability to innovate and to be progressive which improves our lives. Aquarius also gives us the tendency to lend out a hand to those who are less fortunate. It provides us with empathy and empowers us to change the situations of others. So, we can also impact and influence those who less fortunate.  

Any planet that is positioned in Aquarius will show these traits of Aquarius. Planets govern sides of our personality like our romantical (Venus) side or our illusions (Neptune). These side of ourselves will therefore show Aquarius traits. For example, when it comes to romance if your Venus is in Aquarius. You have the tendency to think of new ways to show your lover how much you appreciate them. 

What does it mean when your Jupiter is in Aquarius?

As someone with their Jupiter in Aquarius you’re always seeking opportunities to renew yourself. You consider your true strength to be your ability to innovate and to move forward. This allows you to stay ahead of your peers when it comes to life. Your drive and ambitions excel you to the finish line. Which forces you to one up your last achievement. You’re always in a competition with yourself to do better then you did last time. The pro of this, is that you’re better than other people at figuring out your life. The con of this competitive behavior with yourself, is that you’ll never be satisfied or appreciative of yourself.  

Yes, your main goal in life should be to keep moving forward and to keep renewing yourself. But you shouldn’t do it so much that you start to be unappreciative of how far you’ve come. Or how you’ve managed to come out on top of a lot bad situations. Your Jupiter in Aquarius provides you with the strength to keep renewing yourself, allowing you to transform into the ideal person. The key here is, that you stay true to who you really are when transforming. What I mean by this, is that if something doesn’t feel right to you or isn’t a part of who you are. You should be willing to let it go instead of forcing yourself to do it or to like it. 

Your Jupiter in Aquarius also plays an important role in how you can see the positive side of the world. A mind that is occupied with negativity cannot function properly. It constantly thinks about the wrong things or focuses its energy on the bad side of life. This isn’t stimulating for you nor energizing. Therefore, your Jupiter in Aquarius brings about a positive perspective which will allow you to see the better side of the world. As a result of this your mind is free of negativity and always focused on influencing others positively. This also has a big impact on how you interact with people. They consider you to be a ray of sunshine that can brighten up their day. And they don’t feel your negative presence which makes them addicted to you. 

How you can utilize your Jupiter in Aquarius to better your life

The first thing is to realize that your Jupiter’s position in Aquarius does bring upon new opportunities to renew yourself. For example, new friends or new hobbies. There is no real issue with seizing these opportunities or living them. You should however be weary of what makes you, who you are. This part of who you are should never be lost to impress people or to fit somewhere. If you do this, you’re not renewing yourself in a good way. Everything in your life should be a reflection of who you truly are or of who you want to become. 

And the second thing to realize is that the world isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. When you focus on the negative side of the world eventually all you’ll see is negativity. Your Jupiter in Aquarius gives you the ability to also look for positivity and to remain hopeful. You should definitely utilize these energies, because it’ll set you apart from a lot of people. Therefore, you should focus less on negativity and more on the things that make you feel good and positive. Having a strong character coupled with high moral will get you far in life! 

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