What Venus means in Astrology & How (& When) it influences you!

Everything you need to know about Venus in Astrology

Your Venus Sign plays an important role in shaping your love personality. It can give insight into how you show your love for others. As well as the way you act when your in love. Therefore, to understand your love life you should start with the interpretation of your Venus Sign.

venus sign explained

What does the planet Venus represent in Astrology?

Venus is one of the 9 planets that you’ll find in your birth chart. It’s also one of the Inner Planets. The Inner Planets give us a deeper dive into our true personality. The Inner Planets are Mercury, Mars & Venus. For example, Mercury gives insight into your hunger for knowledge and self-growth. Mars gives insight into how you give off of your energy to the world. More specifically your attitude, aggressiveness and your drive are all ruled by the Inner Planet Mars. And Venus gives insight into your love life and the personality traits associated with that. The main theme of your Inner Planets amongst which Venus lies is the way it shapes who you truly are. These sides of your personality and the attitude are not influenced by others, but by the respective celestial bodies.  

Venus governs all aspects of your love life.

In astrology Venus is considered to be the Planet that governs all facets of your love life. From the way you make yourself appear attractive, to the way you seek and enjoy pleasure. Venus also governs the personality that you have when your love aka your Love personality. In short, Venus is the mainly concerned with shaping your love life and with guiding you to your partner. 

When does the planet Venus influences you

Venus influences you every time you feel butterflies in your stomach when your crush walks past you. Or when you try to come up with romantic ideas for dates. All of this happens, because of Venus’ influence on your love life. Venus therefore, influences what you look for in a relationship. And how you show affection and interest in people that you feel a connection with. From the earliest stages of your relationships through the turbulent times, Venus influences it all. 

Venus influences your before you enter your relationship. As well as through the tough times of your relationship.

During the early stages of your relationship Venus shapes the preferences that you have for a potential partner. And how you gain the courage to make the first move or how you sharpen your appearance to convince your crush to make the first move. After you enter a relationship Venus influences your curiosity during the relationship. Think of how you explore new things with your new partner. Or how the both of you create new experiences to keep the relationship interesting. And lastly, Venus also influences you during the tumultuous times in your relationship. It does this to make you regain feelings or interest in your partner. And to see past the current negativity to look forward to a prosperous future together. 

What's a Venus Sign?

Your Venus Sign will provide you with the answer to how Venus influences your love life. A Venus Sign is the result of Venus’ position in one of the 12 Zodiac Signs in a birth chart. Firstly, Venus influences your love life. Secondly, the 12 Zodiac Signs in a birth chart all depict personality traits unique to them.  

Therefore, when Venus is positioned in a Zodiac Sign. The influence of Venus becomes more specific to the person. This comes in the form of personality traits. By all means, you can say that your Venus Sign depicts your love personality. This means that your Venus Sign depicts how you act when you’re in love and when you’re in a relationship. It also depicts in how you show affection and how you seek pleasure. Your Venus Sign therefore, can provide you with a blueprint of how others perceive your love. More specifically, the way you make people feel when you’re in love. 

Where you can find your Venus Sign

Your Venus Sign is based off of Venus’ position in one of the 12 Zodiac Signs on your birthday, birth time and birthplace. There are many applications and websites that can provide you with your Venus Sign. The best one by far is Cafe astrology’s Venus Sign calculator. Just enter your birthday, birth time and birth city. After you’ve clicked submit the calculator will generate your Venus Sign. Take notice of your Venus Sign and scroll down to the meaning of your Venus Sign further down in this article. This will help you to understand your love persona. 

Your Venus Sign is based on Venus’ position in the sky. Venus also rotates around the Sun just like the Earth. Therefore, Venus’s position relative to Earth also changes every 30 days. During each of these 30 day-periods Venus is present in one the 12 Zodiac Signs. That why it’s so important to specify your birth time. Because, the time of Venus in of the 12 Zodiac Signs is so short. Even a difference of minutes mean getting the wrong idea about your actual Venus Sign.

The meaning of all of the 12 Venus Signs

Now that I’ve talked about Venus’ influence on your love life. And how Venus’ position in one of the 12 Zodiac Signs shapes your love personality. I’ll talk about all of the love personalities curated by Venus as a result of its position in all of the 12 Signs during a calendar year. 

Venus in Aries 

As someone with their Venus in Aries you’re keen on taking the lead in a relationship. This means that you like to come up with ideas for dates or activities for you and your partner. Your mind is always racing to come up with new romantic ideas so, you can make memories with your partner. This reveals a deeper side of you. Your main goal when getting in a relationship is to focus on the immaterial aspects of life. And to create lasting memories through experiences and not goods. Read my full guide to Venus in Aries here.

Venus in Taurus 

Someone with their Venus in Taurus is infatuated with the energies between them and their lover. This means that you fall for people almost immediately after you feel a resonance in energy. All of this happens in the back of your mind and is hard to explain to others. However, it comes down to you experiencing real love like a form of energy that brings you and your partner closer. You also like to show you love by exploring this energy and by harnessing it. This means that you and your partner like to sit in each other’s presence without talking, while still feeling so much. Or having the ability to read each other’s emotions or body language better than verbal communication. Read my full article to Venus in Taurus here.

