Venus in Aries: Bold & Caring when in Love

A full guide to your Venus in Aries

venus in aries full guide

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What does Venus represent in Astrology?

In Astrology the planet Venus is considered to be the Ruler of your love life. This means that Venus influences all facets of your love life. From the way you fall in love with someone. To the way you fight for your relationship. And the many ways through which you show how much you love your partner. 

Venus therefore, plays a major role in guiding you to your soulmate. And shaping your love life. It gives you the courage to approach your crush. As well as providing you with the energy to keep your relationship interesting and strong. 

What a Venus Sign is & Where you can find it

Your Venus Sign is the result of the planet Venus’ position in 1 of the 12 Zodiac Signs. Just like your Sun Sign, which is also the result of the Sun’s position in 1 of the 12 Zodiac Signs. Your Venus Sign gives insight into specific traits. More specifically, your Venus Sign gives insight into your personality traits when you’re in love. 

By understanding your Venus Sign you can gain insight into your personality when you’re in love: your love personality. This’ll allow you to understand how you act when you’re in love. And how you make people feel when with your romantical antics. Or the way your express your love through sex.  

Your Venus Sign is therefore, a simple way to gain insight into what your love persona is. Based on the Zodiac Sign in which your Venus is present. You’re love persona will be comprised of mostly the traits that are unique to that Zodiac Sign. So, if your Venus is in Pisces. Your love persona for the most part will consist of Pisces traits. 

Where can you find your Venus Sign? 

Finding your Venus Sign would require a lot of advanced math and astronomy. Because, you’d have to calculate the position of Venus on your birthday; birth time and relative to your birthplace. 

Luckily, online computer software programs like Cafe astrology’s Venus Calculator make this much easier. Just enter your birthday, birth time and birthplace. And the Venus calculator will calculate your Venus Sign. 

If possible, try to enter your birth time as correctly as possible. On the days that Venus was transiting into another Zodiac Sign. So, moving from one Zodiac Sign to another Zodiac Sign. It can mean that on one day Venus was in two Zodiac Signs. By entering your correct birth time, the chance is lowered, that you calculate a Venus Sign that isn’t yours. 

If your Venus Sign is Aries, then this article is for you. 

What are the traits of Aries?

If your Venus is positioned in Aries, it’s important to understand what the traits of Aries are. Because, Aries will significantly influence what your love personality traits are. 

Aries’ traits are: being bold, ambitious and always trying to come out on top. Therefore, Aries is considered to be the Sign of leadership and assertiveness. It also provides you with a great vision an ability to get issues out of the way.  

Aries’ also focuses on the rather immaterial side of the world. More specifically, the way you treasure the memories you make with others. And your ability to appreciate the intangible artifacts in your life. Like new knowledge or skills. 

What does it mean when Venus is in Aries?

In short: with your Venus in Aries. You like to take initiative in your relationship. You also like to focus on making memories with your lover. And lastly, you’re not afraid to show your partner off to the world.

As someone with their Venus in Aries you like to take the lead in your relationship. For this reason, you come up with date and gift ideas. You want to ease the burden on your partner as much as possible. So, that’s why you choose to do the majority of tasks. To you this is just a show of love. And honestly, it’s like a fresh breath of air in your partner’s dating life.  

You are also quite bold when it comes to your relationship. This means that during the early stages of falling in love with someone. You’re not afraid to make moves on them and to persuade them. You’re keen on grabbing their attention at any chance you can find. Your courageous personality makes it easier for you take risks and to ask them on a date. 

After you’ve made your crush fall in love with you. Your boldness travels into another dimension. You show them who you are and you’re not scared to let them in on your history. During this time, you also take big risks by taking them to new places. Or doing unconventional activities. This’ll also allow you to get to know what your new partner likes and what they don’t. 

This will allow you to plan dates that your partner will definitely like. This way of accommodating your partner makes them feel valued. It opens their eyes to your caring, considerate and empathetic side. And gives them the impression that you them before, yourself. This is a unique treasure, making someone with their Venus in Aries RARE. 

Your partner has never met someone that is as willing as you are to make them feel treasured. Your love language is to hold your partner in high regard. And to show your true intentions in the form of layered love. This means that you walk down different alleys that all lead to one final destination namely, the ideal balance in your relationship. 

Someone with their Venus in Aries mostly focuses on the intangible aspects of the relationship. This means that you don’t like to spend too much money or time on expensive gifts. Instead, you choose to make memories with your partner and to experience new things. In your relationship you want to spend as much time as you can with your partner. So, the both of you can grow with each other, and into each other. This means that you and your partner explore your common interests and dive deeper into these interests to learn new things. This form of romantical bonding is interesting to the both of you as well as being a great way to come closer to each other. 

With your Venus in Aries, you also become somewhat obsessed with showing your partner off. And showing the world how much you love your partner. To you PDA is not a too farfetched idea. You want the world to know that your partner is the person you love most and the person that makes you the happiest. You also don’t ever want your partner to doubt if you really love them. Or if you’re scared to show to them off to the world. 

Therefore, you are your partner’s concrete bench. This means that you’ll always be there to support and help your partner to get out of tough times. They can turn to you when life gets tough or when tough times get the best of them. For a major part, you can lead by touch. By speaking softly or stroking your partner’s hair you can calm them down. And remind them of your commitment to the relationship, which gives them the energy to move forward. 

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