Mars in Astrology: Sexual Drive & Physical Energy

A Comprehensive guide to your Mars Sign

Your Mars Sign is the true guide to your physical energies. By interpreting your Mars Sign you gain insight into your sexual drive and your competitiveness. 

mars full guide

What does Mars represent in Astrology?

In Astrology Mars governs physical energies like our competitiveness, sexual drive and ambitions. Mars influences the side of your personality that is concerned with your external personality. This means that Mars governs the way you make it known to others what is it that you feel and how you feel it. For example, the way your sexual drive is communicated to your partner. Or when you let others know how competitive you are when you’re playing your favorite sport. 

During these energetic and physical activities (i.e., sex and sports) Mars influences the energies that you exert. This will make it known to people that your very passionate about a certain activity. Or that you find comfort in challenges and strenuous effort.  

Simply put, Mars is concerned with the activities in your life that require you input physical effort. Like sex and competitiveness.

Body Parts & Zodiac Signs that are ruled by Mars

Body Parts ruled by Mars

Because Mars influences your sexual drive it rules your genitalia and your soft spots like your tongue or forearms. Mars is mostly concerned with expressing your sexual drive through these body parts. 

Mars also influences your defined muscles and your strength. This allows you to be physically intimidating. You use your athleticism and muscles to express your competitiveness and the attention you pay to your appearance. 

Zodiac Signs ruled by Mars 

Mars is the Ruler of Aries. This is very noticeable, because Aries are known for their competitive behavior and their drive to come out on top. Therefore, many astrologers consider the personality traits of Aries to be a direct result of Mars’ ruling. 

Mars is also the Ruler of Scorpio. Right off the bat it may not be that obvious as to how Mars rules Scorpio. Scorpios are known to be mysterious and they tend to live in their own reality. This is also influenced by Mars, because Mars gives a Scorpio the ability to set their own goals. This strength makes a Scorpio feel confident and powerful enough to create their own path. This path is so unique and specific to a Scorpio, which is why people can’t figure out what goes on within a Scorpio’s mind.  


When does Mars influence you?

Mars’ influence on you is prevalent when you’ve crossed your twenties till, your mid-life. Because, Mars is concerned with your sexual drive it has a big impact on shaping your first sexual encounters. During this time, you shape your own list of preferences and dislikes. You also tend to be very exploratory and flexible in trying new things. Your sexual drive is also quite high which is why your physical energy is aggressive. 

Mars also influences how competitive you are and how you do whatever it takes to come out on top of others. This is also more prevalent during your early twenties until the day you retire. During this stage of your life aka, your career you continuously compete with peers and colleagues. You also do whatever it takes to come out on top of them. Mars gives you the energy to persevere and to keep moving forward during this strenuous time.  

During this stage of your life (30-55 years of age), your competitiveness is caused by your need to provide for your family. Because, you have a family to take care off and a house to maintain you want to progress in your career. This will allow you to better your status and it will increase your wealth. To achieve this, you have to competitive in your career and your personal life. Being competitive in your personal life, will lead you to friends that can help you get to the top. 

By interpreting your Mars Sign you can gain more insight into your sexual drive and the progression of your career. At the core of these stages in your life lies your physical energy. 

What's a Mars Sign?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably familiar with your Sun Sign. Your Sun Sign is based off of the Sun’s position in 1 of the 12 Zodiac Signs on the day you were born. Your Sun Sign therefore, gives insight into your general personality traits. More specifically, the Sun is concerned with influencing your day-to-day persona. And the Zodiac Sign in which it’s positioned reveals which personality traits prevail in your life. Therefore, your Sun Sign shapes your most significant personality traits. 

The same goes for your Mars Sign. Your Mars Sign is the result of Mars’ position in 1 of the 12 Zodiac Signs on your birthday. Mars influences your physical energies like your sexual drive, competitiveness and ambition. And each of the 12 Zodiac Signs have personality traits assigned to them that are unique to them. When your Mars is positioned in 1 of these Signs your personality is formed when it comes to your sexual drive and competitive. As a result of this, it becomes more noticeable how you translate your sexual drive and competitiveness through certain traits.  

For example, someone with their Mars in Virgo likes to be outperform their peers. They want to do this, because they want to have a big impact on the world. Their vision and ambitions are so great; this is why they race to the top as quickly as possible.  

In the example above someone their competitiveness is directly translated into more noticeable personality traits.

Where can you find your Mars Sign?

Finding your Mars Sign is relatively easy with Cafe astrology’s Mars Sign calculator. Just enter your birthday, birth time and birthplace. After you’ve clicked submit your Mars Sign will be calculated. 

Try to enter your birth time as accurately as you possibly can. Because, of Mars was in transit on the day of your birth: moving from one Zodiac Sign to another Zodiac Sign. Your Mars Sign will be completely different if you enter the wrong birth time. 

