What does it mean when Jupiter is in Pisces?

Full interpretation of Jupiter in Pisces

In this article I want to embark on an important walk with you to interpret your Jupiter in Pisces. Your Jupiter in Pisces plays an important role in guiding you to your true self. It continuously changes and reshapes you to get you closer to your eventual self. Its influence is most noticeable during your times of despair. In these moments you need change for the greater good that will lastingly better you. For this simple reason, it’s crucial that you understand what your Jupiter in Pisces means. 

Jupiter in pisces full interpretation

What does Jupiter mean in astrology?

Jupiter is one the 9 planets in our solar system. It might not be as popular as the Sun or as red as Mars, but its influence on you cannot be ignored. In astrology Jupiter is considered to bring upon renewal and times of great transformation. This allows you to change who you are to fit your changing circumstances. As we all know, the world and therefore life is constantly changing. As a result of this we also need to keep changing and adapting to new times and situations. This is why your Jupiter Sign is so important. If you weren’t changing or adapting, you’d lose a grip of how you can position yourself in the world. You wouldn’t be grounded but, rather waving in the wind trying to find something to hold on to.  

So, Jupiter gives you the ability to fit better in a changing world. It also gives you a strong sense of hope and optimism. Times of change are always accompanied by big downturns. These are gray times filled with sorrow. To exit these times of downturns Jupiter gives us the optimism we need, to see better times ahead of us. This will allow you to keep pushing and to find your groove. All of this effort and optimism will lead you to a better life.

Where can you find your Jupiter Sign?

Finding your Jupiter Sign is relatively easy with computer software programs like cafe astrology’s Jupiter Sign calculator. Just enter your birthday, birth time and birthplace. After you’ve clicked submit your Jupiter Sign will appear. If your Jupiter Sign is Pisces, it means that Jupiter was present in Pisces on the day and time of your birth. 

This will lead me to telling you what your Jupiter Sign is based on. The position of Jupiter relative to earth constantly changes due to the earth’s rotation around the Sun. Therefore, during one year, Jupiter falls into all of the 12 Signs in a birth chart. This is why it’s important to not only use your day of birth, but also your birth time and birthplace to find your Jupiter Sign. 

Which traits does Pisces have?

The traits that Pisces has are being intuitive and displaying a lot of sensitivity. Pisces reveals a rather subliminal side of who you are. It gives you a different perspective on life which is mainly driven by your gut feeling. Pisces has a significant influence on making people focused internally. This means that people don’t tend to care about what the world thinks of them or how the world sees them. They’re more concerned with shaping and living their own life. Pisces can also be credited for showing a more sensitive side of humans. This is obvious through someone’s empathy and the heavy heart that they have for others.

Any planet that is present in Pisces will show the traits of Pisces. A quick way to remember this relationship: Planets govern different sides of who we are e.g. our romantical side (Venus) or our quest for knowledge (Neptune). The sides of ourself will show the traits of the Sign in which the planet is positioned.

What does it mean when your Jupiter is in Pisces?

If Jupiter is in Pisces in your birth chart it means that you’re significantly defined by your intuition. Your intuition guides you to places that bring upon new opportunities. This makes you quite special, because your intuition is so strong that it’s correct most of the time. When moments of downturn come into your life, you suddenly get new ideas or plans in your head. This allows to figure out a method or an action plan to come out on top. Your Jupiter in Pisces therefore, provides you with the intuition to thrust yourself out of the downturns that you face. This will allow you to come out on top stronger than you’ve ever been. Think of your Jupiter in Pisces like a magic wand. It’s an important part of your life that can do wonders. A closer look at your intuition will reveal that it always portrays what is best for you. This is why it’s so occupied with improving your life and bringing renewal. 

Your Jupiter’s position in Pisces also plays an important role in opening you up to the bright side of the world. Your mind should be clear and clean of any negativity that the world faces. Many people tend to ignore how negativity can consume your energy to make you feel down and unmotivated. For example, if you constantly read news articles about crime on a daily basis. You might get the idea that crime is increasing. But, if you zoom out and look at the bigger picture, crime might be decreasing. In this instance you’ll be focused on the negativity which will make you think negatively without any real substance behind it. This is why your Jupiter in Pisces gives you the energy to also focus on what makes the world positive. Because this will have a lasting impact on your mindset and your life. 

How can you self-discover your Jupiter in Pisces?

In this article I have achieved to tell you which parts of who you are, are influenced by your Jupiter in Pisces. What I want you to get out this article, is a reflection of your own life. To achieve this, I’ll provide you with a set of questions that should help you explore how can figure out your Jupiter in Pisces’ influence on your day-to-day activities. 

1. How often do I make decisions that are irrational instead of following my intuition? 

*If you make irrational decisions more often than following your intuition your intuition, your Jupiter in Pisces has a minor influence. Irrational decisions are made when time is scarce. Allow yourself to think and reflect on what’s best for you.  

*If you make more decisions based off of your intuition, it indicates that your Jupiter in Pisces already plays a major role in your life. 

2. Do I actively look for negativity in the world or is it just thrown onto my path? 

*If you look at the bad things in life or the negativity. Your Jupiter in Pisces has not been allowed to influence your life yet. Allow yourself to unlearn this habit and start seeing the good side of things. 

*If you don’t actively look for bad things, then your Jupiter in Pisces already influences this side of you. 

3. How is it that you deal with setbacks in life? 

*When a setback comes it prepares you for a comeback, that’s life. Your Jupiter in Pisces is concerned with renewing and transforming you. During your setbacks, if you remain optimistic and driven, you’re already utilizing the power of your Jupiter in Pisces. 

*If you easily feel down or unmotivated by a setback, it’s also completely normal. Just allow yourself time to think and to persevere. Your Jupiter in Pisces will influence you by giving you the optimism, that will make you focus on the end instead of the current setback. 

I hope that this article has helped you to interpret your Jupiter in Pisces. And I hope that the set of questions have helped you to reflect on your Jupiter in Pisces’s influence on your day-to-day activities. 


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