Venus in Gemini 

If your Venus is in Gemini your love personality is old-school. You like to show your love by curating long love letters or going on long walks. Your main focus when it comes to your love life is to experience raw love. What I mean by this, is that you’re not too keen on using technology to show love. You show love through effort and action. You make effort to decorate your picnic date and you take action when it comes to showing how obsessed you are with your partner. Read my full article to Venus in Gemini here.

Venus in Cancer 

Someone with their Venus in Cancer is very protective of their love personality. You like to play hard to get or hard to love. Your love language is effort this means that you’re only convinced that people love you, if they make genuine effort. Therefore, a potential lover has to chase you for a long time or has to come up with an ingenious way to show their love for you. Someone with their Venus in Cancer is also (too) quick to replace or forget those who don’t have mutual feelings. Or potential partners that don’t put the same effort into the relationship. Read my full article to Venus in Cancer here

Venus in Leo 

Venus in Leo indicates that you’re the type of person that doesn’t like to make first moves. Your way of flirting is to send hints so your crush can make the first move. During this time, you also tend to pay more attention to how you appear to the outside world. Therefore, paying more attention to your clothing and your hygiene. However, you also tend to lean more towards the identity of your crush. What I mean by this is that you start to dive deeper into their interests to find something the two of you have in common. This will also allow you to be in their presence more often or to seem similar. With your Venus in Leo, you’re like a spider trying to trap your crush in your web. 

Venus in Virgo 

Someone with their Venus in Virgo loves abundantly and publicly. This means that you’re not shy to show the world who you love and how much you love them. Your lover is the center of your world and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make them happy. This type of love can be both exhilarating and paralyzing. You feel a sense of adrenaline when you think about your lover, which makes you want to do whatever it takes to please them. This might also have a darker side when you stop to prioritize who you are and what you want. The key of your relationship should be to give energy and to get energy.  

Venus in Libra 

If your Venus is positioned in Libra you’re known for your soft side and positive aura. This attracts a lot of people that seek someone who can be their safe haven. Your lover is in love with you, because they feel understood and supported when they’re around you. Your intelligence allows you to keep your lover’s head high by giving them the energy to move forward. In your relationship you’re keen on growing with your partner in terms of emotions and materialistic aspects. 

Venus in Scorpio 

You are hard to unravel if your Venus is in Scorpio. People that have a crush on you find it difficult to impress you or to make a move on you. Your mysterious demeanor also makes it hard for them to understand what you’re interested in or what you like to do. You only allow a certain amount of people with clear and genuine intentions to have a glimpse into what you seek in relationships. You enjoy deep talks with your lover so, you can unravel what makes your lover tick. The other way around is a bit more complex, because of Scorpio’s traits. 

Venus in Sagittarius 

Your Venus in Sagittarius makes you put emotional bonds before anything else in a relationship. You seek a partner that can easily vibe with you. And someone that can deeply engage in topics. You don’t like silence or moments of dullness in your relationship. This is why you always seek action or engagement that can stimulate your emotions. Your relationship should be like a musical. Constantly renewing, energetic and meaningful. 

Venus in Capricorn 

If your Venus is in Capricorn, you only care about your lover when you’re in a relationship. You don’t care about their belongings or their assets. All you care about is the person that stands in front of you. You’re in love with your lover’s truest self. And that is comprised of their emotions, intelligence and past experiences. Therefore, these are the only aspects of your lover which you fall in love with. 

Venus in Aquarius 

Someone with their Venus in Aquarius is bad at showing their love for someone. You could be very interested and deeply in love with someone. And it still may not appear like you genuinely care about that person. Therefore, your partner should get accustomed to your “not so romantic” romance. This indicates that you deeply love someone (which you do) but, your words and actions fall so short to show it. As time moves on your lover will notice that you love language is different to other people. But just as important and more meaningful. This also gives you the ability to create a special bond with your partner. 

Venus in Pisces 

Someone with their Venus in Pisces is a loyal lover. You have the ability to stay true to your promises and your values when it comes to your relationship. When you fall in love you put all of your eggs in one basket. This indicates that all of your energy and romance is only focused on one special person. As a result of this your relationship is deep and rich.  

Why you should know what your Venus Sign means

Your Venus Sign depicts your love personality. More specifically, the way you show others that you love them. And the way you act when in you love. Therefore, your love traits play a major role in the relationship that you enter. And the relationship that you stay in. 

Your love personality is important to understand so you can see how you influence your partner. This is necessary for self-reflection and to understand if you’re the ideal partner for your someone.  

Another reason you should know what your Venus Sign means. Is so that you know what you bring into a relationship. This will make you think about the things your partner should bring into a relationship. A relationship is only successful when two lovers complement each other. In other words when you bring something to the table that your partner can’t. And when your partner brings something to the table that you can’t bring. As a result of this your relationship will revolve around this connection. 

In short: your Venus Sign makes you reflect on how you act when you’re in love aka your love persona. And it will enable you to realize what you bring into a relationship. Therefore, allowing you to look for a partner that brings something that you can’t bring into the relationship. 

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