Why you should know what your Mars Sign means

Who doesn’t want to know how their partner perceives their sexual drive? Your Mars Sign gives insight into your personality traits when it comes to your sexual drive. What I mean by this, is that you can gain insight into how others perceive you. After you’ve gained this knowledge, you can start to work on improving yourself. Or you can start to perfect yourself. 

This is what Astrology is all about. It can tell us about who we are and how the world sees us. During your journey of self-discovery with the help of Astrology you can improve who you are. To get you to reach the final version of yourself. 

By interpreting your Mars Sign you can also gain insight into your competitiveness. Are you perhaps too competitive, to the point where you are no longer a team player? Or are you competitive, because you never seem satisfied with all that you have achieved? By diving deeper into your Mars Sign you can gain insight into these questions. 

You can start by interpreting the (general) meaning of your Mars Sign down below. 

The Meaning of all of the 12 Mars Signs

Now that we’ve taken a look at what Mars is & why you should know what your Mars Sign means. As well as where you can find your Mars Sign. I’ll provide you with the meaning of your Mars Sign. 

Mars in Aries 

If your Mars in Aries your inner-energy is focused on satisfying your own needs and giving yourself the best that the world has to offer. This indicates that you prioritize your well-being, your wellness and your self-growth. When you enter a relationship or a friendship your main goal is to help your partner (or friend) to grow, so they don’t lower the value you have for yourself. You can easily transfer your mindfulness to others. This also means that you want your partner or friend to prioritize you as much as you prioritize yourself. Your energy is therefore, focused on keeping the balance in the relationship or partnership. 

Sexual drive if your Mars is in Aries

If your Mars is in Aries your sexual drive is comprised of explorative teases. You like to try new things with your partner, that will fulfill long-held fantasies of yours. You’re also never scared to be surprised by your partner with new moves or kinks. 

Mars in Taurus 

Someone with their Mars in Taurus doesn’t let the negativity around them get into their mind. Your mind is much more resistant against negativity, because you have a strong personality. Therefore, your strong personality enables you to only put your energy towards the things that make you happy. Your main purpose in life is to enjoy yourself as much and to grow as much as you can.  

The special part about someone with their Mars in Taurus is their ability to influence others. Your positive demeanor inspires others to contribute their energy towards activities that will make them grow. 

Sexual drive if your Mars is in Taurus

Like the Sign Taurus you are also obsessed with expensive goods, this makes love and sex an expensive activity. You show your sexual interest in your partner by buying expensive lingerie or candles. This allows you to excite your partner and to make the sex worthwhile to remember

Mars in Cancer 

Someone with their Mars in Cancer is very people-focused. You like to stand up for the people who can’t stand up for themselves. And you like to jump to the aid of others during their bad times. Your philosophy on life consists of seeing yourself as someone that can make the lives of others much better. The biggest driver of your service to others is your empathy and your vision for a better world. This allows you to keep looking for new ways to use your energy to better others their lives. The people around you, think of you as someone that lives for others more than you live for yourself. 

Sexual drive if your Mars is in Cancer

With your Mars in Cancer your sexual life is more emotional than it is practical. During sex the both of you might travel into a different dimension. This indicates that sex is more or less poetic and very passionate. You don’t like to see the activity for what it is e.g., penetration. Rather you choose to see it as two flowers mingling to beautify a plant. 

Mars in Gemini 

If your Mars is in Gemini your energy is persuasive. You can find the balance between being charming and assertive. This allows you to keep people interested in you and keen on getting your approval. For you this means that they can provide you with resources or information to better your own career or progress in life. You’re admired for your layered personality, because people find it rewarding to discover new things about you in an incremental way. 

Sexual drive if your Mars in Gemini

If your Mars is Gemini your sexual life is mainly comprised of spontaneous bursts of excitement. You and your lover have no issue with getting it on under any circumstance. The love and admiration that the both of you have for each other. Allows you two to be turned on and excited for multiple rounds of sex. 

Mars in Virgo 

Mars in Virgo gives you the ability to be proactive and energetic. You constantly seek new ways to better your life and to climb in your career. This means that your cutthroat about what you want and the people that can give it to you. You know that your resources like time, energy and money are limited. This allows you to be strategic when it comes to reaching the top. You do this by allocating your energy correctly and by cutting people off that are a hindrance. Your success is therefore admired, because to others you appear to be ‘real’: you don’t hide what you want. 

Sexual drive if your Mars is in Virgo

With your Mars in Virgo your sexual life is characterized by perfectionism. You want your sex to be straight out of fairy tale or a movie. This is why you choose to have sex in unique places. And to consist of unique elements like flower paths or candle shrines. 

Mars in Leo 

If your Mars is in Leo your energy is translated in your great athleticism. You’re very competitive which is why you keep training to break your personal records. This is mainly achieved by your strong mindset and your hunger for success. All of this leads to you being better than your peers at a specific sport. You’re admired for your ability to keep pushing through repetitive and tough practice. Because you work harder than others, you also perform better than others. 

Sexual drive if your Mars is in Leo

The Sign of Leo is known for its passion. To no surprise will your sexual activity also be comprised of passionate love if your Mars is in Leo. This means that you and your partner find pleasure in mutual satisfaction. The both of your coordinate and balance energies so the both of you can find pleasure. 

Mars in Libra 

Someone with their Mars in Libra is keen on establishing authority. You use your appearance and your demeanor to get people to trust and respect you. The energy you give out to the world is comprised of dominance and power. People see you as someone that is very knowledgeable and powerful when it comes to their work or life. This also creates a type of mystification about you, which makes you an interesting person to be around. 

Sexual drive if your Mars is in Libra

Balance is a key trait of Libra. So, with your Mars in Libra you choose to have balanced sex with your partner. You want to show them how much you love them and you allow them to show you how much they love you. Secondly, the both of you balance each other’s energies as well. The way you and your partner talk, act and get each other excited is perfect like clockwork. You have such a way of pulling your partner towards this harmony. Therefore, sex between the two of you is truly magnetic. 

Mars in Scorpio 

If your Mars is in Scorpio, it indicates that you have a lot energy to persevere. It also indicates that you have the courage to try out new things and to learn new topics. The energy you put out to the world consists of interest in people their opinions. And curiosity about how the world works, and how you can better the world. Your Mars in Scorpio is more or less concerned with giving you the fuel to understand and; to better the world.  

Sexual drive if your Mars is in Scorpio

If your Mars is in Scorpio your love is full of playful misunderstandings. It might seem like a scene from a movie when you and your partner have sex. The both of you are so into each other and want to experience each other so much. This is why, the two of you find it difficult to coordinate your actions. Luckily, the both of can laugh about this and consider this to be a true test of the love that you two have for each other. 

Mars in Sagittarius 

If your Mars is in Sagittarius, you are one of a kind. You see beauty is almost every encounter that you have. And every facet of your life. This is the result of Mars’ influence on your positive energy. Mars’ influence puts a pair of glasses on your face that enables you to look for the positive side of bad times. Because of this, your spirits and your happiness are always high. People like to be around you, because your positivity also gets their positivity to get the upper hand. During times of turmoil, you can be seen as the rainbow that shines through. 

Sexual drive if your Mars is in Sagittarius

With your Mars in Sagittarius, you are keen on getting to know what your partner likes. You are more interested in pleasuring your partner, than you are in pleasuring yourself. This allows you to keep pulling out new tricks to figure out what satisfies your partner the most. Your way of having sex is quite unique, because of your focus on your partner. 

Mars in Capricorn 

Someone with their Mars in Capricorn is fast-paced and as sharp as an arrow. Your energy is mainly used to grow you as a person and to progress your life. You find no satisfaction in using your energy for negativity or to talk bad about people. Instead, you use it to broaden your horizons and to impact your community. The thing that makes you so special, is the pace at which you move through life. Every year of life is full of transformation and improvement, because you put all your energy towards your goals. 

Sexual drive if your Mars is in Capricorn

If your Mars is in Capricorn your sex is slow and passionate. You and your partner feel no sense of urgency. And want to enjoy each other’s company for as long as possible. This allows the both of you to travel into an emotional world. In this place there is no rush and only you and your partner exist in it. The bond you two have lies at the core of your passionate sex. 

Mars in Aquarius 

If your Mars is in Aquarius, you have more sentimental energy than physical energies. This means that you attach value to materialistic goods or places, because they remind you of key moments in your life. This makes you quite special, because your mind is like a chest full of gold. In this case the gold represents all of your memories and your experiences. These are of great value to you, which is why you treasure them. 

Sexual drive if your Mars is in Aquarius

With your Mars in Aquarius, you are keen on breaking down the barriers between you and your partner. You tend to lead during sex and to show your strong preferences. To balance this out, you also look for the things that your partner reacts to in the best way. Your sexual drive can be characterized by being open to try new things. And to display your confidence to your partner. 

Mars in Pisces 

If your Mars is in Pisces you like to be deeply involved in your community and your surroundings. You have the energy to do multiple activities at once. You also have a strength and flexibility to move between different tasks. As a result of this, you are very involved in all of the key issues that happen in your environment. For example, issues at your work, your sport club and your friend group. Your intelligence and people skills also allow you to play a key role in these situations.

Sexual drive if your Mars is in Pisces

If your Mars is in Pisces you like to have sensitive and mindful sex. You and your partner are so locked in and focused on each other. This is why every touch and emotion have such a significant influence on each other’s pleasure. 

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